SofaQuest 2007: the Winner!

It finally happened—we bought a new sofa!

Here’s the DWR Parcel sofa at home in our living room. Photos really don’t do this sofa justice. The fabric is a soft, light brown tweed, the cushions are all down-filled, and the base is a solid, low platform (no legs!). It’s the most comfortable sofa I’ve sat in, and it’s built like a tank. Really, I couldn’t be happier.

The Parcel has been discontinued less than a year after it was introduced (legless sofas with multiple cushions are not what’s in style right now, and that’s fine with me). The result of the discontinuation is that we got a $3,000 sofa (in perfect condition) for less (!) than the cost of the IKEA Stockholm we had been considering from the DWR Annex in Secaucus. Plus, for a reasonable price, they were able to have the sofa delivered to us the same day! Instant gratification for a sofa that really is far beyond what we thought we could afford in terms of quality (don’t get me wrong, I love IKEA, but there really is no comparison here when it comes to construction and materials).

Now it’s time to start looking for a coffee table! And curtains. And the right fabric for the Danish chairs. And a rug. And COLOR.

  1. AdamOct 22, 20072:06 pm

    That is a great sofa! What a wonderful find, it looks beautiful in your living room. I can’t believe you got it for such a good price!


  2. risaOct 22, 20072:45 pm

    i love this couch and have been considering it for our living room. right now we are debating between this and a couple of options from room & board.i am wondering if you looked at any room and board couches and what you thought of them in comparison to the dwr couch.


  3. Anna at D16Oct 22, 20073:06 pm

    Hi Risa, we did consider several sofas from Room and Board (Andre, Wells, Jasper…), but none of them were quite right for us. I know a number of people with R&B sofas who love them. If you like the look of the Parcel and the deciding factor is comfort and quality, the Parcel wins hands-down. No question about it. The style isn’t for everyone, but this is a beautifully constructed sofa. The price DWR is offering it for right now is a total steal. (FYI, there’s another one at the Annex right now, in a beautiful light gray that’s not on the DWR site.)

    My dog loves it, too, which I consider to be the true mark of comfort. Plus, my husband has already fallen asleep on it twice…in two nights. :)


  4. JaimieOct 22, 20074:54 pm

    Looks like something you can really stretch out on. Great choice! The fabric really suits the room too.


  5. iloveupstateOct 22, 20077:15 pm

    WOW! Serious score!!


  6. jennifer in sfOct 22, 20078:31 pm

    What an awesome end to your SofaQuest! The fabric looks great, and the whole thing looks super-comfy.


  7. lsaspaceyOct 22, 200711:21 pm

    Congrats! Great sofa, great deal.


  8. katieOct 23, 200711:20 am

    Wow!!!! What a steal of a deal!!!


  9. risaOct 23, 20073:38 pm

    thank you!
    our issue is that we are in a temporary space for 9-12 months and then hope to buy. we need a couch and figure rather than spending a few hundred on a temporary solution, we would spend more and get something simple that would work wherever we go next. i like the simple boxy shape because it would work in so many different types of rooms.


  10. verhextJan 6, 200910:02 pm

    whwhgahhhhatttt. i cant believe this is the sofa he chewed. what a drag.


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