In the dressing room.

The dressing room as always been a little bit neglected. It feels empty, it needs life. I have a bit of buyer’s remorse over the glass doors on the wardrobes, but I think doing something dramatic and happy on the opposite wall will help. Wallpaper, perhaps?

  1. lottieFeb 12, 20086:02 pm

    oh but you have such lovely light in there. it does look good already.


  2. AimeeFeb 12, 20086:24 pm

    it’s pretty! our walk in closet could use an overhaul…

    i love the idea of wallpaper to spruce up the wall. :)


  3. TaraFeb 12, 20089:22 pm

    Dear Ms. doorsixteen,

    I feel compelled to drop you a line and tell you how much I adore the little snippets you share with the world via your blog. It’s like sitting down to a little pause in my life where I can just decompress, if only for a moment.

    I have three daughters that demand most of me, but I reserve bits and pieces and happily, one of those bits is filled with pictures of your beautiful sense of style and design. Our tastes our very much aligned. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone even when it sometimes feels like it when meeting yet another Mama who grooves to the beat of ruffled floral shams and toilet lid rug thingies.

    With gracious thanks for a job well done,
    Tara N.
    Up here in snowy Canada


  4. LaurelFeb 12, 200811:16 pm

    Wallpaper or a wall decal would be good, especially in some warm colors I think. Or a grassy green, that could be fun. I daydream about having a dressing room sometimes…


  5. JoFeb 13, 20084:08 am

    Love your blog, so fresh & airy, much like your spaces. I bought some lovely, minimalist decals from that did wonders in our bath; they’re soaring birds in shades of gray. They also have minimalist branches & what-not…no glue, they just cling like magic & can be reused, repositioned.


  6. lesleyFeb 13, 20089:10 am

    if you’re missing that lived-in look I could move in for a while and throw clothes all over the floor.

    but seriously: wallpaper might be fun. or a happy-colored wall.


  7. modernemamaFeb 13, 20089:30 am

    I was going to say either decals on the glass doors
    or etch them


  8. Anna at D16Feb 13, 200810:00 am

    Tara, I can assure you that I will never be posting photos of ruffled floral shams or toilet lid cozies! ;)

    Wow, so much decal-love! I’m not a decal person, personally. I prefer the permanence of wallpaper, or even just painting patterns directly on the wall.

    This weekend I need to check and see if I have enough left over of the Orla Kiely wallpaper I used in the vestibule to do one wall in the dressing room.


  9. JaimieFeb 13, 200810:52 am

    I can picture some of the Ferm Living wallpaper in here (didn’t you order some samples from them?) Some of the dramatic leaf or branch patterns could be really striking in here.


  10. patriciaFeb 13, 200811:41 am

    your sense of design, decor and style is impeccable…i am always blown away by it…orla kiely wallpaper sounds like it just may be the thing, but then again i find it peaceful and complete as is…


  11. erinFeb 13, 20081:26 pm

    I was just wondering if you tried switching the wardrobes to the other side of the wall? It looks like there is more width there and then the might integrate more fully into the room


  12. Anna at D16Feb 13, 20082:22 pm

    Oh, I know it looks that way in the photo, Erin, but moving the wardrobes to the other side of the room would block the entryway. It’s a difficult room. I am plagued by doors and windows — even this tiny 5×10 room has THREE doorways and a window!


  13. Janelle GraceFeb 13, 20084:49 pm

    Lovely space but it does feel a little bare. Wallpaper might help. (Or like the other comment, throw some clothes around.)


  14. erinFeb 13, 20087:01 pm

    yikes 3 door! I was wondering if you had seen this wall art stuff at all I think it is kind of a cool options – I originally saw it on Alex the Girl’s Hygge House site :)


  15. kellyFeb 13, 20089:17 pm

    i’m way anti-decal, so i vote for something bold from ferm living or nama rococo. they both offer such beautiful papers.


  16. Anna at D16Feb 14, 200811:39 am

    Oh, how I wish I could afford an entire wall of Nama Rococo wallpaper, Kelly. Really. Sigh. I ordered a bunch of samples from Ferm a while back (good memory, Jaimie!), but none of them turned out to be what I’d hoped for when I initially saw them online.

    But yeah, I don’t do the decal thing. Not for me.

    I have a bunch of the Orla Kiely wallpaper from my vestibule left over, maybe it’s enough for that wall. I’m just procrastinating having to do the necessary math to find out!


  17. moniqueFeb 14, 20081:55 pm

    what about finding beautiful fabric that you like and using that as wallpaper? i find that fabric can often be a less expensive option with no shortage of patterns to choose from.


  18. joanna goddardFeb 14, 20082:02 pm

    these are all great ideas….also, i love the curtain fabric and how it lets in lovely light, but if you put a bolder fabric there, it might add a bit of pop? xo


  19. elizabethFeb 14, 20083:42 pm

    A nice rice paper with swirly fibers (Art supply store) glued onto those somewhat cold looking glass to keep it light, but to soften the whole effect. That’s what I would do. Low cost, pretty, nice.


  20. jennifer in sfFeb 14, 20086:40 pm

    maybe you should use the other orla keily wallpaper in there? the stem pattern.
    or perhaps i only think that because i’m considering putting it in my closet/dressing room.


  21. lizFeb 17, 20088:20 am

    I remember an apartment in Domino where they had, I think, the same wardrobes as yours and they turned the glass around in them so that the matte side was showing, rather than the shiny side. If you’re unhappy with the doors, maybe that would help? I don’t know how much of a pain it would be to turn them around though.


  22. DonnaFeb 17, 20082:02 pm

    I have the same closet doors from IKEA and I just put really funky gift wraping paper behind the glass…it looks great…gives it a different edge…and it can be changed with my moods…which is often…I hope this inspires….


  23. LotteFeb 17, 20085:01 pm

    Super nice lamp…Got 2 of them in my livingroom…:D


  24. cassandraFeb 21, 20082:32 pm

    i LOVE that you used the diamond fabric (from ikea right?) in the dressing room. i’ve been dying to have an excuse to buy it but no were girly enough to put it…

    love your blog!


  25. HMJan 14, 200911:57 am

    Isn’t that a Pax (from Ikea)? If it is, you can switch the doors to something else when you get tired of them.


  26. LisaFeb 9, 20105:47 pm

    Wow – is that Grandma’s little radio on the table??? I have another one of the radios she used to listen to . . . while she whistled and tapped her fingers. XO


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