Friday! Stuff I Tweeted.

Mehmet Ali Uysal
Urban installation by Mehmet Ali Uysal // Chaudfontaine Park, Belgium

In case you missed them, here are my favorite tweets from this past week. Enjoy!

+ This installation piece in an urban Belgian park by Turkish-born artist Mehmet Ali Uysal is completely fabulous. (via Büro North)

+ Mari at One Ink Pin on what it’s like to have never been kissed at 22.

+ There’s a big Robert Rauschenberg exhibit at Gagosian Gallery through January 15th. (via HI + LOW)

+ My mustard-colored scarf from Scarf Shop arrived, and wow, is it beautiful. I want to wear it every day. Thanks, Martha!

+ I’m crazy about the jewelry in the Fortune shop by Kim Dulaney. (via Design For Mankind)

+ We just signed a 19-month (don’t ask) lease renewal for the apartment. NO rent increase! Yay!

+ Some of the 40 pages of photo collages, paintings, drawings, and writing David Hockney contributed to French Vogue in 1985.

+ Mamma Biscuit had her photo taken with Santa Claus!

+ Did Modernica rip off Büro Tree with their “Superstar” trees? Büro vs. Modernica. Hmmm. (And no, it wasn’t a collaboration.)

+ Evan gave me these incredibly beautiful earrings from Round Designs for Hanukkah. I’m a lucky girl!

+ Keri Smith shares Secrets of the Self Employed (or How to be an Amazing [insert profession here]), and her advice is perfect (even for those of us who aren’t self-employed).

+ Did you notice that the “featured blogs” for December are up? Check ’em out…over in the sidebar!

  1. dew iDec 3, 20105:43 pm

    The Installation piece is fabulous!
    Thanks so much for sharing it and pointing out this artist.

    This piece sort of reminds me of architect Maya Lin’s Storm King waves.
    All beautiful!


  2. TheresaDec 3, 20106:34 pm

    Thanks for the link to Never Been Kissed (and via your comment on that post, the link to Morissey’s interview). It sparked a good conversation with a friend. Always the best.


  3. AmandaDec 3, 20107:10 pm

    Anna! THOSE EARRINGS!!! Way to go Evan!! When you posted them a few weeks back I drooooooooled over them. Can you show a photo of you wearing them?? I would love to see what they look like on! I think they may be my gift to myself… for… just being awesome I guess! :)

    Please and thank you!

    ps: ok. AND the scarf too! mustard is my dream color! xx oo!


    Anna @ D16 /

    They really are the perfect earrings! I’ve never had a pair of earrings that cost more than $10, so I feel VERY fancy wearing them. I think they’ll probably be on my ears every day, so I think a picture can probably be arranged. :)

  4. Sarah BishopDec 3, 20109:26 pm

    Love the sculpture! Have a great weekend!


  5. kay*Dec 3, 201011:08 pm

    i LOVE that scarf! actually, on another blog, i entered a giveaway to win one a few days ago – fingers crossed….and the mustard is the colour i really want too! it’s so gorgeous. i’m trying to resist buying one since chances are i’ll be able to get tons in India…but the urge is SO strong.

    have a lovely weekend!


  6. sunnyDec 3, 201011:49 pm

    wow…the scarves in the scarf shop are gorgeous!!!


  7. JoeyDec 4, 20103:54 pm

    The clip of the ground is great. Nice collection of neat photos!


  8. JoeyDec 4, 20103:55 pm

    I mean “clip on the ground” :)


  9. Dina LopezDec 5, 201012:32 am

    I truly, truly love your apartment. Its simple and chic, yet has all these little surprises that make it so unique. Thanks for sharing your links- this place also has amazing jewelry…
    especially the spark ring.
    Have a good weekend!


  10. MandyDec 6, 20102:14 pm

    Love these …. and the giant peg !!!


  11. SherryDec 8, 201010:28 am

    Did you get the GIANT scarf? I’m thinking that’s what I need this winter…


    Anna @ D16 /

    Yes, I’m pretty sure mine is GIANT!

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