I’m still alive, I’m just really busy. The kind of busy where your stomach hurts because you don’t know how you’re going to get everything done on time. During my commute (at least when I’m not reading manuscripts), I’m thinking about details for our downstairs bathroom renovation. Some inspiration photos are above! Our plumber came by on Friday to put together an estimate for the work—hopefully it won’t be too bad, since the job is far more straightforward than what we did upstairs.

We got all of the beadboard up in the pantry over the weekend, and Evan primed everything. This weekend I’ll caulk and paint, and hopefully we’ll have time to install the shelving. Everything takes longer than you think it’s going to, that’s a rule! I haven’t even had a chance to take photos, because by the time we take a break, it’s already too dark. Sigh.

While I’m trying to get myself caught up, go have a look at the progress my friend Adam has made in his house. WOW!! He is going to have some amazing before-and-after photos when he’s all finished. I’m so proud of him!

  1. CaitlinOct 1, 200810:04 pm

    Wow, those are beautiful bathrooms! I can’t wait to see yours! :)

    Glad you’re making some nice progress!


  2. Love the inspiration photos!! I can’t wait to see the work in action. BTW, thanks so much for posting the info link about your new camera. I was in the market for a new point and shoot and was totally blown away by the feedback. You saved my lots of research hours!!


  3. AliciaOct 2, 200812:44 am

    Awesome! I love the second row, left sink the best. And I love the floor tiling you put in your upstairs bathroom, so anything like that is great. I can’t wait to see more photos, you have been one of my biggest sources of inspiration for gearing me up to buy a (fixer upper) house someday.


  4. nicoleOct 2, 20088:15 am

    i’m just crazy about both of those first aid kits on the wall in that first photo.


  5. erin@designcrisisOct 2, 200810:10 am

    Live your inspiration photos! Someday when you’re feeling a bit more relaxed I wish you’d post some bathroom lighting inspiration :) Is it just me, or are all the (relatively) affordable choices too ornate or too blah?


  6. read me...Oct 2, 200810:39 am

    love this fine selection of bathroom inspiration… especially the top two.


  7. AdamOct 2, 200811:14 am

    These photos are wonderful! I can totally already see how awesome this bathroom will be! I know exactly what you mean about feeling so busy you don’t know how you will catch up- when I finish working on stuff at night it is often too dark for me to take pics as well! I’m hoping for another all out assault on my bedroom this weekend, with finishing everything up (hopefully) over my 3 day Columbus day weekend! Thank you so much for your support- it helps keep me going!


  8. erikaOct 2, 200810:55 pm

    Is it wrong that part of me doesn’t want you to finish the house so this blog doesn’t end?

    If so, so be it :) Love your house, style and ideas.


  9. Anna at D16Oct 3, 20085:18 am

    Erika, I don’t think there’s any danger of that happening within the next decade, so I think you’re probably fine — by then, it’ll be time to start all over, anyway!


  10. cassandraOct 8, 20088:05 pm

    ok, mirror as the side of the bathtub! genius way to open the space up. of course… i’d also have to clean it 50 times a day, i’m sure, but it’s SO COOL. great inspirations!


  11. jill calderDec 7, 200810:22 am

    I am just about to start on an epic renovation of our old fisherman’s house in Scotland and somehow I came across your blog whilst looking for Orla Kiely wallpaper (love the choice of it in your vestibule). This is an inspirational blog, as your taste is impeccable, with lots of white, bursts of colour and pattern and realistic for everyday living including with dogs!
    I too have a tiny, awkwardly shaped ensuite to tackle and your bathroom anmd inspiration pics ahve got my creative juices flowing again!


  12. entryway storage ideasMar 4, 20096:08 am

    Wow, I love the photos of the bathroom! especially the medicine kit!


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