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Manhattan Bridge

  • Four Legs, Places + Travels

    Wintry weekend.

    It doesn’t snow much in the lower half of New York state anymore, so every time we do get an actual snowstorm here with a decent amount of accumulation it’s a cause…

  • APT: DUMBO, Places + Travels

    The next day.

    This is the final set of photos I took before leaving Brooklyn last night. Our building in DUMBO is still off-limits per the FDNY—extensive flooding everything on the lower levels means must…

  • APT: DUMBO, Places + Travels

    Sandy, during.

    I’m exhausted, so this update will be brief! So…Sandy came. I took photos on the roof deck of my apartment every couple of hours (I stopped going out there when it got…

  • APT: DUMBO, Places + Travels

    Still waiting.

    Here are some iPhone photos of the scene in DUMBO, Brooklyn, at around 1PM Monday afternoon. It’s rainy and windy and the water is rising a bit, but nothing significant yet. Our…

  • APT: DUMBO, Places + Travels

    Waiting for Sandy.

    A little more than a year ago, we were camped out in our old apartment in Washington Heights waiting for hurricane Irene, and tonight we’re hunkered down* in Brooklyn waiting for hurricane…