Sunday to-do.

I know, Fritz is absurdly cute. It’s sick, really. The eyebrows, the underbite, the ruff, the fancy ankles…too much. Sigh.

I have to get some stuff done today. This is the first weekend in forever that I haven’t done any freelance work, and as nice as it was to sit around a bit yesterday, now I have to get moving!

Clean bathrooms and kitchen
Rake leaves and clean up outside
• Goodwill (next weekend!)
Grocery shopping
• Unpack the suitcase filled with random items that’s sitting in the hallway (next weekend!)
• Measure dining room wall to plan new bookshelves

Speaking of people getting stuff done, have you been over to Daniel’s blog lately? I seriously do not understand how he manages to do all of this stuff. I mean…I know Daniel. We hang out often, and never once have I seen him wearing a cape or lifting train cars, so I’m pretty sure he’s not a superhero, but somehow he’s managed to get done in just a few months what would take me a few years. Is it just the wonder of youth that makes him so efficient? Whatever it is, it’s impressive. He’s my power animal.

  1. verhextNov 13, 201111:13 am

    I enjoy your subtle watermarking.

    I’m in a place where I COULD power through, but I don’t want to. I need time to chill to absorb / process / decompress from the last few months and the older I get, the longer that takes. I don’t mind. It’s kind of nice.


  2. maddyNov 13, 201111:38 am

    cool banner + adorable doggie!


  3. AnnieNov 13, 201112:20 pm

    Haha talking about Daniel, I wonder the same thing about him. Inspired by his blog and yours (of course!), I started doing a lot of DIY work but things take a million years to do.


  4. MonicaNov 13, 20112:06 pm

    Absurdly cute just might be an understatement. Daniel’s apartment is looking so good! Maybe even absurdly good… I definitely blame his youth.
    Have a nice Sunday.


    Anna @ D16 /

    Yeah, I can’t wait for him to be old and lazy like me so I can look better by comparison. ;)

  5. ej215Nov 13, 20113:13 pm

    Take it from this oldster: youth is everything. Before I had a kid, before I was 40, home improvement projects required a free weekend. Now they require months of erratic 90-minute spells. I love reading what you and Daniel are up to, but I never expect to replicate your volume and your pace. But, boy, do I enjoy living vicariously through you and your blogs. Please keep it up!


    Anna @ D16 /

    MY pace?! It takes me months and months and months do to things that would take the average person a day or two. Maybe it seems like it’s faster because you’re (mostly) only seeing the finished product.

    ej215 /

    No, seriously. I know, you’ve been overloaded with freelance work lately, and you haven’t been DIY-ing with your usual fervor, but we are now 27 months into renovating a bathroom. More than two years. For a bathroom that is 5×7. Granted, we’ve had some contractors leave us in the lurch (Solatube, I’m looking at you), but they bear only part of the blame. You seem like a blur of speed.

    Anna @ D16 /

    All I can say is that it’s really an illusion. We’ve been working on our house for almost six years now—it hasn’t been overnight. I really don’t blog very often, and I don’t show much in the way of process since I’m not concerned with giving instructions. You’re seeing hundreds of days compressed into single posts.

  6. MelissaNov 13, 20114:15 pm

    I know! reading Daniel’s blog leaves me amazed at how lovely the things he gets done are and how lazy I really am with my own house.


  7. BethNov 13, 20117:13 pm

    What kind of dog is Frtiz? He looks like my Lucy, who is a rescue mutt, so kind of a mystery to me. We thinkChihuahua and Cavalier King Charles.


    Anna @ D16 /

    He’s a long-haired Chihuahua. :)

  8. KarolNov 13, 20117:52 pm

    Fritz is nothing but CUTE! I am wondering what is his behaviour like on a daily basis? Daniel is insane! I am not sure how he is doing this and going to school? (Must ask him that one day!)


