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  • Living room makeover -
    HOUSE: New Mexico #1

    Project three! The living room.

    I’m still working on finishing touches (including bedside lighting!) in the bedroom, but now I that I’ve finally hit my stride and gotten fully into all painting, all the time mode, I’m…

  • Bedroom makeover -
    HOUSE: New Mexico #1

    Project two! The bedroom.

    Oh…yeah. This is my new bedroom! It’s in my new house in Tantown, USA. Do you need a moment to appreciate its beauty? Are you overwhelmed with a sense of calm? Do…

  • Mudroom makeover -
    HOUSE: New Mexico #1

    Project One! The mudroom.

    Yesterday I spent some time thinking about which room to focus on first when embarking on giving my new rental house a makeover. The conclusion I came to wasn’t what it would…

  • HOUSE: Newburgh, Life + Health

    Weekend to-do.

    Photo taken by Captain W. F. Wood of the S. S. Etonian on April 12, 1912 (via Bidtracker) I saw this photo a few days ago when a coworker linked to an…