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September 2008

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    I Want This

    BIG wallpaper sale at Ferm Living!

    I just got an email from Ferm Living announcing that their entire Collection No. 1 (now discontinued) is on sale for $30 A ROLL while supplies last. That’s 70% off! You’d better…

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    I Want This

    Nice new B+W things at IKEA.

    ASPVIK Wall Cabinet, $99.00 These cabinets would look great hung in a long, low row on the wall for hidden storage, creating a display surface on top. The entire ASPVIK line is…

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    HOUSE: Newburgh

    Door panels.

    There are twenty-two (yes, 22) doors in my house, and, with the exception of the two that are contemporary replacements, each one of them has its own set of damages and defects.…

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    Inspiring Interiors

    More papered stair risers.

    Just a quick late-Saturday-night post… A few people have sent me a link to Melissa’s stairs over at Sugar City Journal (a lovely post, too). She actually didn’t use wallpaper, but instead…

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    HOUSE: Newburgh

    Windows and doors.

    First things first: I need a new camera, I know. Mine is having trouble focusing, adjusting to low light, and generally being crabby and dumb. Its problems combined with my general lameness…