Sure, but please don’t take the entire entry. Just take a photo or two, credit them clearly (the credit line can read “photo by Anna Dorfman” or “photo from Door Sixteen,” or something along those lines), and link back directly to the specific post you took them from. When your post is up, send me the link! I always like to see who’s been inspired by my blog.

To use a photo in print: You must contact me first. Chances are I’ll have no problem with it, but I need to know the context first. I am happy to provide higher-resolution, un-watermarked photos when appropriate. Keep in mind that I do not allow my photos to be used as visual reference for any product links that may be used to generate revenue.

Please do not crop, alter, add graphics/text to, or otherwise alter any of my photographs. If you have a special request or need a certain size photo, please contact me.

If I’ve shared a photograph that’s credited to someone else and you wish to repost it, please credit the original source/creator of the image and adhere to the creator’s terms of use. There is no need to credit me as well.

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