Orla Kiely for Target!

Um, this is going to be ALL OVER every blog in about 20 minutes (and I apologize if you’ve already heard), but I’m so excited right now I think I’m going to choke, so I’ll just get this out of my system now: ORLA KIELY IS COMING TO TARGET! Stuff will be in stores (and will promptly sell out) at the beginning of February. Wheee!

(via AT:NY)

UPDATE: See more photos of the collection at sfgirlbybay!

UPDATE #2: The full collection will hit stores on February 15th. Thanks, Holly!

  1. JaimeJan 12, 20091:34 pm

    Did you know when this will be released in 2009?


  2. CatherineJan 12, 20091:35 pm

    Oh my! I’ll be sending some begging emails to my US family this evening…


  3. donnarinoJan 12, 20091:38 pm

    I think a crossborder shopping trip is my future too!


  4. Anna at D16Jan 12, 20091:44 pm

    Jaime: According to AT, they’re coming in early February. Start camping out now!


  5. TheRoyalMeJan 12, 20091:46 pm


    I work in fashion and my design director LOVES Orla. If you heard a LOUD BOOM and are near midtown manhattan that was the sound of her head exploding! (of course i sent her your link!)


  6. A Thrifty MrsJan 12, 20091:47 pm

    Oh wow, how I wish we had Target in the UK. I have a couple of her suitcases and a bag and I constantly have comments about them. To say I’m jealous is an understatment.


  7. aliceJan 12, 20091:48 pm

    Ooooh! Lucky USA.


  8. Anna at D16Jan 12, 20091:51 pm

    A Thrifty Mrs: But in the UK you have entire Orla Kiely SHOPS! And you can buy her furniture at Heal’s! We are limited to selected items at a handful of retailers. We are Orla-deprived!


  9. MonicaJan 12, 20091:51 pm

    Ditto to the above.


  10. SaraJan 12, 20091:53 pm

    I cannot wait!!


  11. ShashiJan 12, 20091:57 pm

    I’m all over those magazine holders. Yay!


  12. lauren alaneJan 12, 20091:57 pm

    The best news EVER!!!!


  13. HeatherJan 12, 20091:58 pm

    i literally sat here for a full minute, paralyzed by my excitement. OMGOMGOMGOMG. gorgeous. GORGEOUS!


  14. TigerJan 12, 20092:01 pm

    Lovely things!


  15. Kate F.Jan 12, 20092:02 pm

    I’m glad to hear it, if only because Target was already ripping off her classic cars pattern for $1 makeup bags a year or two ago! I was so shocked when I saw them that I e-mailed photos to her PR agency.


  16. sarahJan 12, 20092:02 pm

    OHMY! i’m off to send an email to my mom telling her i need her to get me just about one of everything & bring it to me when she visits me in holland in april. haha


  17. christineJan 12, 20092:13 pm

    it’s too bad there’s nothing with the signature stem + leaf pattern, bu that may be a good thing though, since i am a little hesitant and fear that orla will soon become associated with target shoppers here in the states.


  18. MaryJan 12, 20092:14 pm


    Already envisioning those canisters in my kitchen. Along with…..everything else.


  19. danaJan 12, 20092:18 pm

    i actually just gasped when i opened your post and read the headline. so exciting!!!


  20. Anna at D16Jan 12, 20092:21 pm

    christine: I wouldn’t worry about that. These Target collections tend to be VERY limited (to the point that many of the items are virtually impossible to find in the stores) and very short-lived.

    Tord Boontje did a Target collection a couple of years ago, and I think it’s safe to say people generally don’t associate the two with each other now. ;)

    I love that Target does this, actually — it’s a great way to introduce international designers to the US audience. (Beyond Boontje, think of Paul & Joe, Proenza Schouler, Behnaz Sarafpour, etc.)


  21. jennskiJan 12, 20092:21 pm



  22. RonaJan 12, 20092:33 pm

    This is amazing news. Bring it to the masses because her normal prices are out of my range.


  23. KarreyJan 12, 20092:36 pm

    I think I may have just peed my pants a little. But only a little!


  24. michelleJan 12, 20092:38 pm

    AHH, how cool! I love love love


  25. jaimeJan 12, 20092:42 pm

    i’m so excited…oh, look, my wallet just opened and all my money is flying out!


