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Photo courtesy of Plumen

Did this week go by fast or WHAT? I can’t believe it’s already Friday. I have the day off, and I’m looking forward my three-day weekend. I’m secretly thrilled that there’s lots of rain the forecast for the next few days, because even though I should be outside working the garden, I actually just want to spend my time deep-cleaning the house and going gangbusters on some freelance projects that I’m really excited about.

Oh, also! I’ve dutifully answered all of your questions to the best of my ability. I apologize for my shortcomings in some of my replies, and I promise I will get working on a post about the whole non-driver thing ASAP (I had no idea there are so many of us in the same boat!).

Meanwhile, here’s some stuff I tweeted this past week…

+ Remember those amazing, sculptural CFL bulbs from Plumen I mentioned a while back? Well they’re finally available for the US market. Yay! (Thanks to Poppytalk for the tip.)

+ The USDA’s new “food plate” is disappointing. I agree with this assessment, especially about the protein/dairy.

+ According to the folks at Mjolk, Pia Wallén Crux blanket (my most coveted item ever) is no longer being produced in wool. Thankfully, the new cotton version lives on. Phew!

+ I really need to redesign my portfolio website, but until that happens, I’ve updated the existing site with some recent work.

+ Speaking of recent work, this post that Jen from Honey Kennedy wrote is pretty much the most amazing feedback a designer can hope for. Sniffle!

+ I finally bought a pair of Urbanears Medis headphones, and I love them. They’re the only in-ear headphones that don’t fall out of my (giant? shallow? dunno) earholes.

+ Really, is there any greater tragedy than a tattoo with bad kerning?

+ If you’re a grammar and spelling nerd like me, you’ll enjoy this NPR story about the new food guidelines section of the AP Stylebook. (Prepare to start spelling “french fries” with a lower-case f!)

+ I still really like the “For Like Ever” poster—ye olde standby of 2006. Maybe I’ll buy one. Not tired of seeing it after 5 years, so…

+ Did you see this house Lena Corwin posted about? $210k in Schoharie County NY: The Smithy.

+ These wood & glass Limpid Jars from Merchant No.4 are serious porn for storage jar lovers.

+ Shilo Byrd will teach you how to make super cute summer braids with a bow around your head.

+ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PRINCE!!! Do yourself a favor and celebrate his 53 years of awesomeness by making your way through djbrainchild’s playlist.

+ This video of 9-year-old Robert Jeffrey lip-synching to Madonna’s “Vogue” in front of a green screen in the summer of 1991 is sort of the best thing ever. Enjoy!

Video uploaded by Robert Jeffrey // 1991

Taken on the Upper West Side last week while I was waiting to meet Evan for dinner at Cafe Blossom.

I was getting tired of seeing the same post at the time of by blog day after day after day, so this post is here to make me feel better about being a blog-slacker. Actually, I just realized it’s Friday, so I might as well turn this into Stuff I Tweeted, right? Editing post title now…

There, that’s better!

If you follow me on Twitter, then you already know that I’m been super-busy lately. Not bad-busy, not sad-busy, not angry-busy…just super-busy. (Super Grover?) I’ve been working on a bunch of design projects for people whose work I really admire, and that feels SO nice. I missing out on a lot of sleep, to be sure, but it’s a good kind of deprivation.

Here’s some of the stuff I tweeted in between drinking coffee and researching fonts:

+ Daniel from Manhattan Nest is in the running in the “Tiny” division of Apartment Therapy’s Small Cool Home contest, and he really deserves to win. Can you believe his amazing apartment is only 425 square feet? Go here, log in, and add him to your favorites.

+ Morrissey has completed his autobiography, and it’s a mere 660 pages long. Even better, it looks as though it could be published by Penguin Classics. And how!

+ Orange soda + French fries = Love.

+ I really loved this article by Melissa Febos at the New York Times website about crying in public: “In some ways, that kind of transparency is as good a defense against interference as the famous blank New York stare.”

+ I designed (and printed, and trimmed, and assembled…) these wedding invitations for my big brother and his awesome fiancée. Sometimes it’s fun to design printed stuff that isn’t a book.

+ I’m still incapable of working at a desk. I do everything on the floor, stuff spread out all over the place. Like a 6-year-old.

+ Did you hear this story on NPR about Chuck Klosterman and “Delicate Steve”? Too funny.

+ I had a bad cold. Then Evan caught it. Now my cold is gone, but my cough lingers.

+ Dear Donald Trump: Please stop. Just…stop. You’re really not fooling anyone.

+ It’s alive! All vegan, all gluten-free, all brilliant and gorgeous! (via @IsaChandra)

+ I MET KATHLEEN! And Jeremy, too. You know, from the aptly-named blog Jeremy and Kathleen. And they are awesome! Totally my kind of people, just like I thought they’d be.

