Happy birthday, Michael!

Photo of MJ © Michael Ochs Archive, used here as a derivative work / “This Is It” directed by Spike Lee

  1. nicoletteAug 29, 201111:06 am

    sigh, i miss him.


  2. ErinAug 29, 201112:06 pm

    Aw, Happy Birthday, MJ!
    So wait, what’s the deal with the Brooklyn Loves MJ concert that was supposed to happen on Saturday? (Stupid Irene! Did you sustain any flooding/damage?)


    Anna @ D16 /

    Transit was totally shut down on Saturday, so the BKMJ party was ultimately postponed. I hope it can be rescheduled soon!

  3. victoriaAug 29, 20119:25 pm

    happy birthday michael! love your hair and glasses interpretation! :)


  4. JulieAug 30, 20111:08 am

    Thoroughly enjoyed the clip of him at Studio 54. His soulfulness shines through. Thanks for posting it.


  5. kweeAug 30, 20112:30 am

    Happy Birthday MJ. I Love you


  6. SusanAug 30, 201112:47 pm

    Love this…happy birthday MJ!!


  7. RebeccaNYCAug 30, 20118:55 pm

    Love these photos of MJ. He was so beautiful when he was younger. So sad that his life took the turn it did.


  8. Anthony SpenceSep 4, 201112:44 pm

    MJ happy birthday..you are always alive in hearth of your fans..


  9. julia wheelerSep 6, 20114:46 pm

    LOVE this and that MJ graphic!


  10. jamesSep 6, 201111:40 pm

    love the imagery, especially with the sunglasses…

    but the guy, whatever his own tragic story, did so much that was predatory, and it’s so hard to appreciate the music, or these great images, without that context being acknowledged somehow.

    trying to keep it hate-free and drama-free, but running across this post in this inspiring blog is jarring, thanks for listening.


    Anna @ D16 /

    Sorry, but I’ll have to totally and emphatically disagree with you there. There is NO part of me that believes on any level that any “predatory” behavior (assuming you’re talking about the accusations of molestation) ever occurred. For the record, I am extremely well-versed in the factual, documented legal histories of both cases.

    I’ve already addressed this subject both in posts and in comments over the years and I don’t wish to delve into it again here and now, but here are several previous posts for reference:

    I’m assuming you’re new to my blog—Michael Jackson (the man & the music) is a frequent subject, and a huge part of my life. He is a massive inspiration to me creatively, morally, spiritually and ethically. If you find his presence jarring, then you probably want to call it quits now.

  11. Chrissy JensenDec 26, 20115:21 pm

    Sometimes, I come back here just to read the response above. Huge MJ fan since I was seven. Pretty much wore my MJ tee everywhere I went. I love that you stick by him. And I miss him.


    Anna @ D16 /

    Me too, Chrissy. x

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