Music Mix #5: Friday Night Living Room Dance Party.

So here’s the thing: I love to dance. I do not, however, love to dance in public—and really, that’s the best thing for everyone. My dancing style includes some Elaine Benes moves in a totally non-ironic way, and nobody needs to see that. I try to contain myself when I’m around others.

If I’m home alone (the dogs don’t count—they think I’m an awesome dancer!), though, all bets are off. I’m feeling a little under the weather right now and I just happen to be the only one in the apartment, so I thought I’d put together a little old-school mixtape and get down with my bad self. I’ll close the blinds first, don’t worry.

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  1. JulesMay 25, 201210:49 pm

    Holy cow. Neneh Cherry and Buffalo Stance brought me right back to high school. [Aside: Is there nothing the Swedes can’t do?]

    You put together the best music mixes. I think half of the awesome are the covers you design for them. If the world suddenly counter-rotates and you stop doing books, you can always do albums.


  2. chrisMay 25, 201211:20 pm

    HELL YES. thank you for the diversion…it’s been a rough go lately and i need to hear other people’s tunes because all my tunes are too emotionally loaded. :)


  3. ErikaMay 26, 201212:16 am

    YES! just made my night.


  4. mariaMay 26, 20121:16 am

    awesome! I feel you- my cats just give me that oh-there-she-goes look. *blink blink*


  5. Jacqui BeeMay 27, 20124:23 am

    Not everyone likes to dance in public its true but this guy doesn’t care, and makes me want to do it too!
    Thanks for the mix


  6. ashley englishMay 27, 20128:28 pm

    huxley is totally “dropping it low” right now to your dance mix!!!


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