New things from Normann Copenhagen.


Normann Copenhagen has been making Dropit hooks in black (and a bunch of other colors!) for several years now, but they’ve just introduced them with a natural finish. I really, really don’t need any more things in hang stuff on, but that’s not stopping me from wishing I could cover a whole wall with these happy wooden raindrops!


The sizes of the vases in the Agnes line range from a wee 6cm to a lanky 32cm (and everything in between). I’d love have the whole set arranged on the mantel in our master bedroom. Hmmm…I’m seeing a trend here where one or two items isn’t enough and instead I need to have everything…

Question: Do you see this vases as white with black creeping down from the top, or as black with white climbing up from the bottom?


Oh, STOP. Obviously putting the Plus duvet and sham with my Pia Wallén cross blanket would totally be overkill and not in a good way, but still…I covet. I wonder if it could work in the bedroom at the house? I’m fine loving it from a distance, too.


Okay, I’ll be honest. I like the original Tablo tables with the wooden legs better than the new all-black and all-white ones, but this is a post about new things, and the old ones aren’t new. That said, if someone wanted to give me one of the solid color ones, I wouldn’t turn it down! Of course, if you’re going to give me a table, you might as well make it the one I really want…in which case, I’ll take the large black one with the wood legs. Thanks!!! It’s going to look so good in my living room.

  1. IrisMar 26, 20137:51 am

    I dunno, I kinda think plus bedding with a cross blanket would be overkill in THE BEST way – if you love it, do it! Mixed patterns where the difference is scale often look amazing, esp in a similar palette.


    Anna @ D16 /

    I actually think it’s the palette that’s most at issue—I’m not a fan of creamy whites and grays together!

  2. Chelsea @ afternibbin.Mar 26, 20138:07 am

    Love the Dropit hooks! A wall full of these would look amazing!


  3. IleniaMar 26, 20139:20 am

    I am always debating between the black and the nature drop hooks. They look sooo cute!
    And of course I love all of the above.


  4. SamanthaMar 26, 201310:25 am

    The Tablo tables look wonderful!


  5. LizzieMar 26, 201311:22 am

    The question about the Agnes Vases makes me think of one of those personality things—half full or half empty? Optimist, pessimist? But seriously, they’re gorgeous, and they’d good great on your mantel. Also that linen, ahh. It’s just perfect.

    (I see the white climbing up from the bottom, by the way. So maybe I’m an optimist!)


    Lizzie /

    look great* obviously. Forgive my morning brain.

  6. LeonoraMar 26, 20133:21 pm

    I love the wooden Copenhagen hooks- the black are nice too, but remind me too much of Fred Wilson’s Drip Drop Plop. I wonder if the hooks were inspired by this piece? Any idea When the hooks started being produced? I tried to google a date, but no luck


    Anna @ D16 /

    About 2 or 3 years ago if memory serves. I doubt there’s any connection, but you could certainly ask the designers if you’re curious!

  7. LeonoraMar 26, 20133:46 pm

    Thanks! I’m always interested to see ways that artists and designers influence each other


  8. Lauren LGMar 26, 20136:48 pm

    Answer: To me it looks like the black is creeping down on the Agnes Vases. They are lovely!


  9. aliciaMar 26, 20137:36 pm

    The droplet hooks are pretty neat! I guess it depends on how big they are but they would be cute for hanging up several necklaces on a wall.


  10. kimMar 26, 20139:15 pm

    I have the large black Tablo with wooden legs in my living room and I freaking love it.


    Anna @ D16 /

    Jealousssssss. I really need to start reading DTI again, Kim!!

  11. taste areaMar 27, 201312:43 am

    They are black with white climbing up from the bottom.


  12. tallinMar 27, 201312:40 pm

    Wouldn’t the Agnes vases look great as kitchen counter top containers? They need to lid these babies! Or maybe you could cut a custom cork top?

    Oh the ideas in my sleep-deprived brain.


    Anna @ D16 /

    Yeah, that would look really nice! I wonder if the openings are right, though…you’d need to easily fit a hand/scoop in there.

  13. MonicaMar 29, 20131:28 pm

    Argh, LOVE the plus duvet bed cover (is it a cover, or an actual comforter, not clear- they say linens, but maybe they are not just the sheets?) Either way, so nice. I swear everytime you write a blog post about stuff I covet it all so so badly!


  14. ClaireAug 16, 20138:40 am

    Love the duvet covers from Normann Copenhagen. Especially the ones with the cubes are beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing.


  15. ClaireSep 9, 20134:53 pm

    Love the duvet cover with the pluses fron Normann Copenhagen.


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