New IKEA PS collection!

The new IKEA PS collection is completely amazing. I think I want everything! (The blanket!!! The long bench!! THE LAMP!!!) I really like the direction IKEA has been moving in lately overall, but this is the most excited I’ve been about the PS collection since the vases Hella Jongerius did for them in 2005 (I own all but one of them). So exciting!!

Hop over to emmas designblogg to see more from the collection and to get the details on some of the pieces. (Available in Sweden next month, and elsewhere in April.)

(via emmas designblogg!)

  1. HeatherJan 14, 20093:20 pm

    yessssss! i am completely lusting after the chair & the white, round table she posted, along with the clock-shelf unit. OMG i want. my girlfriend & i already have a trip to the Paramus store planned for April!


  2. PeterJan 14, 20093:40 pm

    Wow, thanks for the info. Great new line from Ikea.


  3. jesseJan 14, 20093:45 pm

    I love Ikea. My husband is glad there isn’t one tooo close to us.


  4. katieJan 14, 20093:52 pm

    The stool/side table is ADORABLE!!!!!!


  5. Cherisse@newburghrestoration.blogspot.comJan 14, 20093:57 pm

    I like the cabinet. Looks like a card catalog!


  6. read me...Jan 14, 20093:59 pm

    I love the mushroom low table/stool and the little chair… they will be mine come April, despite not having a single place for either piece in my home!!


  7. CarolineJan 14, 20094:07 pm

    Love it. The lamp Oh the lamp is great.
    But still no IKEA nearby. Unless taking a plane…..


  8. joslynJan 14, 20094:16 pm

    oooh i love this too. i’m totally swooning over the daybed!


  9. casafroggyJan 14, 20095:01 pm

    Ah, the more I try to resist the magnetic draw of IKEA the further I am sucked in! These pieces are fabulous. I’m literally thinking of renovations I can make to my home so I have somewhere to put the bench.


  10. MonicaJan 14, 20096:12 pm

    Loving the pepper mill, the lamp and blanket. And the chair.


  11. Bearer of bad newsJan 14, 20097:00 pm

    Unfortunately, PS will only be available at the NY area stores and even then I don’t think it will be out until August…


  12. stephanieJan 14, 20097:05 pm

    ahhhh i know… i want all of these things in my house somewhere even though they won’t fit!!


  13. karlyJan 14, 20097:56 pm

    That lamp is a done deal. 2 for my room, please.


  14. RosieJan 14, 20099:05 pm

    Oh, that lamp! The long table! Here’s hoping it comes to Australia!


  15. erinJan 14, 20099:05 pm

    ooh! thanks for the info! ilike that card-catalog thingy. i would be perfect for my jewelerys ‘n stuff. and i want that pepper mill and mushroom stool thingy too!


  16. Courtney at Blogging MatildaJan 15, 200912:30 am

    Hey there! Love your blog :)
    The library card catalog type drawers are awesome. I think they are on the list of every crafter who sees them. Just think of all the goodies you could cram in there :)


  17. JulesJan 15, 200912:30 am

    Oh my. The bench, the pepper mill, the blanket…is it true they won’t be available until summer in California? Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary and I told my husband the only place I want to go is IKEA–but now I see I will have to temper my shopping and wait for summer.


  18. jennifer in sfJan 15, 200912:36 am

    Oh lordy. Between the Orla stuff at Target and this I’m going to go broke over the next couple months!


  19. aliceJan 15, 20094:04 am

    Wow, love that blanket.


  20. lesleyJan 15, 20097:44 am

    love the peppermill! it looks like… a spine.


  21. ikeagirl!Jan 15, 20098:29 am

    i work at ikea, and much to my (and all my coworkers’) dismay, we have been told that the release of the ikea ps collection for 2009 has been suspended indefinitely for the u.s. they told us that the market is bad in the u.s., so they do not feel confident bringing this line out here.

    personally, i think they are all wrong, because it’s going to attract new customers to the store, and for those of us that follow ikea, new design-y stuff only further increases the desire to go to ikea!

    sorry to break your hearts! i was seriously considering getting a friend from overseas to buy some of the stuff and mail it to me…..


  22. Anna at D16Jan 15, 20099:29 am

    ikeagirl, that’s really upsetting! The PS collection seems like it would be a huge draw. In the NY area stores, that’s the stuff that’s always sold out!

