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  • Inspiring Interiors

    Yeah, I could live there.

    Yeah, I could live there is a D16 feature wherein I post pictures of homes I want to break into, kick out the inhabitants and move in. This week, I’m staying local!…

  • Four Legs, Places + Travels

    Wintry weekend.

    It doesn’t snow much in the lower half of New York state anymore, so every time we do get an actual snowstorm here with a decent amount of accumulation it’s a cause…

  • APT: DUMBO, Places + Travels

    Back to Brooklyn.

    We arrived in Brooklyn late last night after getting word that electricity had been restored to our apartment building. The elevators were still out which meant we had a long hike up…

  • APT: DUMBO, Places + Travels

    The next day.

    This is the final set of photos I took before leaving Brooklyn last night. Our building in DUMBO is still off-limits per the FDNY—extensive flooding everything on the lower levels means must…

  • APT: DUMBO, Places + Travels

    Sandy, during.

    I’m exhausted, so this update will be brief! So…Sandy came. I took photos on the roof deck of my apartment every couple of hours (I stopped going out there when it got…