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For as long as I can remember, my father has worn striped indigo workwear—Wabash stripes, engineer stripes, hickory stripes, ticking stripes. Along with low-top Converse All Stars, denim blue jeans, chambray shirts, and a specific type of wire-framed glasses, those stripes are what I most associate with my father’s personal style. The man loves a stripe. Last Hanukkah, I gave him a hickory-striped Workwear Tote from Wood & Faulk.

He particularly likes to wear a certain style of striped shirt when he paints. He paints a lot, which means wearing—and washing—theses shirts a lot, which means the shirts get worn out after a few years and need to be replaced.

The shirt pictured above is the one he’s currently wearing in the studio. It came from the now-defunct company Smith & Hawken, and was marketed as a “gardening smock.” Sometimes I see them called “chore coats,” too. Aside from the stripes, the key features are really the fit (structured, but loose enough to wear over another shirt) and the lower pockets. It wasn’t specifically pointed out to me by him, but I imagine the straight/square hemline is important.

Internet friends, I need help finding a new painting shirt for my dad. Can you help?

There are a ton of striped shirts with pockets out there, but most of them seem like they’re probably too heavyweight, more like a coat. Or they’re overly-fussy, with rivets and snaps everywhere. Or they’re too fitted. Or they’ve been discontinued (oh man, SO NICE). Or they cost $500 and are only sold in Japan. There are so many gorgeous, expensive, “American-style” work clothes available in Japan.

Here are a few contenders I’ve found that I’m planning to send along to him. I’d love to know about any other options that could fit the bill! The closer they come to his Smith & Hawken shirt (above), the better. And if by some miracle you have a warehouse full of of Smith & Hawken deadstock…I’ll take three, please, size large.


1. Hudson Hill Wabash Chore Coat
2. Pointer Brand Hickory Stripe Chore Coat (Banded Collar)
3. Levi’s Skateboarding Hickory Stripe Chore Jacket
4. Pointer Brand Hickory Stripe Chore Coat

Until very recently, I had a rule about what kind of shirts I’d wear and wouldn’t wear outside of the house. In the “wouldn’t” category, I had (mentally) listed t-shirts with things printed on them, especially slogans. Much like my issues with “affirmation” posters and the like (though there are some that don’t make me want to puke), I’ve always kind of seen message t-shirts as being attention-seeking and obnoxious. And maybe they are, but maybe I’ve also kind of started to love them a little. Maybe I’m an obnoxious attention-seeker, and I need a uniform.


I think what triggered my recent obsession was purchasing two DON’T BE BASIC t-shirts from the clearance rack in the teen girls department at Target (I can’t find them on their website, sorry) for me and Daniel. We were getting ready for our trip to Wisconsin in October (somehow I never blogged about that—oops), and we thought matching shirts would be a good idea. Because really, what’s more obnoxious than one person wearing a DON’T BE BASIC t-shirt? That’s right, two people wearing DON’T BE BASIC t-shirts.

And yeah, Daniel looks way better in teen girl clothing than I do, which is unfair.


1. My Spirit Animal Is a Goth Teenager
Heather Gabel’s awesome, truth-speaking t-shirt is perpetually out of stock (I was on a wait list for months before I snagged one!), but she has a tank top version in her shop right now.

2. Sad Dude Fan Club
Stay Home Club basically has the best t-shirts ever and I want to buy EVERYTHING THEY SELL. I also love sad dudes, and I’m not ashamed to let the world know.

3. Be Kind to Animals or I’ll Kill You
Oh, Morrissey. You fight with your right hand, and caress with your left hand…and I wouldn’t want it any other way. (This shirt is a nod to one worn by Doris Day.)

4. I’m So Tired
I am. It’s true. That vertical apostrophe is giving me hives, but I want the shirt anyway.

5. I Just Want to Drink Coffee Save Animals and Sleep
Kind of puts everything important right there on one shirt, doesn’t it? If ever there were a message shirt for me, this is it. Thug Life has a number of cool shirts, and a number of lame ones as well. I’ll let you sort out which are which.

6. Feck Perfuction
Maybe it’s unfair for me to include this shirt since it’s no longer available, but it’s one of my favorite recent acquisitions…so I really had to. It was made by heroic designer James Victore and sold through Cotton Bureau, which means all sales were pre-orders. There’s always a chance that it could be re-listed, though, so if you really want one, put your email address on their notification list. UPDATE! Straight from the horse’s mouth: “‘Feck Perfuction’ will be available in January from Cotton Bureau” Excellent!


Sweetness I Was Only Joking
I can’t not mention my own design from my K Is For Black shop! Modeled here by my handsome designer friend Richard Yoo, this fine shirt is available as a women’s fitted tee, men’s fitted tee, unisex v-neck, long-sleeve tee, tank top, biker tank, or onesie. I mean…that’s a lot of options. (And there’s even a sequel.)


