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January 2009

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    Food + Drink, Life + Health

    Soup for lunches.

    I do my best to cook most of the food Evan and I eat (we do make an exception on Friday nights, when we go out to our favorite restaurant, the Neptune…

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    Food + Drink, HOUSE: Newburgh

    Spice jars.

    This is one of those things I’ve been meaning to do for years, literally—I finally got my spice situation organized! I bought three RATIONELL VARIERA spice racks from IKEA, mounted them inside…

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    HOUSE: Newburgh

    Inside the closet.

    I was so excited about the floor yesterday that I forgot to show the inside of the closet! I like to make the small spaces in my house (like the vestibule and…

  • HOUSE: Newburgh

    White painted floor, back room.

    The floor in the back room is finished, and it is beautiful. I couldn’t be happier. What used to be the dirtiest, most neglected and depressing room in the house is now…

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    HOUSE: Newburgh

    Grouting done, sleep pending.

    The grouting is FINISHED. (The gaps in the corner and the around the tub will be caulked later.) I’m exhausted. What a weekend! I need to sleep. p.s. Photos of the painted…

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    HOUSE: Newburgh

    The wall tiles are done!

    Well, almost done. Tomorrow we have to grout them. So far, this project has gone much better than I expected it to. Still to come in the bathroom: → hang drywall in…