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  • Art + Design, I Design Stuff

    FYI, I’m a graphic designer.

    “The Cinematic Portrayal of Graphic Designers in Film & Television” Film by Ellen Mercer & Lucy Streule HAHAHAHAHA. Well, what can I possibly add? Nothing other than this, I guess… Image source…

  • Inspiring Interiors

    Goth home improvement.

    I love, love, love this ad for the German home improvement store Hornbach. Thanks to everyone who sent this to me! Ad by Heimat Berlin; produced by Trigger Happy and directed by…

  • Food + Drink, Four Legs

    Tiny hamsters. Eating tiny burritos.

    Sometimes you take an accidental, two week break from blogging (I’m blaming the stomach virus from Hell, an unplanned four-day weekend, and advanced procrastination techniques), and then when you come back you…

  • APT: Cobble Hill, Life + Health

    Weekend to-do.

    I have a few things to do in the city this weekend so the kitchen won’t get my attention for a few days. The past couple of weeks have felt almost unbearably…

  • Four Legs

    Goats. Yelling. Like Humans.

    I’m sorry, I know this is kind of a pointless post, but it’s 1AM and I’m awake because I cough every time I lie down and I can’t help myself. Jen just…