Just a quick note to let you know that EVERYTHING (prints, shirts, iPhone cases, mugs, pillows…everything) in the K IS FOR BLACK shop is $5 OFF this weekend! There’s also FREE shipping (yes, worldwide!) on almost everything.

You must use this link in order to activate the promo discount. (Or just go to, which will automatically redirect you.)


If you’re going to be in New York City this weekend and you are a man, someone who knows a man, or a lady who (like me) wears men’s clothing, might I suggest you attend this year’s Pop Up Flea? Every December I somehow manage to miss it — either I’m upstate or I’m being lazy or I forget. Not this time! I am there.

Now in its 7th year, the Pop Up Flea is weekend-long indoor sale focused on new and vintage menswear. Some of my favorite handmakers and vendors from all over the country are going to be there this year, including my friend Matt from Wood & Faulk, Three Potato Four, Field Notes, Steven Alan, The Hill-Side and Ursa Major. It’s being held in SoHo at 82 Mercer, which is a pretty mind-bogglingly gorgeous space. I freely admit that half the reason I like going to events in NYC is getting to see the inside of fancy buildings.

Evan is a pretty snappy dresser (I’ve actually been encouraging him to start a men’s fashion blog — he should definitely do it, right??), and I’m sure he’s going to go nuts looking at all of the nicely-made button down shirts and heavyweight jeans. I don’t really like shopping for women’s clothing (that’s a major understatement…), but I love looking at men’s stuff and I love watching Evan shop. This is going to be a fun weekend!

Photos via Pop Up Flea’s Instagram / Pigeon banner by Three Potato Four


I have a few things to do in the city this weekend so the kitchen won’t get my attention for a few days. The past couple of weeks have felt almost unbearably long and hectic. To cap thing off, I spent all day Thursday thinking it was Friday, so today felt like going to work on the weekend. I’m sure it’s Friday for real now, though, and it’s past 5:00pm, so…I’M FREE! I’M FREEEEEEEEE!!! I want to make the next couple of days as productive as possible since it’s been ages since I’ve been at the apartment during daytime hours. Time for a list!

Vacuum, including entry stairs
✚ Cut anti-slip pad for new kitchen rug
Drop off laundry
Bring winter coat to cleaners
Scrub bathroom to death
Put new locks on the windows
Remove air conditioner from window
Vet appointment for Fritz & Bruno
✚ Paint the stairs (c’mon, Dorfman, you can do this…)
Dye hair + trim bangs
✚ Write a billion emails
Learn how to properly set the thermostat, then set it properly
✚ Make a big pot of chili (it’s that time of year again)
Belated birthday lunch with Laura

Totally doable, provided I start tonight with the cleaning. I’ve been really lazy about thoroughly cleaning the apartment lately, and it’s starting to weigh on me. I’m not as fastidious about cleaning as my reputation among my friends and family would have you believe, but I do like to be in relatively clean surroundings. Right now there are dustbunnies the size of grapefruits (and no, I’m not talking about Bruno) clustered in every corner, and I can write my name with my finger on any piece of glass in the apartment. Time for a real scrub-down!

Starting a pot of coffee and putting on The Messenger now!

p.s. Yes, those cashmere skull gloves are just as soft and warm as they look. Skull Cashmere very kindly sent me a pair after seeing their blanket in my skull-love post, and I have been waiting for months to wear them. Now I never want to take them off…

Mary Meyer clothing

I’ve been on a perpetual hunt for summer-appropriate clothing for my entire adult life. I am forever the one wearing a cardigan, jeans and boots in 90° weather. I don’t have seasonal wardrobe changes — my only concessions to outdoor temperature are sandals in summer and heavier scarves in winter. I own “summer scarves.” I don’t like to show much skin, and I just don’t think I’m ever going to feel like myself in a dress or skirt (and believe me, I have tried). Wearing a regular t-shirt without anything over it is WAY too risqué for me. So. Many. Issues. I embrace them. Why fight your anxieties?

Enter Mary Meyer clothing, handmade in Brooklyn! I love, love, LOVE Mary’s stuff. So far I’ve only bought one dress, but her summer 2013 collection is so fantastic that I’m going to have to pick out a couple of things to add to my (tiny) wardrobe. I’m having a hard time narrowing down my wishlist, but my top contenders are the Beach Biggie, this Cap Dress and Sahara Pants (probably the closest I’ll ever get to wearing shorts). The dresses are actually the length I like my shirts to be, so I can pair them with skinny jeans and ankle boots, oxfords or sandals and feel totally comfortable. In the fall and winter, I can just put a cardigan on top! See? There’s no such thing as seasonal clothing in my world. Layers ahoy!

p.s. Yes, there are Mary Meyer clothes for boys, too! I’ll sneak a tee shirt for Evan into my order, too. I have a feeling he’d like this Black Ascent one.

