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Just a quick note before the weekend…

I’ve been back in New York since Monday night (more London photos to come!), and since then I’ve been in the office and trying to get myself fully into work mode. I have to admit that I really do miss my daily London routine (basically drinking coffee and hanging out), but a week and a half away from my office means a TON of work upon returning. This was the longest stretch of time off I’ve had from working in the two decades that have passed since I graduated from high school!

Fortunately, I’ve had two things to take the edge off of my return to the daily grind:

I went to see Morrissey on Wednesday night at Radio City Music Hall, and tonight and tomorrow night he’ll be at Terminal 5. These are my 27th, 28th and 29th times seeing Morrissey live (show #30 will happen in Decemeber!), and in all honesty it really never gets boring. Yes, it’s a different experience (for him and for me!) than it was when we were 20 years younger, but I’m so thankful that he’s still going and still amazing and still giving. I’ll post some photos when the three nights are over. VIVA MORRISSEY.

Today has been an extra-special work day with none other than Mamma Biscuit (if you’re not already reading her blog, you’re missing out) here in the office. Is there anything better than taking a break from staring at a computer screen and nuzzling your face into the neck-rolls of a glamorous, toothless, geriatric pug? Nope. I adore Mamma. VIVA MAMMA BISCUIT.

And no, I don’t need glasses to see, but hey…I like the look. SUE ME. I’m about to order these with non-prescription lenses!

p.s. I’ll announce the Frida Kahlo book giveaway winner tomorrow!

The result of last week’s haircut. I had about 3″ taken off the overall length, and I’ve gone back to a deep side part…and black dye!

Somehow I’ve managed to let more than a whole year pass since my last Go Ask Anna Q+A session! I think Twitter has a lot to do with that—it’s just so easy to get engaged in dialogue over there. It’s high time for another free-for-all on the blog, though, so let’s do it. All aboard the ego train, haha…

You have between now and Thursday, August 9th to get your questions in! I’ll answer in the comments as the questions come in, and as always, if a lot of you are interested in something specific that requires a long-form answer (like how to make a circle in Photoshop or cut an ENJE window shade), I’ll do my best to turn it into a future post.

✚ You can ask anything you want, but please remember that everyone has boundaries.
✚ If I feel a question is either overly-personal or creepy, I reserve the right to not publish (or answer) it.
✚ Please check the FAQ page first.

p.s. I can’t believe I missed my blog’s birthday! Door Sixteen turned FIVE YEARS OLD in June. Does that mean it’s ready for kindergarten?

I thought about titling this post “ME ME ME ME ME ME (and a little more ME),” because let’s face it—this is a whole bunch of ME. I don’t post a lot of photos of myself on the blog, I guess because it just always feels awkward. I hate having my picture taken by other people, and I don’t like taking a photo of myself unless the camera/phone is visible in the picture as well. Having the camera visible makes the resulting photo less about documenting the subject and more of a marker of that specific moment—which is the act of taking the photo.

Am I over-thinking it? Maybe, but all of that over-thinking made me realize something: I am my own design project. Here are some Instagram snaps from over the past few weeks.

So yeah. I mean…I pretty much look like my house. I don’t really draw any distinction between designing myself and designing anything else. I have a set of limitations that I need to work with, and a knowledge of how to use certain tools and materials in order to achieve the results I want. I never think about what would be perceived as “sexy” or whatever, that’s just not something I’m concerned with. I do like to look attractive, of course, but for me physical attractiveness (in anyone) is determined not by a specific set of features, but by a series of proportions, contrasts, textures and colors—exactly the same things that make a room or a book cover or a garden appealing to me.

OH, AND: Here’s me matching my dorm room 18 years ago.

I’m curious: How about you? Do you “match” your home? If you’re an artist or designer, do you feel like there’s a correlation between your professional work and, say, your hair?

red orange 1

If you follow me on Twitter and you, like me, are generally home alone on Friday nights pretending to have a social life, then you may have read my pleas for advice on how best to color-match the amazing lipstick and nail polish colors in the November 2010 J.Crew catalog.

red orange inspiration

It immediately reminded me of the photo on the left, an incredible living room featured in LivingEtc that I’ve been obsessed with for ages. Hot-orange-red! Paired with neutrals! Love!

I’d read an snippet of an interview with Jenna Lyons a while back where she mentioned that they used NARS lip pencils in Red Square on their shoots, but after seeing said color in person, I ruled it out as a possibility for the lipstick. After noting that J.Crew sells Essie nail polish in Lollipop on their website, I figured that had to be the nail color.

After a serious misfire with MAC lipstick in Ruby Woo (a lovely color, but far too blue for my complexion and miles away from the inspiration photos), @ClaraJudgypants chimed in to say that she had contacted J.Crew (why didn’t I think of that?) to ask about the colors, and that the nail polish is actually Essie Clambake and the lipstick is MAC Lady Danger. Now, I have a bottle of Clambake, and while it’s definitely an orange-red, it’s also semi-sheer. I love it during the summer, but it’s not right for fall. To my eyes, Essie Lollipop is perfect—it’s basically an opaque version of Clambake.

On to the lipstick! I’m not usually one to wear opaque colors (I almost always wear a sheer gloss, sometimes with a stain underneath), but I’ve really been trying to make Lady Danger work for me. I like the way it looks, but I feel really, really weird wearing it. I kind of feel like I’m in drag, to be honest, and as much as I love drag, I have a hard time pulling off this kind of look in a way that makes me feel comfortable. I’m trying, though! In these photos I’ve sheered it out just a bit with some gloss, because MAC isn’t joking around with their matte lipsticks. They are Serious Business for Super-Ladies, and I am…not that.


I can’t resist throwing in a couple of “outtakes”. I always feel like a super-loser when I take photos of myself, which is why I don’t even bother trying to hide the camera. And now you know why I don’t show my teeth when I smile. I’ve never learned how to do it right! I always wind up pulling a face like a 2nd-grader on picture day.