Medicine cabinet.

On Friday night I finished the medicine cabinet I’ve been working on and hung it in the bathroom.

I initially considered making my own since I couldn’t find just the right thing, but IKEA has these nice little solid wood FÖRHÖJA cabinets for $20—much easier and cheaper than building my own from scratch, and the size is perfect.

I sanded all of the surfaces lightly and painted the whole thing white—one coat of primer, two coats of paint to match the trim/paneling in the bathroom. When it was absolutely completely dry, I measured out a cross on the front (I used Pia Wallén’s Crux as a guide for pleasing proportions!).

The trick to getting a crisp, perfect line is to first put on a coat of the base color over the tape and let it dry. It will seal the edges of the tape and keep the top color from bleeding under. It’s very easy, you just have to be patient and let everything dry completely between coats. I had to use three coats of gray paint (which is just white with a few drops of the black paint I used on the ceiling stirred in) to get full coverage.

  1. kristinMar 16, 200910:03 am

    that’s lovely! am glad you shared that trick about base paint over the tape- have never heard of that but will be using that method from now on.


  2. eileenMar 16, 200910:16 am

    thanks for the painting tip – once i tried to paint stripes on a plaster wall and got so frustrated i gave up!


  3. ClaireMar 16, 200910:33 am

    Nice! I want to see what’s inside =)


  4. TashaMar 16, 200910:35 am

    Thanks for the tip — I’m sure it will come in handy!


  5. AmandaMar 16, 200911:02 am

    Great tip!


  6. AdamMar 16, 200911:09 am

    That’s beautiful! Great job!


  7. read me...Mar 16, 200911:16 am

    Love it… how perfect!


  8. revaMar 16, 200911:26 am

    looks great! i love pencil in the second photo, do you happen know the brand?


  9. Anna at D16Mar 16, 200911:32 am

    Reva: It’s a Faber-Castell pencil, completely black all the way through, even the wood. I’m not sure if they still make them.


  10. LaDonnaMar 16, 200912:15 pm

    I love first aid crosses. The proportions are just right. I plan on making a quilt top out of them.


  11. kelly wMar 16, 200912:18 pm

    while I am NOT the sort of person who peeks inside other people’s medicine cabinets, I imagine how delightfully ordered and and arranged yours is, and I hope you are planning to show the contents. :->


  12. Queen of DIYMar 16, 200912:36 pm

    It turned out fabulous! Thanks for the painting tip too, that’s actually a really good tip to paint it with the base coat first. It makes sense because it would seal off any gaps in the tape, preventing the other color from getting underneath.

    I’ll definitely keep that in mind for my future painting projects. Thanks!


  13. DiPMar 16, 200912:43 pm

    This masking tip can become as addictive as heroin!!!
    Use with CAUTION people!!!

    I went paint line CRAZY when I learned it and to this day it has never completely gotten out of my system… 8^P


  14. Jane FlanaganMar 16, 20091:00 pm

    Great job! I might completely copy this!


  15. KathleenMar 16, 20091:22 pm

    This is the same technique I used to paint black and white stripes in my hallway (on a textured surface, no less) and it turned out fabulously.


  16. Denise SmithMar 16, 20091:45 pm

    Great tip, didn’t know it. Nice cabinet, too. Sometimes you just can’t bet Ikea!


  17. BrandiMar 16, 20092:08 pm

    Looks great. Can’t wait to see a pic of the entire room. Did you end up painting the inside white as well?


  18. FionnualaMar 16, 20092:18 pm

    This is just PERFECT.


  19. AHJMar 16, 20092:36 pm

    Very nice! It’s an affordable alternative to this:


  20. lauMar 16, 20092:54 pm

    my medical design love is twitching! i love it!!


  21. Anna at D16Mar 16, 20093:03 pm

    Claire & kelly w: There’s nothing in it at the moment, but I promise to take a photo of the inside when it’s stocked up, just so you can see our fabulously displayed Neosporin, toothpaste, and wrinkle creams. ;)

    DiP: I hope you’re in treatment for that!!! Next thing you know you’ll be painting layered tartans, just because you can…

    Brandi: I painted the inside of the door and the front edge (since it’s visible with the door shut), but I left the interior of the shelves unpainted.

