Weekend scavenging scores.

Last night we made an impromptu trip to the DWR Annex (we brought Dan from Manhattan Nest along for good luck, because he’s so charming…GET IT?!) (← Evan has just informed me that this is not a funny joke, even after I explained it to him. Whatever.), and, as usual, I scored a few items that were on my wish list at tiny fractions of their usual prices.

cotton stripe bathrobe

First up is Daniel Östman’s striped cotton bathrobe from Design House Stockholm. It’s reversible, so you can be more black or more stripes depending on your mood. There’s also a hood, which in my experience makes nearly every garment more snuggly.

I’ve never owned a bathrobe as an adult. Lately I’ve been thinking I want one, though, because I hate putting my pajamas back on after I’ve taken shower and coated myself with moisturizer. Problem solved.

Kubus candlestick

I’ve wanted a Kubus candlestick (designed by Danish architect Mogens Lassen in 1962, blah blah blah) forever. This sucker was only 25 clams, so how could I leave it behind? It’s in perfect condition, too—only the box is damaged. They also had the big ones for a few dollars more. I’m sort of tempted to go back and get another one.

Muuto dots 2

THE DOTS!! I’ve had my eye on Tveit & Tornøe’s humongous wooden Dots for a while now, and even though I don’t know exactly where I want to use them (In the dressing room, perhaps? Or maybe the kitchen…), I couldn’t pass them up. I got them in screaming yellow, and once again, only the box is damaged.

Annex receipt
I don’t care if it’s gauche to share receipts or talk about prices. I saved $386.75!

TIP: Never accept the marked price on anything that’s been discounted at an outlet store. There’s almost always flexibility. Ask for an additional reduction, especially if the item is damaged or if it’s been sitting around for a while. They want to clear out inventory!

  1. Lori E.Jan 23, 20112:00 pm

    Great job! Deals like that make my heartbeat faster! :) And I LOVE it when people share the price they paid. That is all part of the fun and thrill of the hunt. Enjoy your new goodies- especially the bath robe!


  2. ElizabethJan 23, 20112:15 pm

    Those yellow dots are outrageous! They remind me of this yellow circle on your comments form…


    Anna @ D16 /

    Me too! I’m a big fan of yellow dots. :)

  3. yyzJan 23, 20112:20 pm

    Hi Anna,

    I’ve been silently following your blog for years now! I think it’s great that you share this information with your readers because it is honest. It’s really great to continuously see that exceptional style can be achieved without emptying out your wallet. I’ve always admired how well you seem to know your own style and taste. You truly OWN it, and it is apparent in everything from how you’ve made your home your home to the design of your blog. Great finds at the DWRAnnex and I look forward to hopefully not-so-silently following your blog in the future.



  4. MelindaJan 23, 20112:25 pm

    Love the candlestick and the yellow dots. I am so jealous. Designer homewares are so expensive in Australia (30% or more on top of US prices, even though our $ is almost at parity) and definitely no clearance outlets for them.


  5. kay*Jan 23, 20113:03 pm

    i LOVE that you shared the price! Many many other blogs don’t and I always wonder when they say “it was such a good deal!” – how good was it exactly?!?!?! I always share the price of stuff on my blog and ask the question “Am I tacky for sharing the price?” – and I find readers really appreciate.

    So thank YOU. It’s nice to see that you DON’T have to necessarily spend big bucks (at least not all the time) for great design.


  6. MonicaJan 23, 20113:35 pm

    The Kubus is fabulous. What great finds!


  7. LizzieJan 23, 20115:27 pm

    Amazing finds, that bathrobe and the candlesticks are rad finds!!


  8. CarolJan 23, 20115:55 pm

    Love all your purchases and super love that you shared the price! It puts things in perspective- we can all afford fabulous design if we are patient and go about it in the right way…


  9. LizJan 23, 20116:39 pm

    Love the dots; I’ve had my eye on them for some time but had only seen them in the oak and a dark (black?) finish. Love the yellow and it will be great to see how you use them.


  10. MelissaJan 23, 20116:47 pm

    I liked the joke! and great finds, love the Kubus candlestick.


  11. the brick houseJan 23, 20117:08 pm

    I’m turning into a robe person as I get older and that one is spectacular. Nothing like an outlet to make you feel thrifty! Great scores.

    Thanks for the Homie nod, Anna. Excellent taste as always ; )


  12. melani raeJan 24, 20112:30 am

    Love the dots. My BF took me to Oslo the weekend after I handed in my dissertation. I had to buy myself 1 giant dot (in blue) as a souvenir. They are so cool (and expensive!) Great score!


  13. Fat CatJan 24, 20113:37 am

    Wow ! So lucky ! I wish we had anything like the DWR Annex in Belgium.

    The Dots are amazing. I’m thinking about getting them as well. Of course, around here I’ll have to cough up the full retail price, but since my hallway overhaul is finally nearing the end, I might indulge :-) I just have to make up my mind between the black ones or the natural wood ones…

    I hear you on the whole putting back pjs once you’re all nice and clean thing :-) I’ve been oogling the Marimekko Nimikko bathrobe (with black & white stripes), ever since it went on sale at the Finnish Design Shop (http://www.finnishdesignshop.com/bathroom-bathrobes-nimikko-bathrobe-blackwhite-p-3278.html). I can’t decide if I really really need one…

    PS. What did Dan get ?

    PPS. Sorry I didn’t get the joke…


  14. AnneJan 24, 20114:14 am

    I think I just fell in love with the Kubus candlestick and I don’t even burn candles on a regular basis.


  15. MarthaJan 24, 20118:22 am

    I love the robe! I received a DHS scarf and hat for Christmas with the same stripe design and I can only imagine how great the same fabric would be in rove form. Great finds, indeed.


    Martha /

    *robe, oops

  16. CariStereoJan 24, 20114:15 pm

    Amazing deals! I’m so envious that you are near both a DWR Annex AND a Conran.


  17. Jordana @ White CabanaJan 24, 201110:54 pm

    Holy crap – you saved $359!? That’s CRAZY!


  18. ReidunnJan 25, 20119:26 am

    Amazingly good deal!
    Just the dots cost $120 here in Norway.

    (I’ve sent you an e-mail, with an empty subject line. Hopefully you will still get it.)


    Anna @ D16 /

    I got it, Reidunn! I’ll reply later today. :)

  19. heatherJan 25, 201110:29 am

    Jealous of the dots! Although, I’m not sure where I would put them if I had them – that wouldn’t stop me buying them at a bargain though!
    Can’t wait to see where you use them.


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