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My personal style is very “Jedi Knight meets Patti Smith,” and that’s tough to nail down when it comes to readily-accessible, moderately affordable clothing. It’s also a style that pretty much just looks like dirty pajamas if it’s done wrong. If I had limitless cash, I’d have Yohji Yamamoto, Ann Demeulemeester and Rick Owens at my disposal, but alas, I do not. I am trying to make an effort to move beyond Forever 21 and H&M, though. I mean, I’m going to be 37 years old in a few weeks. I think it’s probably OK to buy a sweater that costs more than $18—and, more importantly, that last longer than 6 months before the threads start to pull and it loses its shape in the wash. (Side note to my real-life friends: I swear I will stop wearing that disgusting cardigan every day. Not just yet…but soon. Really soon. Honest.)

I had never heard of the New Zealand clothing company Kowtow before Tamera sent me a link to this outfit, but I’m already kind of obsessed. This is exactly how I want to dress every day. Modernist Lazigoth.

Bauhaus Jacket. I don’t know if they’re referencing the German school or the English band, but either way, I’m on board. This is the most perfect hoodie ever.

Parallel Dress. OH HELLO THERE. It’s true that I’ll wear anything the size and shape of a Hefty bag with a neckhole (armholes optional), but this dress/tunic is actually cut really nicely—and it has a rad print on it.

Jen wrote about the San Francisco-based knitwear line Micaela Greg (designed by two sisters!) on Honey Kennedy the other day, and I had a series of tiny heart attacks while flipping through their Autumn-Winter 2012 lookbook. Legging and scarves are staples in my (tiny but flexible) wardrobe, and who doesn’t love little sweaters with weird arms? No one, especially when they’ve got Q-Bert style geometric patterns on them.

Black Triangle Neck Cozy. Like Jen said, I would wear this scarf every day between now and next July. This is an Anna-scarf if I ever saw one! I love that it can double as a little hood, too.

Cube Shrug. This is my favorite shape when it comes to cardigan-type stuff. The length in back is perfect, and it’s got volume without being bulky. I don’t like wearing wraps because I never know what to do with my arms, but little shrugs like this are perfect.

Small Square Legging. You know how I said I feel like Ferm is designing housewares just for me? Well, I like to think Micaela Greg had me in mind when they made these leggings. The pattern is just so good. I feel a teensy bit nervous about the color being described as “dark navy and rose,” I could make do. Can you imagine them with knee-high boots, a long white tee, and the Bauhaus jacket from Kowtow?! Now you’re talking.

Oh, Kenobi-Smith! My favorite. I can’t afford any of their stuff, sadly, but maybe if they decide to do a diffusion line someday I can splurge on a piece or two.

p.s. Thank you so much for all of the feedback and kind thoughts yesterday. I don’t know what comes next or exactly what I’m planning to do and when, but I’m glad I at least opened up the dialogue. I feel proud and fortunate that there is such a friendly and honest community of people reading my blog.

I thought about titling this post “ME ME ME ME ME ME (and a little more ME),” because let’s face it—this is a whole bunch of ME. I don’t post a lot of photos of myself on the blog, I guess because it just always feels awkward. I hate having my picture taken by other people, and I don’t like taking a photo of myself unless the camera/phone is visible in the picture as well. Having the camera visible makes the resulting photo less about documenting the subject and more of a marker of that specific moment—which is the act of taking the photo.

Am I over-thinking it? Maybe, but all of that over-thinking made me realize something: I am my own design project. Here are some Instagram snaps from over the past few weeks.

So yeah. I mean…I pretty much look like my house. I don’t really draw any distinction between designing myself and designing anything else. I have a set of limitations that I need to work with, and a knowledge of how to use certain tools and materials in order to achieve the results I want. I never think about what would be perceived as “sexy” or whatever, that’s just not something I’m concerned with. I do like to look attractive, of course, but for me physical attractiveness (in anyone) is determined not by a specific set of features, but by a series of proportions, contrasts, textures and colors—exactly the same things that make a room or a book cover or a garden appealing to me.

OH, AND: Here’s me matching my dorm room 18 years ago.

I’m curious: How about you? Do you “match” your home? If you’re an artist or designer, do you feel like there’s a correlation between your professional work and, say, your hair?

Photos via Marimekko

Noora Niinikoski’s Tivoli knitware line for Marimekko’s Fall 2011 line was pretty spectacular. And also pretty wacky. When I look at the composed outfits, my first thought is that I want to wear all of it, including the red clogs, immediately. I’m pretty sure I’d literally look like a clown, but you only go around once, right? I tend to be extremely subdued in my dress (though contrary to popular belief, I don’t only wear black), mainly because I prefer to blend in to my environment rather than stand out. For some reason, the opposite extreme is also appealing to me!

I’m pretty sure the last time I ventured into the world of “funky” (OH, HOW I LOATHE THAT WORD) legware was a good 20 or so years ago (as evidenced here), but maybe it’s time to go down that road again. Am I old enough to have reached that point where I can look like an idiot but have it get written off as eccentricity? I hope so, because I’ve always wanted to wear a pom-pom scarf around my head like a turban. There is always the fear that I’d wind up looking like a giant infant, of course.

A few pieces from the Tivoli line are on sale right now at Kiitos Marimekko, and I am seriously tempted. Maybe just the knee socks…

I’m in love with the new Komeetta Collection for Marimekko’s Fall 2009 line.

The clothes are designed by Mika Piirainen, and use textiles designed by Marimekko mainstays Maija & Kristina Isola.