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    BREAKING: A good-looking pill organizer does exist!

    Port and Polish pill organizer -

    I’ve been spending WAY too much time lately looking for a well-designed pill organizer. My search history contains embarrassing terms like, “DWR pill organizer,” “Danish pill organizer,” “cutest pill organizer,” and, out of desperation, “non-ugly pill organizer.” And yes, I’ve also tried using “pillbox,” “pill box,” and even “daily medicine caddy” as alternate search terms. Nada.

    I currently own two pill organizers: this one from Muji, and this one, available in pretty much every drugstore everywhere. They both suck. The hinges are worn out, they look sad, they’re too long to pack in a small toiletry pouch, and the Muji one doesn’t even have the days of the week on it. Argh!

    THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY, I thought. So I started searching. And searching. And I came up with nothing that even came close to meeting my requirements.

    But then, as is often the case, something magical happened on the internet! Becca replied to my woeful tweet asking if I’d heard of a company called Port and Polish. I saw her reply at around 6AM this morning, and I admit I kind of rolled my eyes (which were barely even open) before I clicked, figuring it would be something hideous, because I thought I’d seen all there is to see in the world of pill organizers.

    Folks, I was wrong. I was so wrong.Port and Polish pill organizer -

    Port and Polish pill organizer -

    Port and Polish pill organizer -

    YES, YES, YES, YES, YES. That is what I’m talking about.

    Let’s talk about a few things here: First of all, the size of the Port and Polish cases is just right. They’re roughy the same dimensions as an iPhone, only a little bit thicker. I don’t know why so many pill organizers are long and skinny, because this wider/flatter shape makes SO much more sense when it comes to travel and packing. Also, there’s a mirror in the case! So if you’re not sure where your mouth is, now you’ll be able to easily locate it when it’s time to take your medicine. Or, you know, just use it as a handy mirror that’ll always be in your bag along with with your B12 vitamins and your flax oil capsules. You know what gets me the most excited, though? THE LIDS ON THE INDIVIDUAL COMPARTMENTS ARE REMOVABLE. This means you can set the start date for the week on any day you’d like. So if you’re a Stendig-owning American who’s trained yourself to see calendar weeks as beginning on Monday because the rest of the world understand that that makes a helluva lot more sense than starting the week on Sunday (which is part of the weekEND, duh) like on our stupid calendars, you’re all set. Or if you forget to load up your pill box until Tuesday, you don’t need to have an empty day at the beginning. Or snap them in all out of order and use it as a daily brain teaser.

    Now, it’s only been a couple of hours since I laid eyes on these beauties from Port and Polish, so of course I don’t yet own one (and thus can’t actually give you an in-use review), but based on looks alone? THEY ARE PERFECT. They are exactly what I was looking for, and as soon as I decide on a color, I’m going to order one. (You can also order a set of three for a discounted price if you need multiples—or if you want to give one to a buddy or whatever.) I’ll check back in and let you know how I like it once I’ve been using it for a while.

    p.s. Port and Polish definitely have the cutest Instagram account of any pill organizer manufacturer. I’m 100% certain of this.

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