Etsy wants.

BrinandNohl / Swiss cross pillow cover ($24.99)

CarolineGaedechens / Mandragora doll ($48.00)

CarolineGaedechens / Small Hands II – print ($15.00)

mudpuppy / Teeth in a vial ($8.00)

This is both a horrifying and intriguing item for me. I am plagued by tooth nightmares, but I find myself drawn to this.

mudpuppy / Stonewear skulls ($60.00)

jeanpelle / White gold faceted candle holders ($80.00)

corduroy / Siempre print ($30.00)

mrskona / Three hankies and a pouch ($18.00)

paupervoile / Leonard Cohen-themed red cross scarf ($160.00)

  1. Fresh Design BlogOct 20, 20091:39 pm

    A great list of finds, Etsy is so good for uncovering unusual things. I particularly like the look of the faceted candle holders.


  2. Shrie >> Lo & BeholdOct 20, 20091:45 pm

    LOVE the faceted candle holders as well! Somehow, the teeth in a jar also intrigue me. And not just for Halloween :)


  3. LaDonnaOct 20, 20092:18 pm

    I see I’m not the only one who loves red cross/swiss cross. Eventually I plan on making a quilt of them.


  4. the domestic fringeOct 20, 20093:40 pm

    I love Etsy! The skeleton heads are a little over the top for me though. I have bad dreams when I watch crime dramas. I don’t think I’d ever sleep if I had those in my house.



  5. KarreyOct 20, 20093:41 pm

    Those Swiss cross pillows are lovely.


  6. ReganOct 20, 20094:31 pm

    love the candle holders. the teeth in a vial? the smoothness of the white enamel is kinda beautiful but I have a MAJOR fear of my teeth falling out and it is something I obsess over. Having these around might cause me to think even more about my teeth and their longevity. The description of ‘violently extracted look’ made me giggle. then I felt the overwhelming need to floss.


  7. nicoleOct 20, 20094:36 pm

    i spend a lot of time on etsy for both work and play. SO many wonderful things at such great prices … and handmade to boot. it’s really interesting to see what you’re attracted to out of the rich cornucopia of items.


  8. belindaOct 20, 20094:39 pm

    i adore the mandragora doll too. i have had my eye on one of those for a while now.
    i hope you get one or all of these tomorrow ;)


  9. zeeOct 20, 20096:13 pm

    Love the Swiss cross pillow. I keep seeing those crosses popping up in interiors and am developing a bit of a design crush. The candle holders have been lingering on my wish list for some time too!


  10. OttomarOct 20, 20097:17 pm

    Yeah those candleholders are really nice, don’t know if I want them in gold though…


  11. JodyOct 20, 20099:20 pm

    Oh thank you for gathering such interesting finds… including my pillow.


  12. lindsayOct 20, 200910:02 pm

    Hooray! Etsy items I haven’t seen before on nine million other blogs! I have seen the candleholders (which I love) but everything else is new to me. Lovely, interesting + unique finds Anna!


  13. MacyOct 20, 200910:58 pm

    I too am plagued by tooth nightmares. Perhaps the teeth in a jar will help “contain” them ;]


  14. MichelleOct 20, 200911:24 pm

    teeth nightmares here, too! and i love those candle holders! and the scarf! =)


  15. PamOct 21, 200912:03 am

    Happy Birthday Anna!!!!!!!!


  16. alex sundayOct 21, 200912:30 am

    great selection!


  17. KatjaOct 21, 20092:29 am

    Wow ! These are fantastic Christmas present ideas !!! My folks are gonna be so lucky. And I think I’ll treat myself to one of those pillow covers, or maybe the ‘small hands’ print or….
    Btw – a very happy birthday to you !!!


  18. sweet fine day/JennaOct 21, 20098:37 am

    I’ve had that swiss coffee sack basket bookmarked for awhile. Love it.


  19. Uncle BeefyOct 21, 200912:08 pm

    Just found you via sfgirlbybay and LOVE what I see! Great inspirations as I have developed a similar affinity to black & white. Love the etsy pillows! :)


  20. erikaOct 21, 20092:01 pm

    love the skulls….perfect for halloween decor too!


  21. leniOct 21, 20094:50 pm

    lovely finds! i could spend all day looking at the amazing things on etsy … now if only i could afford everything i wanted!


  22. MarlaOct 21, 200910:39 pm

    Happy Birthday! I just found your blog from sfgirlbybay… it’s the bees knees! Love it!


  23. kellyOct 22, 20092:28 pm

    the candlestick holders are BEAUTIFUL. the teeth, on the other hand, scare the bejesus out of me. here are some of my halloween picks…


  24. MariOct 23, 20095:00 am


    I have a thing for burlap and fossils/fossil-like things. We must discuss this someday.


  25. BecksterOct 24, 20092:02 pm

    I was struck by your offhand comment “plagued by tooth nightmares.” I dream my teeth are breaking, shattering, dissolving ALL THE TIME. And am so relieved to find that is not the case when I wake.


  26. PhillyLassOct 25, 20091:17 am

    Great finds– have you seen the Swiss cross pillows from this etsy shop? I’ve been drooling over her offerings for a long time:


  27. Down PillowOct 25, 20096:03 pm

    Definitely some interesting finds :) I’m not sure about the teeth, but I love those white gold faceted candle holders.


  28. JenniferOct 27, 20095:35 pm

    I have tooth nightmares all the time!


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