+ The new Beastie Boys video reminds me of how deeply satisfying it is to have been their fan for about 27 years now. They just never disappoint!

The Beastie Boys “Make Some Noise” // Directed by Adam Yauch, 2011

Photo © Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 2011 // Livet Hemma

Maybe this post should actually be called “April! Stuff I Tweeted”, because it appears that I can really only remember to assemble these round-ups on a semi-monthly basis. (And I love that I start each of these posts with an excuse. Heh.)

(Also: CAN YOU BELIEVE IT’S APRIL ALREADY?! Yeah, April. Craziness.)

Anyway, here are my favorite tweets from the past couple of weeks! Have fun clicking your way through…there’s some good stuff here:

+ I love this use of plywood PRÄNT boxes, as seen on IKEA’s Livet Hemma blog. They’ve been painted inside at random, then joined together with binder clips to create a modular shelving unit. Nice!

+ There’s a lot of awesome happening in this photo.

+ I enjoyed working on this book cover as much as you’re probably thinking I did.

+ This fall, Marimekko will open a flagship store in New York City at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Broadway. Yay!

+ I keep trying to come up with a comment about this product, but I’m actually speechless.

+ Okay, I admit it, I’m jealous of everyone’s iPhones. Even though I really don’t need one and can’t afford one anyway.

+ Via Cornel West: This NPR funding fight = Republican insecurity in terms of the low-quality of argument & truncated quality of vision (Listen to the full discussion on Smiley & West)

+ A surprisingly respectful article from ABC News: Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson: Hollywood’s Odd Couple, Now Gone

+ Time Between Thing Being Amusing, Extremely Irritating Down To 4 Minutes. (“It’s precisely at this moment when the subject starts to experience an unshakable and overwhelming desire to punch anyone making further allusion to the phenomenon right in the face”)

+ Via mjolkshop: The story of how participation in Groupon almost destroyed a small business.

+ Remember when websites used to have guestbooks?

+ Pretty renovation blog discovery: süsk & banoo.

+ Check out what some of my neighbors are doing at the house right behind mine:

Video by Freamfilms, Inc.

femina house
Styling by Louise Kamman Riising, photos by Pernille Kaalund // Femina magazine

Gosh, I’m SO BAD at doing scheduled posts. This is only the fifth Friday (since May 2010!) I’ve managed to do a Twitter round-up. I like the idea of doing it every week, but I’m forgetful.

Here are my favorite tweets from the past two weeks:

+ I love everything about this Danish home, as spotted on emmas designblogg.

+ I love the new Splendiferous Array of Culinary Tools poster from Pop Chart Lab (designers of the awesome Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names poster in my hallway).

+ Martha from Uniform Natural wrote this great post about SCARFSHOP and her thought processes that went into every aspect of its creation. Really inspiring!

+ Have I mentioned how happy I am that Kathy is blogging again?

+ LOOK! AT! THIS! HOUSE! (!!!)

+ There’s just something about watching a beautiful French girl put on makeup, you know?

+ Is it possible that it’s taken me 30+ years of listening to “A Prairie Home Companion” to finally realize how annoying and unfunny it is?

+ The performance by Janelle Monae, B.o.B, and Bruno Mars on the Grammys? YES PLEASE. (Also: Janelle Monae and Bruno Mars are going on tour together. Yay!)

+ Adrian Tomine on NYC: “I pay the exorbitant rent so I can stay at home and know that I could avail myself of all that culture if I wanted to.”

+ #mymostamazingqualityis my ability to procrastinate to the point of utter desperation and then pull off a half-assed effort at the last second.

+ Twenty-six album sleeves…recreated in LEGO.

+ Have you been following along with Juli and John’s trip to Japan? Great photos, great posts!

+ Crystal Renn on weight loss and backlash. I hate that she even has to address this.

+ The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger, with original narration by Randall. This is what all nature shows should be like.

+ I love this short film of Daniel and Valeria of Hindsvik‘s home. It was shot by Pascal Perich for Etsy, and it gives a really nice little peek into D&V’s living space. It’s amazing how different a house can look in video than in photos…

Vogue on Vogue on Vogue
14 issues of Vogue Deutsch, layered // Shrubrub

Okay, okay. I know it’s technically past midnight and therefore also technically Saturday, but it’s still Friday in…um, California, right? Sure. So here are my favorite tweets from this past week!

+ Vogue on Vogue on Vogue: This is what you get when you layer a years’ worth of Vogue covers (from 19 countries!) on top of each other.

+ This hilariously accurate flow chart shows you how to describe your used furniture on CraigsList.

+ IKEA gave all 12,400 of their U.S. employees mountain bikes for Christmas. Beats the hell out of a lame buffet and an open bar, doesn’t it?

+ I’m thinking about buying this insulated cat house for “our” stray, Sylvester. It’s cold out there.

+ I’m in love with these incredible modern quilts by Carson Converse Studio.