    I feel really down now. :( Thank you for clueing us all in, though.


  23. KatjaJan 15, 20099:49 am

    wow, these are so lovely! I need to have that bench!


  24. HMJan 15, 200910:36 am

    I was planning a trip to Ikea next week, but I guess I’ll have to go the week after as well. (Yes, I can get this stuff on feb 1, yay!)


  25. BeccaJan 15, 200910:42 am

    Hi! I’m a new reader of your blog and I love it! I posted about the Ikea stuff on my blog because it ROCKS!!


  26. MariaJan 15, 200911:42 am

    I haven’t been to IKEA in forever. This post is motivating me to take a trip for new throw pillows!


  27. heatherJan 15, 200911:45 am

    So sad that we won’t be able to buy the PS stuff here. That little stool would be perfect for under the sink in my bathroom. And I love that blanket.


  28. KristyJan 15, 200911:20 pm

    Delurking to say, I love your blog. That grandfather style clock is to die for.


  29. mommyJan 16, 200911:46 am

    Pleeease let me know when that blanket becomes available.


  30. Anna at D16Jan 16, 200912:22 pm

    Mommy, you’re going to have to ask Kirsten to send it to you (and *COUGH* maybe one for me, too!), because it looks like the new PS line will not be available in this country. :(


  31. good newsJan 16, 20093:41 pm

    it will ! not everywhere but it will be also available in the US
    be sure !!!


  32. CarolineJan 16, 20094:08 pm

    I like that lamp!
    I love how it looks as though you could squash that pepper mill flat like an accordion.


  33. JuliJan 16, 20096:43 pm

    Is it just me or has IKEA been super boring lately. But wow! This new line is very exciting! I can’t believe Front is designing for IKEA. I wish this line was available now (that blanket would come in handy during these cold months) and I hope that it will come to Toronto. Thanks for sharing!


  34. woodley park-zooJan 16, 20099:26 pm

    I can’t wait to see the light version of the Sticka blanket, it sounds RIGHT up my alley. Definitely an intriguing preview here!


  35. woodley park-zooJan 16, 20099:28 pm

    Acks, just saw the comments above about no US release… maybe I can manage to go to IKEA in Europe this summer when I go…


  36. mommyJan 16, 20099:29 pm

    Yes, I’ll ask Kirsten to send blankets from Sweden, presumably next month. I want the white one. What color do you want?


  37. Heather MooreJan 18, 20092:18 am

    Very cool stuff from Ikea. And I’m so thrilled you’ve bought one of my new I wish we had Ikea tea towels, even though you have Ikea!


  38. alisJan 23, 20096:08 am

    I would buy every piece, if only the collection came to Ikea Turkey. I guess I better not get my hopes up:(


  39. ChristianJan 28, 200910:12 am

    The collection seems very cool indeed. Apparently it has a fanpage on Facebook, in Danish though.


  40. SabineFeb 15, 200910:28 am

    Oh My…I love your Blog & I also LOVE Morrissey, The Smiths, IKEA…I definitely want to do my best getting that white lamp! It’s perfect!
    I hope there will be chances to get it here in Germansville! ;)



  41. courtneyJun 30, 20094:14 pm

    It’s July (almost) and where is it? I’m not finding this stuff online yet.

    I also want everything.

    I found your blog recently (i think a google search for “wallpapered risers”) and keep reading back and back….while I should be getting settled into our new old house. I love it!


  42. barbaraOct 10, 20096:40 pm

    The real bummer is that they have the beautiful IKEA PS AUGUST bench on display in the Brooklyn store — have had it on display for many months and tell us that it is on its way to the store and to just keep trying.. then – today – i learned from IKEA Customer Service that the IKEA PS AUGUST bench has been discontinued… It really leaves a bad taste in my mouth about IKEA sales practices…


  43. suzanneJan 11, 201011:54 pm

    Which Hella vase are you missing? I’m missing the terracotta/white spots one :(

    I’m in Ikea all the damn time, and australia has an incredible time delay on the stuff we get, so we’ve currently got the pink, white and black ones in store. Let me know if I can hook you up.


  44. Anna at D16Jan 12, 20101:14 pm

    suzanne — this post is from a year ago. I’ve got them all now. :)

    Thank you, though!


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