  26. BeccaJan 12, 20092:51 pm

    How exciting! Yay!!!


  27. meganJan 12, 20093:18 pm

    so exciting!


  28. coralJan 12, 20093:26 pm

    brain just exploded.


  29. VanessaJan 12, 20093:36 pm

    Ooooh, cannot wait!


  30. BenitaJan 12, 20093:46 pm

    Major envy… sigh… can’t get anything over here…


  31. lindsayJan 12, 20093:56 pm

    Very exciting! I’ll be checking their website for the official release date.

    Although, I was purchasing something from the Dwell Baby line they carry, as a gift for a friend…I checked the site for the release date…went to the store to grab it, and was informed it had been put on the shelves the day before. Nearly all the merchandise was gone. So stalking the employees is probably a must.


  32. CourtneyJan 12, 20094:07 pm

    This is thrilling news indeed!!


  33. mommyJan 12, 20094:22 pm

    Very interesting. Which Target store do you think would be best? When they were selling the Dwell textiles the supply was very limited in our local store. Let me know when it’s time to rush to the store. I could look for something for you (unless you plan to not go to work that day). I can see my lunch delivered to my desk on a tray like that…


  34. Denise SmithJan 12, 20094:31 pm

    Thanks for the news!!!! Gotta go tell all my peeps now!!!!


  35. Denise SmithJan 12, 20094:35 pm

    Kate F
    Target gives Orla Kiely credit for the car print travel journal. It is not a rip-off at all. Think of it as a teaser!


  36. Anna at D16Jan 12, 20094:45 pm

    Denise Smith: Kate F is not referring to the travel journal, which is indeed an authentic product (and, I believe, only available online). She is talking about a series of makeup bags that Target had in stores last spring — they were unquestionably rip-offs of Orla Kiely’s work, and were clearly NOT licensed merchandise.

    Here are the bags in question:

    Kind of galling, no?


  37. ashleyJan 12, 20094:54 pm

    wish they were doing more than just homegoods, but yay http://askdzign.blogspot.com/2008/12/orla-kiely-for-target.html


  38. InbarJan 12, 20095:20 pm


    I didn’t know, I’m in Australia but about to fly to the States in a couple of weeks… it’s the best news I’ve had all week!!!!!!

    THANK YOU!!!


  39. AdamJan 12, 20095:54 pm

    OH GOD I’m going to BURST!!!


  40. kellytJan 12, 20095:59 pm

    I think I just wet my pants


  41. Denise SmithJan 12, 20097:50 pm

    Anna and Kate F,
    OMG I never saw those makeup bags before. YIKES. OK, you are right. That totally sux. In my mind, when I read the post above, I was like, WHO would put their art in a retailer that previously stole from them? I thought the fact that Orla Kiely entering into a partnership with them proof enough that the journal was legit. But seeing the makeup bags now calls all I know into question. HELP!! I hear the squishing of integrity under the crushing weight of profit.


  42. mixetteJan 12, 20098:19 pm

    NO WAY! This totally made my day. I made a “pilgrimage” to her London store last year and have been pining for more every since…


  43. KatieJan 12, 20099:03 pm

    If it weren’t 14 degrees and all snowy, I might get in line right now. Thanks!!


  44. jennifer in sfJan 12, 20099:53 pm

    Have I died? Is this heaven?


  45. Barb F (Australia)Jan 12, 200910:55 pm

    DAMN being in Australia!


  46. KatjaJan 12, 200911:11 pm

    Wow! Wish we had Target too.


  47. emilyJan 13, 20091:15 am

    Why oh why don’t we have target in Canada?!!?!!


  48. zeeJan 13, 20096:01 am

    Gorgeous stuff. When I interviewed her last year, she intimated that she would be unveiling a big interiors-related project in the US this year, so this must be it! The dishes and drinking glasses are adorable.


  49. The Sexy PedestrianJan 13, 20096:22 am

    God, that dress is DIVINE!


  50. cassieJan 13, 200910:53 am

    a little over a year ago my husband got such terrible customer service at our local Target that we vowed never to support them again. i may just have to break the vow just this once for orla. those melamine dishes are just what we need for our new deck!
    thanks for posting this anna!


  51. sarahJan 13, 200911:05 am

    OMG. SQUEAL! Affordable Orla! This is fabulous.