Anna + Mary Meyer dress

And on a more personal (and highly tangential) note…

When I woke up on Wednesday morning, the only thing I could think about was that the Supreme Court was going to be ruling on the constitutionality of the federal Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8 ballot measure. It’s no secret where I stand politically, socially and ethically when it comes to equal rights, and I wanted to dress for the occasion — one I hoped would be a celebration. And so, this Mary Meyer dress covered with pink triangles was IT! (This particular print isn’t available anymore, but it’s the “Biggie” style for fit reference.)

Kind of a funny segue from a post about clothing, I suppose, but that’s alright. Whatever gets you there.

It’s been two years since I wrote this post about the New York Senate legalizing gay marriage in my state, and it feels SO good to know that my friends in California are now afforded the same rights. The death of DOMA has set the stage for the remaining 31 37 states in the US to follow us down a path of greater humanity. Let’s do this.


Bright green and black vintage wool blanket from Hindsvik

With any luck we’ll be heading out of wool blanket territory soon (28°F in the third week of March? Ugh!), but you know me and blankets. I really love the intense green of this vintage striped one from Hindsvik. Bright green looks so great with pale wood and black/white interiors!

doorsixteen_etsywishlist_snugstudio poster from Snug Studio

The shapes that make up the alphabet in this poster from Snug Studio are based on the shape of classic building blocks—like the ones I’m playing with in this photo! The next time I know someone who’s having a kid, this is what they’re getting from me.


Plus Sign vinyl wall decals from UrbanWalls

I don’t really think of myself as being a wall decal person, but these guys from UrbanWalls are really appealing to me. They come in a whole bunch of color options, including GOLD! Can you imagine a bathroom covered in gold crosses on black walls? Swanky!! Or pale gray walls with white crosses? So pretty.


✚ Hand printed Mountain leggings and Mountain pillow

I couldn’t choose between the leggings and the pillow, so I went with both. To be honest, though, I kind of want everything in the Thief & Bandit shop. (p.s. They have another shop full of amazing kids’ stuff, too!)


Festoon ceiling light set from Raw Dezign

This is such a simple idea, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it done before. This string of ceiling-mounted lights from Raw Dezign comes with hooks for hanging and a choice of 13 different colors of braided cloth cord. You can contact them directly if you’re interested in a different length, too.

What’s on your Etsy wishlist right now?

It’s been a month since my last outfit post, which seems about right when considering how frequently I change my clothes! I kid, I kid. OK, not really—I know I like to joke about only having three outfits, but it’s kind of true. I have a small handful of staples that are all interchangeable. I like casual, comfortable, modest and somewhat masculine (boyish?) clothes.

weekend outfit

1. Surplus Parka, BDG
2. Cube Scarf, Micaela Greg
3. Veronica Slouch Boots, Frye
4. Letter Bag, Moop
5. Sofia Skinny Jeans (Dark Faye), Lucky
6. Arcos Earrings, Stone & Honey
7. Super Duper Strength Sunglasses, Karen Walker

This is more or less what I’ve been wearing every weekend these days. I love parkas—I have a black one with a very warm, detachable lining, and an army-green one that’s a lighter weight (mine came from the clearance rack at the Gap, but I’ve tried on this one from UO and it’s good stuff—it does run large, though, and if it’s -10°F where you live it’s probably better for fall/spring). The nice thing about loose-fitting parkas is that you can wear lots of layers underneath without feeling like a bulky sausage. Also: POCKETS. I love big pockets. Tissues, iPhone, lip balm, sunglasses, hair elastics, gloves…they all go in the pockets. (Still loving Lucky’s Sofia skinny jeans, too—more about them in my last outfit post!)

I don’t actually own that Micaela Greg scarf, but I’m thinking it might be a good present for myself as a reward for all of the tiling I did in the kitchen. (Hello, justification!) I have their triangle neck cozy, and it’s so soft (not a speck of itchiness!) and nicely made. I can never bring myself to squish a hat down on my head, so in the winter months I rely on giant scarves to wrap around my head and over my ears when it gets really chilly out.

I’ve expressed my love for Frye boots before, but I don’t think I’ve ever specifically mentioned their Veronica slouch boots. Truth: I own three pairs of these boots. Dark brown (pictured here), cracked white leather (yes, really), and these gray stone-washed ombré ones. Frye have been making this style of boot for a long time, and I’ve bought one pair every two years. Unlike most Frye boots (which have leather soles that can be slippery on ice), they have a thick, rubber lug sole that wears really well when the sidewalks and streets are icy, so they’re great in winter. Once a year I get them waterproofed by my cobbler and have him put a new piece of rubber on the heel, and that’s enough to keep them in excellent shape.

Weekend? Ready!

