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August 2008

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    Four Legs, Scavenging

    Scavenged marble coasters.

    Even though our coffee table cost $15 and really needs to be refinished (yes, still), I’m a coaster kind of person. I’m just not into having puddles of water collecting under our…

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    Vanity + Wearables


    I have had pretty much the same haircut (with slight variations) since I was 3 years old. Maybe longer, even, but this example from 1978 is the earliest I can find. Every…

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    Inspiring Interiors

    A bit of black.

    I love black as an accent color (ugh, I hate the term “accent color”! It’s almost as bad as “feature wall”) in a predominantly white room. I’ve used black paint (Benjamin Moore…

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    I Design Stuff

    Where I work, part 2.

    At my work-office, I try to keep my space very clean and tidy. I don’t have control over things like desks (they are awful wood-grain laminate) or carpet (industrial-grade blue), but over…

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    Inspiring Interiors

    Grey (gray!) walls.

    In line with my current obsession with all things grey, I am really itching to paint at least ONE room in my house (most likely the living room) a very, very pale…