+ An abandoned men’s club in Alabama is now a home, and it’s really beautiful.

+ How great is this pine dowel Christmas tree that Martha and Tom made?!

+ You know what I want for Christmas? FRECKLES.

+ Barring the gift of freckles, I’ll take Tord Boontje’s entire “Witches Kitchen” set.

+ Okay, or a Box of Swedishness.

+ If you haven’t already watched Kanye West’s short film, Runaway, you should. Even if you think you’re not a fan. (Thanks to Kathleen for the reminder!)

Mehmet Ali Uysal
Urban installation by Mehmet Ali Uysal // Chaudfontaine Park, Belgium

In case you missed them, here are my favorite tweets from this past week. Enjoy!

+ This installation piece in an urban Belgian park by Turkish-born artist Mehmet Ali Uysal is completely fabulous. (via Büro North)

+ Mari at One Ink Pin on what it’s like to have never been kissed at 22.

+ There’s a big Robert Rauschenberg exhibit at Gagosian Gallery through January 15th. (via HI + LOW)

+ My mustard-colored scarf from Scarf Shop arrived, and wow, is it beautiful. I want to wear it every day. Thanks, Martha!

+ I’m crazy about the jewelry in the Fortune shop by Kim Dulaney. (via Design For Mankind)

+ We just signed a 19-month (don’t ask) lease renewal for the apartment. NO rent increase! Yay!

+ Some of the 40 pages of photo collages, paintings, drawings, and writing David Hockney contributed to French Vogue in 1985.

+ Mamma Biscuit had her photo taken with Santa Claus!

+ Did Modernica rip off Büro Tree with their “Superstar” trees? Büro vs. Modernica. Hmmm. (And no, it wasn’t a collaboration.)

+ Evan gave me these incredibly beautiful earrings from Round Designs for Hanukkah. I’m a lucky girl!

+ Keri Smith shares Secrets of the Self Employed (or How to be an Amazing [insert profession here]), and her advice is perfect (even for those of us who aren’t self-employed).

+ Did you notice that the “featured blogs” for December are up? Check ’em out…over in the sidebar!

The Twosome Blanket by Vík Prjónsdóttir // From KITKA Design Toronto

Uhhh, so…I completely and totally forgot about my supposed “new category” for Fridays that I announced back in May. Like I said then, I’m not good with schedules or planning when it comes to blogging! This has been an especially good week for tweets, though, so without further ado…

+ Juli and John over at Mjolk Shop did a photo shoot for the blankets from Icelandic collective Vík Prjónsdóttir they’re carrying in their shop now, and the result is both hilarious and sweet. I also really, really want a Sealpelt to wear in my always-chilly house this winter!

+ On the day after Thanksgiving, would you consider joining the Carnivalesque Rebellion and observing Buy Nothing Day?

+ Portland-based builder, designer and tinkerer Matt Pierce has a beautiful new blog, and it’s called Wood&Faulk. (Check out the wooden crate headboard!)

+ The interview with Loretta Lynn on Fresh Air this week was phenomenal. If you missed it, you can listen online.

+ The new line of fixtures at Schoolhouse Electric is pretty great. (And look! It’s Victoria’s nook!)

+ This Arne Jacobsen sofa is pretty much the most amazing piece of upholstered furniture I’ve ever seen in my life. (via Hindsvik Blog)

+ Damn You Auto Correct! I seriously thought I was going to stop breathing and/or vomit from laughing so hard at these iPhone autocorrect FAIL screen captures.

+ If this clip of James Brown performing “Night Train” doesn’t make you happy to be alive, then you might already be dead:

Sidewalk @ 22nd and 5th // Photo by MarkArms

Hey! A new category! I’ve been thinking about all of the stuff I link to on Twitter during the week, and how it all just sort of disappears from my consciousness right away. Maybe I should experiment with posting some of the more interesting things here once a week? I’m not big on schedules or planning when it comes to blogging, but I’ll give a shot.

+ An express lane for NYC pedestrians who are not tourists? I have been wanting this for YEARS (via Design for Mankind)

+ Geometric print tapestry/bedspread from Urban Outfitters (via @UniformNatural)

+ Want to create a WordPress theme from scratch? Here’s a nice tutorial

+ This Viennese attic apartment is pretty much perfect (via h p n f r h p y a c d n s)

+ Urban love letters, by way of murals (via Poppytalk)

+ i live here:SF essay by (& photos of!) my beautiful friend, Victoria

+ This Pappardelle with Spiced Butter recipe is easily vegan-ized with Earth Balance and wheat noodles, and it is delicious

+ 23 restaurants and shops on 1 street in Mexico City rehabbed for $3000. Very inspiring!

+ Black walls done right, over at Victoria’s new place

+ Paul Rand is MUCH, MUCH, MUCH cooler than Rand Paul. I’ll take the former over the latter any day