Scavenged marble coasters.

Even though our coffee table cost $15 and really needs to be refinished (yes, still), I’m a coaster kind of person. I’m just not into having puddles of water collecting under our glasses. I’ve never understood the appeal of hard, non-absorbant coasters, though, and have always preferred the simple cork ones from IKEA.

Unfortunately, Fritz also likes cork coasters. As in, likes to shred them into tiny pieces, leaving us wondering if he ate any and if he needs to go to the hospital. Seriously, if you turn your back for 10 seconds, he’s eating a coaster.

Well, we found the PERFECT coasters last weekend at our favorite store in Beacon, Iron Fish. They’re marble (which nicely matches our fireplace), and they’re LINED WITH CORK! All the durability of a hard coaster, with all of the absorbancy of cork. Wheee! Plus, they stack nicely.

Sorry, Fritz. You’re going to have to go back to chewing on the chairs instead.

  1. lisaAug 29, 20082:25 pm

    nice. coasters.
    haven’t posted a comment here in a while but i visit almost daily. I love your home and your ideas…
    I had to comment here cuz i have similar coasters and when not in use i stack them upside down. its my mini marble temple of sorts or a quasi guggenheim.

    I love your kid picture and your long bangs –
    very kim gordon, or is that the deal sisters… ?

    one more thing. how is your back yard doing?
    would love to see it again.
    Happy Weekend to you.


  2. PriscillaAug 29, 20082:40 pm

    I’m sure Fritz didn’t mean it. He was just tasting the chair.
    One of my labs likes to shred throw pillows.
    Today we are dealing with our weimaraner who got sprayed by a skunk at 5 this morning.
    I’m trying to remember how much we love our dogs.


  3. April in CTAug 29, 20082:47 pm

    That’s such a cute guilty face!


  4. superblondgirlAug 29, 20082:47 pm

    Oh, lord, his big eyes are so freaking cute – what an adorable little dog!!


  5. kay*Aug 29, 20083:51 pm

    oh you always have the BEST finds that always happen to fit in perfectly with your decor – so lucky! and little Fritz is such a cutie!


  6. momoAug 29, 20085:51 pm

    Oh wow, Fritz has captured the best hang-dog caught-being-naughty look! Exact same face and stance as my cat Sage when busted tapdancing on the kitchen bench.


  7. meganAug 29, 20086:26 pm

    aww, fritz! he’s so cute!


  8. heatherAug 29, 20087:46 pm

    I love those – they remind me of the countertop I’ve been coveting lately! Nice find!


  9. AdamAug 29, 20088:43 pm

    Those are beautiful coasters, and I love the look on Fritz’ face! Chloe often has that guilty just caught look on her face.


  10. debbieAug 29, 200811:36 pm

    not to be too pesky but whenever your puppy starts chewing furniture you should grab an appropriate chew toy and say “chew toy” and shove it in his mouth…it really works….

    love the site…


  11. Anna at D16Aug 30, 20087:50 am

    Thanks, Debbie, but that was sarcasm. I don’t actually encourage Fritz to chew on the furniture. As with most puppies, though, there are bound to be a few incidents before they learn what’s OK to chew on and what’s not.

    And just for the record, I didn’t take this photo while Fritz was chewing on the chair (that particular arm was chewed over a month ago). Any look of “guilt” on Fritz’s face is purely coincidental. He was innocently sitting on the chair, and I took a photo of him to help illustrate the post.

    Now that I’ve sucked all of the fun out of this post, I’ll stop talking.


  12. berryAug 30, 200811:19 am

    This self proclaimed design goddess loves reading your blog! Will be checking backing often!


  13. momoAug 31, 20085:25 pm

    :) Evidently none of us are dog whisperers! Heheee. Fritz is a handsome and versatile model.


  14. ashleySep 1, 20089:18 pm

    what a perfect find! we too have a new puppy (, dexter, and he eats EVERYTHING, from the obscene amount of chew toys we festoon him with to the living room rug, multiple decorative pillows and even a once lovely bamboo tissue box. it’s a good thing they’re so cute!!


  15. ambikaSep 2, 200810:00 am

    Those coasters are an amazing find. We use a mix of fabric and hard coasters, the latter of which I regret buying for a variety of reasons. These are the perfect compromise.


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