  9. BethNov 13, 20118:31 pm

    I’m glad you linked to Daniel’s blog! I have been on it all day as a result. Love it… and simultaneously am annoyed at how productive he is. :)


  10. TheChangingHouseNov 13, 201110:16 pm

    You have a super cute dog!


  11. LauraNov 14, 20116:54 am

    I’m pretty sure Fritz & Sauce may be distant cousins … eyebrows … fancy ankles :). Can’t take the cuteness!


    Anna @ D16 /

    Sauce is so cute! And a member of Team Eyebrow, I see. :)

  12. CariStereoNov 14, 20111:08 pm

    Out of curiosity… how did that yellow organizer work out for you? I remember that post where you were trying to find a system that works. I’m curious. I realize I still toggle between a notebook, a desk calendar (often ignored), and florescent stickies for my To Do lists.

    (What I might be saying here is that I need some inspiration since YOU get so much done!)


  13. DariaNov 14, 20111:39 pm

    It’s encouraging to see that I’m not the only one who chills out on Saturday, then has to do all those household chores on Sunday! Most of my friends do the opposite, but I can’t. I need to relax on Saturday, even if only for half day, and even if that means I have to work on Sunday.


  14. KatherineNov 14, 20112:38 pm

    That nose? I wants to nibble it. Too cute. Also, your friend Daniel is a machine. An awesome-nightstand-making, ikea-frack-hacking machine.


  15. KristanNov 14, 20115:29 pm

    Fritz is like a tiny cartoon of dog adorable-ness. That wee nose kills me.


  16. RobinNov 14, 201110:16 pm

    This is not at all a put-down of Daniel, but I have been reading both your blogs for months now, and it’s clear – to me – that there is a very different level between you two in terms of certain aspects of preparation and thoroughness. I’m sure that a lot of it has to do with the difference between renting and owning.

    But just as one example – the level of preparation you did in stripping your Newburgh living room windows (as shown in your post of 2/25/11) is a LOT of work (and I mean REALLY REALLY A LOT) that very very few homeowners would ever even consider, and virtually NO renters would ever come close to doing that much paint prep.

    In other words, don’t sell yourself short in terms of how much you get done. I think your progress is deeper and his is wider…


    Anna @ D16 /

    I dunno about that. He’s done WAY more paint prep on his wood surfaces than I’ve ever done! I mean, he’s not re-tiling bathrooms (yet…), but other than that kind of stuff, he really is doing as much as or more than what’s gone on in my house (or in the apartment, for that matter). For real!

    You better believe that if he had wood windows in his apartment, he’d be fixing them up just like I did in my house. ;)

  17. BrightNov 14, 201110:52 pm

    I just read Daniel’s most recent post and when he taught us the lesson about how the white looks white but isn’t white (and wrote WRONG AGAIN STUPID) I heard the Honey Badger voice in my head. So good. So, so good.

    Fritz is so adorable. Every time you post pictures of your dog, I long for one. Alas, tiny apartment is ruled by a cat with an iron paw.


  18. Tiffanie TurnerNov 15, 20115:56 pm

    I just checked out Daniel’s blog. I like it! I should probably go tell him that, too.

    Both of your blogs contain that certain something that an East Coast transplant to San Francisco really misses, in your aesthetic and delivery of information. I went to architecture school at RPI, spent tons of time in the city, and always dreamt of those kind of apartments. The apartments here are so low quality it just makes me sad. Which is why we’re still in the same on we’ve been in for ten years…there’s nothing out there that isn’t going to crush my spirit with it’s big box cabinets and carpeting and hollow core doors (never encountered one of those in any place I EVER lived upstate.

    Really enjoying your blogs. Both of you!


  19. LizNov 29, 201110:16 pm

    I just love how you love the dogs! And I never hear people use the word “ruff” which recently was a vocab word for my 6th graders (I’m a teacher). Your site is awesome, I love your aesthetic, and your perspective is a breath of groovy fresh air. Thanks!


  20. courtneyDec 2, 20111:33 pm

    i am in love with fritz.


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