  52. JeanetteJan 13, 20091:20 pm

    OOOMMMMGGGGGG!!!!! I was going to start saving money, but forget it – this is once in a lifetime!


  53. Daffodil CampbellJan 13, 20091:58 pm

    Oh, Target. And IKEA. It’s so sad, to live so far away….
    I think I am going to have to send my mother over to Target for my birthday…..God I miss the mainland.


  54. erin@designcrisisJan 13, 20094:10 pm

    Cute dress!


  55. yvetteJan 13, 20098:53 pm

    i almost went to target today.. i’m glad I read sfgirlbybay, though. i would have acted like a fool at target if i hadn’t!


  56. BethJan 14, 200911:59 am

    I found myself at Nordstrom Rack last night after work. (Sometimes my car just drives me places of its choosing.) Anyway, at the Sacramento NR, the first area you walk into is handbags, and lo and behold, a bunch of “Orla Kiely Scribble Stem Classic Shoulder Bags” were
    on sale for $45. I’ve seen them on line for over $100.
    I just thought you devotees would like to know!

    And Anna, although I’ve been a long-time lurker (we did our Ikea kitchens at about the same time), this is what finally got me to post. Thanks for all you do! :)


  57. lindsayJan 14, 20091:53 pm

    Have you seen the new PS collection for Ikea? I just saw a teaser over at EmmasDesignBlogg. I thought you might have some details on the US debut. You mingle Ikea products so nicely in your own home…I really like some of the new pieces.


  58. SwestieJan 14, 20092:37 pm

    I don’t know if anything on a blog has ever made me happier! thanks for sharing!


  59. Anna at D16Jan 14, 20092:57 pm

    lindsay: Hah! I was JUST in the midst of making a post about the PS collection when you left this comment. I’m definitely excited! :) :)


  60. JenniferJan 14, 20099:51 pm

    This is thrilling. I might sleep outside the store. The glasses and dishes will be great for my toddlers also! Thanks.


  61. HannahJan 31, 200910:39 pm

    I just bought the laundry bag and 6 shelf hanging organizer.. i LOVE them!! they look very sturdily built and, thankfully, seem as if they will last a very long time! now all i have to do is go back to target to get everything else.


  62. DebbieDownerFeb 2, 20096:40 pm

    This crap looks like it will be obnoxious to live with within about a month. When will you people learn that you don’t need this stuff, it will not make you happy, and it will just end up in a landfill within the next year.


  63. Anna at D16Feb 2, 200911:27 pm

    DebbieDowner, have you actually seen these products in person? Or are you just basing your assumption on the fact that it’s Target selling them?

    I ask because I bought several of the items this past weekend (and admired others in the store), and they all seem to be quite well made, at least as well as any comparable product on the market. I don’t buy badly-made things for my home (or, as you put it, “crap”). I look for quality of design and quality of construction first and foremost. I fully subscribe to William Morris’s belief you should have no item in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.

    You may not be a fan of Orla Kiely’s designs, but that’s an issue of taste and is purely subjective. To suggest that those who are fans of her work (myself included) are more likely to (a) only like her products for a month, and (b) will be disposing of said products within a year is absolutely ludicrous. Kiely’s pear and flower prints are classics within her own body of work, and reference a style of design that has remained popular over the course of the past 50 years. Again, whether or not you personally like this style is really not important. Taste is not universal, fortunately.

    The list of true human needs is very, very short. That does not mean, however, that things we acquire that give us enjoyment beyond the basic necessities of life are worthless. That goes for the pillow you rest your head on at night, the cup of coffee you drank this morning, and the computer you used to compose your comment.


  64. genevieveFeb 5, 20093:27 pm

    the orange flower dinner collection is now on target.com

    ps – anna, i love your response to DD above.


  65. Renovation TherapyFeb 7, 200910:18 pm

    Finally saw a bunch of it at Target. I didn’t buy any, it was so poorly manufactured and felt so, crappy – that I just walked away. Disappointed.


  66. Anna at D16Feb 9, 20091:19 pm

    Huh? Really? Weird. I bought a bunch of items on Saturday, and it all looks/feels very well-made. The only thing I thought looked bad was the tiered server, which was crooked.


  67. LaDonnaFeb 14, 20093:38 pm

    a friend just bought some of the tumblers and mugs for me at a Houston area Target


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