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My old stylist moved to the other side of the world, so today I got a haircut from Lisa at Fringe on Broome Street for the first time. The salon is super cute, the staff is very sweet, and Lisa did a great job. I’ll be going back to her again for sure.

I’m also modeling my new sunglasses from Anne et Valentin (this is the “Hello” style). I’m really bad about wearing sunglasses even though I know I’m supposed to, but since these are so crazy cool and fancy (check out the detail on the frames—love those ridges), I’m hoping I’ll be more inclined to put them on.

Fringe is conveniently located next door to Babycakes, an all-vegan bakery. Right now there are vegan carrot cake and red velvet cupcakes chilling in my refrigerator, waiting for it to be dessert-time…

Post-haircut, I headed over to Teany, (formerly) Moby’s vegetarian cafe and tea house. Teany had a fire last year and were closed for a long, long time afterward, and this was my first visit post-renovation. It’s not quite as cute is it used to be (I guess because there are a lot of new materials in there and it’s not as charmingly ramshackle as it once was), but the food is still REALLY, REALLY GOOD. Between 2002 and 2006, I ate so many of their vegan “turkey” club sandwiches that it’s kind of absurd. I actually don’t think I’ve ever ordered anything else (though I’ve eaten plenty of nibbles off of other people’s plates!), and today was no different.

A couple of months ago, a D16 reader asked if I was in the Teany book. I’d never seen it before, so I actually had NO idea that I am indeed in there! I saw a copy on a shelf at Teany today, so I took a picture of the page with my photo so you can see how goofy I look when someone else takes my picture. I guess I was having a bad bangs day, too!! I vaguely remember a Teany employee taking my picture years ago and asking me to fill out a little survey, but I never questioned what it was for. Hah!

On my way out, I stopped to take a photo of the floor in Teany’s bathroom. Look familiar??!! So funny.