Sure, it’s 60° and sunny and the spirea in the garden are budding out of confusion, but we’re still pretending it’s winter and going along with the usual end-of-year merriment with family. The City of Newburgh continues to be beautiful against all odds, and even after six years here I still can’t get over my clouds, my mountains, and my river. Happy, happy.

  1. AdamDec 24, 20119:52 am

    Happy Winter to you and Evan and Bruno and Fritz! Miss you all, can’t wait to see you all in the New Year! xoxoxo


  2. AmelieDec 24, 201110:48 am

    Such peace, such quiet monsters, your clouds, Hudson and hills. Thanks for sharing this.


  3. victoriaDec 24, 201111:14 am

    happy winter to you my dear friend. this is sure pretty! i’m off to brave the san francisco chill at fort funston with lucy. have a wonderful day! xoxo


  4. Mamma BiscuitDec 24, 201111:23 am

    The clouds in the sky yesterday were absolutely amazing! At one point, the sun came out and the light was practically nuclear against the backdrop of violet and orange clouds! I loved it! Happy Winter to you, Evan, Fritz and Bruno! Pug hugs and kisses from the Biscuit family!


  5. CortnieDec 24, 201111:35 am

    I can’t get over those clouds either – so beautiful! I’m partial (or at least accustomed to) sunny winter holidays living in California’s San Joaquin Valley. But I wouldn’t mind experiencing a snowy Christmas somewhere one year. :)

    Warm and cozy holiday wishes!



  6. mariaDec 24, 20112:55 pm

    Happy Winter to you and your family. Thanks for another year if inspiration & enjoyment.


  7. Lori E.Dec 25, 201112:19 am

    How so very beautiful! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas! :)


  8. tivoli tensideDec 25, 20115:18 am

    Happy Winter to you too!


  9. Cher@NRDec 27, 201111:36 am

    Gorgeous photo


  10. jbhatDec 28, 20115:28 pm

    It’s truly beautiful there.



  11. LaurenJan 4, 201211:17 am

    I miss that river almost everyday. Moving to Pennsylvania from the Hudson Valley has been an adjustment. Love the photo!


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