Pia Wallen says Bless You.

OK, disclaimer: I wouldn’t actually wear these necklaces myself because they veer into religious icon territory, but as design objects (and as jewelry for other people!) I think they are gorgeous. When the photos of Swedish designer Pia Wallén wearing the black version appeared in my Instagram feed, I gasped…and then immediately emailed Pia to ask if she had product photos I could share here. The necklaces are part of her new “Bless You” line of jewelry, and will be available through her soon-to-be-relaunched website.

I definitely would wear the colorful pieces from Pia’s “Chains” line! Don’t you love that bright orange bracelet worn with a gray sweater? Orange + gray is one of my favorite color combinations, especially when we’re talking more blood orange than pumpkin. I’m not sure I’m bold enough to pull off piles of multicolored chains at once, but maybe when I’m a bit older and more fabulous.

Side note: Funny, as I was writing this I suddenly realized what these chain necklaces remind me of. Remember those plastic charm necklaces girls wore in the ’80s? I’d forgotten all about them! I was obsessive about collecting and trading those charms. I remember going to a store at the Kingston mall called Fluff N Stuff to buy them. Huh. I wonder if I still have them in a box somewhere…

All photos courtesy of Pia Wallén

  1. weelittlebirdNov 13, 20123:30 pm

    That flickr photo of the charm necklaces gave me cooties of excitement. I had flashbacks of trading them in my elementary school stairwell wearing my neon green giant sweatshirt with the neck cut out. Thank you!
    (Fluff N Stuff had the best pencil toppers!)


  2. KylieNov 13, 20126:10 pm

    I love this! Fabulous find. K


  3. JulesNov 13, 20126:59 pm

    I’d wear that top one in a hot second, as you know. And every time you even hint about the crux blanket I want to buy one for each of my boys’ beds, which I know is ridiculous.

    Side note: she is so, so, so beautiful. I hope to look half as gorgeous when I’m her age.


  4. CharleneNov 14, 201212:38 am

    Off topic, but I came across this and thought you would appreciate it.



  5. Jenny A.Nov 14, 20129:07 am

    I had forgotten all about the chains and charms from the 80’s until you mentioned them. A flood of memories came back. I’m sure I don’t have mine anymore but suddenly feel as though I need them.


  6. HeidiNov 17, 20129:24 pm

    Oh man, you just sent me on trip down memory lane with those charm necklaces. I literally squealed with glee when the picture loaded. Those things were the best! And I wouldn’t mind one of those chunky chains either. Awesome.


    Anna @ D16 /

    Right?! I have no idea where to start looking to see if mine still exists somewhere.

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