Jimi Hendrix: 40 years gone.

Photo by Petra Niemeier

  1. ToniaSep 19, 20108:48 am

    WOW, He passed away when I was a toddler but grew up on his music. My Father listened to his music. Didn’t realize it has been that long.


  2. dew iSep 19, 20109:59 am

    He was just a boy when he died.
    Amazing photo, thanks for sharing.

    I LOVE that chair he’s sitting in.
    This photo could be in a room taken today.


  3. KathleenSep 19, 201011:24 am

    I did a 7th grade report over Jimi Hendrix. Coincidentally, that same 7th grade report was my first experience with drawing typography by hand and loving it. Thank you, Jimi.


  4. KathleenSep 19, 201011:25 am

    *Incidentally – not coincidentally. Eesh.


  5. michaelSep 19, 20101:53 pm

    I was at a rock concert in Australia when the news stopped the concert there was a cry of total disbelief in the concert the group that was playing was Black feather the lead guitarist John Robinson with tears in his eyes started to play an amazing version of advance Australia fair it was totally amazing , we having lost a major musical genius


  6. SamoneSep 20, 201012:32 am

    Such a wonderful photo, Anna. I love Jimi.

    If you haven’t seen it, here’s quite an interesting interview with Gered Mankowitz and their famous shoot:



  7. DanielleSep 20, 20107:30 am

    Just imagine what his work would be like today! So classic in my opinion.


  8. DemMomSep 20, 20109:28 am

    My husband (who has Jimi tattoed on his arm) went to see Slash on Sat. night, who did a couple of songs in honor of Jimi


  9. frannieSep 20, 20101:48 pm

    such a badass. he had the best sense of style…
    (although little richard would say he deserves all the credit)


  10. KarinaSep 20, 20105:42 pm

    You always have such amazing photos!


  11. TessSep 20, 20106:46 pm

    Great photo!


  12. hilarySep 23, 201012:08 pm

    Gorgeous photo, lovely and sad – no one else could have carried off that velvet suit quite as well. Thanks for remembering, and what is that on Jimi’s lap, could it be a book!


  13. JonahlizaSep 24, 20101:47 am

    great man. great photo.


  14. FeliciaOct 5, 20109:20 am

    Love this photo, thanks for sharing it. He was ahead of his time as are most geniuses.


  15. Hollywood JoeOct 8, 20101:15 am

    There is,was and will always be only one….Jimi Hendrix…..It is 40 years since he left his physical form as we know to be human….but somehow,someway he exists as if he were here….Joe hollywoodjoe.com


  16. Ted DollarSep 13, 20125:45 pm

    R.I.P. … thanx for this photo


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