    AHJ: Oh, don’t think buying that Cappellini cabinet hasn’t crossed (hah!) my mind!!!! This is a very sane alternative though, yes. ;)

    lau: My Lau-love is twitching! xox


  22. JesseMar 16, 20093:35 pm

    From your pictures I know that your entire house is beautiful. However, if I were ever to be invited to a party at your home I might just disappear into the bathroom and stay there. The black ceiling, gorgeous floor tiles, amazing mirror and now this?

    If I could fit that mirror in my bag you’d be in real trouble.


  23. kim de montrealMar 16, 20094:00 pm

    Just perfect. This bathroom is going to be so beautiful. But I’m starting to think you’re a bathroom tease, how much left to do????


  24. Jane @ Beach HouseMar 16, 20094:09 pm

    That’s fantastic. Did you think of sending it to ikea hacker?


  25. ShashiMar 16, 20094:24 pm



  26. ThessaMar 16, 20095:27 pm


    I didn’t know that cabinet but I’ll buy one for my kitchen. I’ll leave the black board and use it to keep tea bags or peppers and such. Great find!


  27. hollandvMar 16, 20096:40 pm

    Brilliant paint tip … so obvious, but I never would have thought of it -!

    Love your cabinet, the use of a grey cross. Makes going to the cabinet for ointment or balm of some kind well worth the boo-boo.


  28. LoriMar 16, 200910:14 pm

    Girl, you are somethin’ else! You come up with the coolest ideas and can actually get them out of your head and into real life. Impressive.


  29. mayaMar 16, 200910:44 pm



  30. frannieMar 16, 200910:45 pm

    how scary that people want to see in your medicine cabinet!!! eeeeee!

    you did a bang-up job, lady! where do you find the time to be creative. it’s madness.


  31. maddyMar 17, 20096:19 am

    LOVE it!


  32. HeatherMar 17, 20099:34 am

    It’s beautiful (of course)! And I love the low placement on the wall.


  33. ChristineMar 17, 200911:30 am

    It looks great, I love it!


  34. AprilMar 17, 20093:45 pm

    I LOVE this! I have all my supplies in a plastic storage box with a red medic sticker on it, but this is MUCH cuter. I may have to copy this.


  35. FranziskaMar 17, 20094:07 pm

    really nice idea!


  36. 17, 20095:11 pm

    very very cool! love the grey cross.


  37. desiree@lookiloosMar 17, 20096:36 pm

    Really love it. I think I might borrow/steal that idea! Thanks for the inspiration.


  38. KatrinaMar 17, 20099:13 pm

    Great Idea! And it looks so simple, like the kinda thing I could pull off.

    I love it!!


  39. luuvelyladdyMar 18, 20098:20 am

    this is very cute…and yes..a very simple and expensive alternative…


  40. ACMar 19, 200911:53 am

    just show us pictures of the whole bathroom, already!


  41. .girl ferment.Mar 21, 20097:12 pm

    turned out so well


  42. moggit girlsMar 23, 20098:56 pm

    We can’t wait to see the reveal!

    Joy and Janet


  43. RobertSep 6, 200912:46 pm

    Help! I love this cabinet, but I can’t find it on the Ikea website. Do you know if they still sell it?


  44. LauraDec 19, 201212:44 am

    really love this! minimalist, smart, perfect.


  45. ShannonJan 19, 20154:12 pm

    Hello! I am (clearly) ultra late to the medicine cabinet party. It’s such a fun touch in your super classy bathroom!

    Question regarding the cabinet – did it come with the door or did you add it? I can’t seem to find the door version any longer at IKEA and I’m wanting to do a floating nightstand project that involves a door on the Forhoja. Any tips are appreciated, especially if you DIYd the door!


    Anna @ D16 /

    Hi Shannon, it came with the door. Sadly, the FÖRHÖJA line at IKEA is nothing like it used to be…

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