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When Julie saw that I’d bought this triangle-print day bag from Bookhou, she said, “If you were a bag…” And she’s totally right. Really, “old bag” jokes aside, this is me in bag form. Aside from the perfect print (which I blogged about in tea towel form a while back), the size is ideal. I have a reputation for dragging around huge, heavy bags that make my back feel miserable, so I’ve been looking for a smaller, cotton bag for days when I expect to be walking around a lot but want something fancier than a tote. This is exactly it.

Of course, now I also want the matching loop scarf (thanks to Victoria, who knows an Anna-scarf when she sees one!), and maybe also this beautiful pouch to store the iPad I don’t have…

Speaking of Bookhou, have you seen founders John and Arounna’s Toronto home in the latest issue of Covet Garden? It’s every bit as lovely as you’d imagine it would be.

I can’t stop thinking about this bag. I keep going back to look at it again and again. Want, want, want, want, want. Unfortunately, even with the sale price and a discount code, it’s still $353.28, which is about $303.28 more than I should even be thinking about spending on anything right now. Sigh.

Thanks. I just needed to get that out of my system. I LOVE YOU, WOMEN’S SLOUCHY PERFORATED LEATHER ZIP HOLDALL! Someday, somewhere, somehow, I know we’ll be together. If only in our dreams.

My friend Janet keeps complaining about having to see that tile photo day after day, so I figure I had better put something new here!

That’s worth it, right? It’s my new Orla Kiely bag, and it holds everything and looks great. It was one of those purchases I just had to hold close my eyes, hold my breath, and say “GO!” for, but I have no regrets. Happy, pretty. (I want this one, too!)

Oh, and guess what? Our plumbing work in the bathroom is officially starting THIS FRIDAY! Finally. We also have a landscaper coming that day to assess our yard and figure out how much it would cost to demolish our back porch, put up a new fence, take down a tree, and remake Carin Goldberg’s garden. I have a feeling he’s going to see that photo and ask us why we want a prison yard behind our house!

p.s. It wasn’t freezing cold today! I wore ballet slippers (no socks!) and didn’t suffer. Is spring really coming this time?