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  • Living room makeover -
    HOUSE: New Mexico #1

    Project three! The living room.

    I’m still working on finishing touches (including bedside lighting!) in the bedroom, but now I that I’ve finally hit my stride and gotten fully into all painting, all the time mode, I’m…

  • Bedroom makeover -
    HOUSE: New Mexico #1

    The bedroom: Painted!

    I finished painting my bedroom last night, and it is SO. MUCH. BETTER. Yes? YES. (If you want to toggle back and forth between the Tantown “before” photos and the current state,…

  • Bedroom makeover -
    HOUSE: New Mexico #1

    Project two! The bedroom.

    Oh…yeah. This is my new bedroom! It’s in my new house in Tantown, USA. Do you need a moment to appreciate its beauty? Are you overwhelmed with a sense of calm? Do…

  • 2255742665_33d24683f2.jpg
    HOUSE: Newburgh

    In the dressing room.

    The dressing room as always been a little bit neglected. It feels empty, it needs life. I have a bit of buyer’s remorse over the glass doors on the wardrobes, but I…