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    Let’s pretend we’re tourists, #2.

    Today is a nearly-perfect-weather day in New York City, and with work letting out early for the Memorial Day weekend, I decided to do some walking and touristy picture-taking again (don’t worry,…

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    Let’s pretend we’re tourists.

    I’ve often thought that I’d like to be able to see New York City through the eyes of a tourist. I suppose this is probably the case with every city, but the…

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    Let’s pretend we’re tourists, #4.

    Lobby of the Angelika Film Center, prior to seeing Midnight in Paris (it was GREAT!) I promise I have some more substantive posts coming up (like about haircuts and gardening and raindrops…

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    Let’s pretend we’re tourists, #3.

    The holiday season in New York City can get a little nuts. Despite being a secular Christmas-celebrating atheist half-Jew (or perhaps because of it), I do my best to succumb to the…

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