August, 2008 Monthly archive

I love the clothes from the Marimekko Fall 2008 collection, especially these designed by Samu-Jussi Koski. I would love to wear them all…

Flavia tunic / Becky dress / Meri dress

Karin dress / Kamilla dress

Even though our coffee table cost $15 and really needs to be refinished (yes, still), I’m a coaster kind of person. I’m just not into having puddles of water collecting under our glasses. I’ve never understood the appeal of hard, non-absorbant coasters, though, and have always preferred the simple cork ones from IKEA.

Unfortunately, Fritz also likes cork coasters. As in, likes to shred them into tiny pieces, leaving us wondering if he ate any and if he needs to go to the hospital. Seriously, if you turn your back for 10 seconds, he’s eating a coaster.

Well, we found the PERFECT coasters last weekend at our favorite store in Beacon, Iron Fish. They’re marble (which nicely matches our fireplace), and they’re LINED WITH CORK! All the durability of a hard coaster, with all of the absorbancy of cork. Wheee! Plus, they stack nicely.

Sorry, Fritz. You’re going to have to go back to chewing on the chairs instead.

I have had pretty much the same haircut (with slight variations) since I was 3 years old. Maybe longer, even, but this example from 1978 is the earliest I can find. Every now and then I try something different, but it always comes back to blunt bangs, cut short enough that the expanse of skin above my brows is roughly equivalent to size of my eyelids. I noticed the consistency of that proportion a few years ago, and I do my best to maintain it.

When my bangs get too long, I get crabby. Trims usually happen past midnight, in a fit of frustration and inability to wait for an appointment with a professional. That’s where I was last night, after watching Project Runway sandwiched by DNC speeches by Bill Clinton and Joe Biden.

Now I feel like me again.

I love black as an accent color (ugh, I hate the term “accent color”! It’s almost as bad as “feature wall”) in a predominantly white room. I’ve used black paint (Benjamin Moore Toucan Black, a rich, inky-purply black) in various places throughout my house in small amounts—on the stair treads…the fireplace inserts

…and the pocket doors.

I’ve been thinking about doing a whole wall (moldings and trim included!), though, after seeing these pictures:

(from Belle Magazine, via Emmas Designblogg)

(from Inspace Locations)

(from Domino)

(print ad for Ligne Roset)

The key to making this look good, I think, is in painting the moldings the same color. I don’t love black (or very dark) walls with white trim—the effect is a bit “cartoonish” for me, especially in an older house with more ornate wood/plaster work. The high contrast can make the moldings seem a little overly precious, but a monochromatic floor-to-ceiling (or at least to the picture rail!) paint job looks more modern.

At my work-office, I try to keep my space very clean and tidy. I don’t have control over things like desks (they are awful wood-grain laminate) or carpet (industrial-grade blue), but over the past 10 years I’ve tried to make it a little more personal.

I have plants in the window. When I bought them, they were teeny-tiny. I’ve had to re-pot them twice (potting plants is a weird thing to do at work, but it had to be done!). I feel happy to see them every day, and to give them water from my bottle. I am very lucky to have this huge, old window to look out during the day! It’s especially wonderful when it’s snowing.

I keep a set of resuable plastic utensils here, as well as a supply of chemical-laden drink mix packets that encourage me to drink more water throughout the day. I also buy my own storage boxes (like this pink one, which holds CDs) instead of using the ugly black plastic ones from the office-supply catalog.

There are pictures of my loved ones, of course.

I keep my paper clips and rubber bands in a little green glass Marimekko dish. I bought this clock at a stoop sale years ago, and it worked perfectly until recently, when the cord suddenly started to dissolve and ooze green goo everywhere. It’s just for decoration now.

I have a Cable Turtle to control the slack on my extra-long mouse cord. I use an ugly, old Logitech mouse instead of a pretty Apple one because I’m so used to it. It’s hard for me to adjust to anything new!

My beloved Sigg bottle, which I fill up at least 4 times a day.

If you work outside of your house, what do you keep in your office to make your days a little happier?

In line with my current obsession with all things grey, I am really itching to paint at least ONE room in my house (most likely the living room) a very, very pale shade of misty grey. Every time I see a photo of a grey room, I say OOOOOOOOOooooo and move a little closer to making a trip to the paint store.

This looks very much like my living (1) room (2) in terms of layout and architecture, and I think that’s a curtain solution that could work for me. Maybe with window film on the lower panes?

Yet another convincing case for white-painted floorboards!

Oh! Those little yellow lamps!

We actually saw (and lusted after) this very same sofa last year at the Rhinebeck Antiques Fair. Doesn’t that rich, orange-red look great with pale grey? I love how it curves into the bow-front of the house, too.

(All photos from LivingEtc, my most favorite magazine.)

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a pair of Peony flats from Clarks (part of their Indigo line), and they have quickly become my favorite shoes. No, they aren’t sexy, but they are perfect. Super-soft leather insole, rubber sole that’s flat (but not too flat), slightly pointed toe (but not too pointy), a bit of patent leather detail at the bottom, and so, so, SO comfortable. I really needed a pair of simple shoes that are more durable than my usual thin-soled ballet flats, which tend to wear out very quickly on city sidewalks. These seem to be very well made. I love them.

They’re on super-sale at Clarks stores, by the way—I got mine for $40, much less than they are at Zappos.

I never saw myself as the Clarks type (let’s be honest, most of their women’s shoes are hideous), but I think I want these (in black), too. I bet they’re really comfortable, too.

p.s. I’m not wearing tapered jeans, it’s an illusion! They’re just extra-long skinnies that are bunched up around my ankles. I don’t want anybody getting the wrong idea…

I decided that my scabby old black file cabinet (at my work-office, not at home) needed some sprucing up, so I gave it some teardrops. I put a sheet of thick, glossy paper through the Xyron, then cut out shapes with scissors. Instant, removable stickers!

The Fall 2008 Soïa & Kyo collection is just as wonderful as I was hoping it would be! I wish there were more down coats to choose from (this winter I really will buy a down coat instead of suffering in a wool one on the coldest of cold days), but it’s hard to complain.

Decisions, decisions. I want them all! See the full collection here.

(look closer)

Old Navy has long been my secret source for cheapy-cheap shoes of decent quality (I buy a lot of clothes there, too; the quality is much better than other super-cheap stores like H&M or Forever 21). They’ve outdone themselves with their latest collection, though. Look at all of these great COLORS!!

You could own all nine pairs of shoes pictured above for a mere $231.85. Madness!