I felt a little silly when I put together my first outfit post last month, I guess because I don’t think of myself as being a particularly “stylish” person when it comes to clothing. Most of what I wear comes from stores like H&M, Gap and Old Navy (I prefer to spend on accessories and shoes, since they’ll always fit!), and I don’t dress to stand out. I don’t work from home—I’m in a midtown office building every day—and while we don’t really have a dress code beyond “don’t come to work in a bikini” (not a problem), I try to not look like a complete mess. That said, I pretty much wear the same thing on my days off as I do when I’m at work, I just try to save the stuff with holes in it for the weekends.

1. Blazer, H&M
2. Small Gem Necklace, Lila Rice
3. Juniper Tank Top, Alternative Apparel
4. Sofia Skinny Jeans, Lucky
5. Hepcat Shades, Madewell
6. Leslie Zip Booties, Frye
7. Rain print pouch, Bookhou
8. Mustard cotton scarf, Scarf Shop*
*Martha from Scarf Shop was kind enough to offer 10% off anything in the shop with the code ILOVEANNA through Jan 1st!

This is a typical work outfit for me. I wear jeans almost every single day (I don’t even own a pair of non-denim pants!), so I try to keep four well-fitting pairs in rotation at any given time. Sadly, Gap seems to be discontinuing the Curvy Skinny jeans I love so much, but Lucky’s Sofia skinny jeans are my fallback. I’ve been wearing Lucky jeans for years, and while I can’t always rely on them to have the exact color/fit combo I like in their lineup, I do love these. They hit all the marks: A truly skinny leg, medium-rise, butt-covering, hip/thigh-accomodating. Flattering. The “resin” color is actually a really dark blue, not black. I love that they have absolutely no fading/distressing whatsoever, too. I find I can wear dark, unfaded jeans to just about any fancy event short of black tie (and I’ve never been invited to anything black tie!) as long as I wear the right shoes and a nice shirt/jacket. I love a good blazer.

Speaking of the right shoes, these are The Right Shoes. (After ogling Acne’s Pistol boots for a few months, I finally tried them on and they were…wrong for me. The opening around the ankle is too small to tuck jeans in unless you have stick legs, and I don’t have stick legs. They just looked bad on me.) By chance I came across Frye’s Leslie Zip booties right before I left for London in October, though, and they are perfect. Perfect! The opening is large enough that my jeans can tuck into the top and look a little scrunchy the way I like. The heel height is just right. Last weekend I wore them with tights and a dress…they can do anything. Like I said, perfect.

In a moment of true recklessness, I decided to make them the ONLY shoes I brought with me to London—yes, I committed myself to a full week of walking every day in a brand-new pair of shoes. And I was fine. I did get one small blister around day 5 from my toes rubbing against each other, but nothing from the shoes. They have been ultra-super-comfy from the moment I first put them on. Bootlove.

EDIT: I just realized I’m actually wearing this exact outfit today, only with a different Bookhou bag. Hah!

I freaked out the other day when I got an email announcing that pre-orders are now being accepted for the new line of Morrissey sweaters from VIVA MOZ. I want them all. The gray Smiths sweater with the daffodils even made me want to put together one of those “outfit montage” things that Real Bloggers® are always posting:

1. The Smiths daffodils sweater, VIVA MOZ
2. Curvy Skinny jeans, Gap*
3. Long striped scarf, Madewell
4. Thatcher glasses, Warby Parker
5. Carson oxfords, Frye

*Side note about the Gap Curvy Skinny jeans: If you follow me on Twitter, then you know how enamored I am with these jeans. I wear skinny jeans about 360 days a year, so the fit really matters to me. I know everyone’s body is different, but if you’ve got a large hip/waist ratio and tend to have that problem with jeans gapping at the back and requiring a belt, these are for you. I recommend going down a size (or two!), though, because that “vanity sizing” thing Gap does is totally out of control.

I have a weird thing where I don’t like to wear shoes that don’t come up over my ankles unless the top of my foot is exposed—I’m convinced my legs look like parsnips unless I’m either wearing boots or sandals—so I keep hesitating and not buying a pair. Jen was wearing these Frye oxfords when she was here last week, though, and I kept eying them with envy. I feel like my inner nerd (who, coincidentally, is also my outer nerd) really wants to wear oxfords…parsnip legs and all.

But enough about my parsnip legs! LOOK AT THESE SWEATERS! (By the way, if you think you want one of these sweaters for yourself or a loved one, I suggest you pre-order before the sale date. They always sell out fast once they’re knitted and stocked.)

Evan has owned the original green one for a few years, and I have the football scarf. They’re both pretty rad, as evidenced by my mother and Evan, who are making their second joint modeling appearance on D16 this week (here’s the first). I’ve posted these photos before, but how could I leave them out? Fashion plates, those two.