Rupert the deer.

This has nothing to do with anything, but in order to celebrate finally getting caught up with my blogroll (I was a full week behind!), I’m going to just sit and look at Rupert the orphaned baby deer for a little while. Awww. He looks like Fritz!



Read Rupert’s story and see more photos here.

* * *

Update: Sad news about sweet Rupert. :(

(via Dlisted)

  1. zeeOct 2, 200810:58 am

    Eeeeeeeek, too too cute. And this comment underneath made me laugh

    “must be the most adorable widdle baby critter I ever saw!! How precious! Look at those precious little hoofies! A heartwarmeing story!! Oh I just want to rush to England & kiss those sweet litte earsies!!”


  2. AdamOct 2, 200811:16 am

    I just want to hold him close and pet his soft looking head! How adorable!


  3. Cupcakes and CashmereOct 2, 200811:50 am

    this is too cute. i would want him in my bed, but i fear i would crush him in my sleep!


  4. Mary KateOct 2, 200811:52 am

    whoa…that’s the smallest little dear I’ve ever seen.


  5. LexiOct 2, 200812:34 pm

    :) I saw this on cute overload yesterday and I felt like my heart exploded. He is just too precious!


  6. KatjaOct 2, 20081:40 pm

    So cute! Now I want a mini deer! :)


  7. erin@designcrisisOct 2, 20082:06 pm

    That is the cutest thing in the universe.


  8. sakletarnOct 2, 20082:20 pm

    ohhh my, what a cute little baby deer.


  9. JenniferOct 2, 20082:51 pm

    Wow. I was just looking at this a couple of hours ago. I can’t believe he just died. It must be one of those days, because I feel like crying.


  10. AdamOct 2, 20082:52 pm

    I just read the sad news on Dlisted :(. That sucks.


  11. Anna at D16Oct 2, 20083:15 pm

    I’m so sad. I was really pulling for Rupert. Poor guy. :(


  12. AdamOct 2, 20083:33 pm

    Me too. I really thought he would be ok. :(


  13. joanna goddardOct 2, 20083:38 pm

    ooooooh so sweet. how sad that he didn’t survive. but it’s lovely that everyone tried so hard and he was loved! :)


  14. CaitlinOct 2, 20083:43 pm

    Oh my goodness! He is the cutest thing ever! I am so sad he died. :(


  15. belindaOct 2, 20087:14 pm

    i am so sad about rupert. i used to go to st tiggywinkles all the time, it’s a great facility.


  16. CourtneyOct 2, 20087:48 pm

    Oh, that is so sad. What a precious little guy.


  17. EmilyOct 2, 20088:47 pm

    Oh, poor Rupert. What a beautiful little guy.


  18. annieOct 2, 200811:37 pm

    just read about rupert. poor wee bundling. it is too too sad.


  19. BibaOct 3, 20083:16 am

    Ohhh too cute for words, how awfully sad…


  20. julie @ coveiterOct 3, 20083:48 pm

    beautiful pictures, but sad indeed :(


  21. Shirley/USAOct 16, 20088:00 pm

    I was so happy to see this little angel Rupert via email only to learn of his passing moments later. At least he’s with his Mum now but we were blessed to have him even if for a short time…much love to both of them and for the caretakers who tried to keep him in this world.


  22. Heather StricklandOct 20, 200811:42 am

    I too just saw Rupert via an email sent the other day. I am saddened to hear of his death when I googled the name. His legacy lives via the internet! Heartfelt thanks to all those who try daily to make a difference in an animals life. You are all angels. It is so sad to lose one like this. Love to Rupert


  23. HannahDec 21, 20089:52 am

    aw so cute


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