September, 2008 Monthly archive

Just a quick late-Saturday-night post…

A few people have sent me a link to Melissa’s stairs over at Sugar City Journal (a lovely post, too). She actually didn’t use wallpaper, but instead scanned fabric, printed on regular paper and adhered it with Mod Podge. Very nice!

(You can find my previous post on wallpapered stair risers here.)

First things first: I need a new camera, I know. Mine is having trouble focusing, adjusting to low light, and generally being crabby and dumb. Its problems combined with my general lameness as a photographer are making it tough to document stuff I’ve been doing around the house. I apologize in advance for having crummy photos to accompany this post!

I finally got around to putting frosted film on the bathroom window. It came out beautifully! It was a bit nerve-wracking trying to get all of the little bubbles and flecks and such out (if there were ANY imperfections in it at all, I would never have been able to live with it), but once it was done and dry, it looked PERFECT. I trimmed out a 2cm border all around (AFTER it was fully positioned), which makes it look a little more finished. There’s actually no way to see into this window from outside the house, but for psychological reasons, I needed something covering it. I didn’t want to block out any light, though, and I’m not a huge fan of curtains on bathroom windows, so this was just the right solution.

(And yes, I did consider the beautiful Emma Jeffs window films, but I didn’t want to introduce any additional patterns into this room. I may use them elsewhere, though!)

Oh! I forgot to mention that the new sink faucet escutcheons are finally in place! Yay!

In other bathroom privacy measures, there is at last a DOOR on the bathroom!!! Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t like a doorless bathroom. It was a big project, though, and one that was easy to put off until the end of the bathroom renovation ordeal. The door was in rough shape, but after lots of sanding, patching, caulking, priming, painting, and stripping of hardware, it is truly beautiful. Old, solid wood doors are just the BEST. I’ve lived in apartments with hollow-core doors (or worse, those engineered wood doors with the embossed panels and the faux wood grain texture), and they just don’t have the same pleasurable weight to them. These old doors are heavy and satisfying to open and close.

I painted the little stool next to the tub, too. I used an opaque black stain that I had left over from a garden project. I like the weight it gives to the bottom half of the room—it’s a nice compliment to the wallpaper above the tub. (You’ll see it eventually, I promise!)

Months ago, I added Shawna’s wallpapered stair risers to my inspiration files, thinking that something like this would be a great way to bring pattern into my hallway—and to use up some of the leftover Bindweed wallpaper from my bathroom renovation.

And then, in the midst of a million other house projects, I kind of forgot about it.

Just a few minutes ago, though, I was taking a look at Ferm Living’s Clever Spaces blog, and lo! Christiana has wallpapered her stair risers, too! It looks really great, doesn’t it? She’s written up instructions for this and some other fab wallpaper projects over at Sunset magazine’s site.

I think my hallway is going to get a sprucing-up soon…

A set of four Eames DKX chairs came home with me over the weekend. I’ve long dreamed of having one of these—they look like drawings, like model drawings for the more ubiquitous fiberglass DSX chair (of which I have…many). They’re beautiful and sculptural. I love the shadows they cast. I almost feel a little bit teary-eyed looking at them.

Three of them are in near-perfect condition. The fourth needs some spot-welding on the seat and a couple of foot glides, but nothing major. They came with a set of orange 2-piece bikini pads (which need some repairs—it’s almost impossible to find a vintage pad set with the joining button intact), but I think I like them better naked.

My chair collection (which I never intended to be a “collection”!) is now totally ridiculous. Someday I have to corral them all into one room and take a photo.

I’m so happy I was able to find a full, vintage set of these chairs (from, once again, Iron Fish in Beacon—thank you, Mark). At $1200 (!!!) per chair for the current production by Vitra, it’s doubtful that I would ever be able to own a single one otherwise.

It was a long, long weekend. Some good finds, some progress in the house. Photos to come…

(Hello, September!)