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Photo courtesy of Plumen

Did this week go by fast or WHAT? I can’t believe it’s already Friday. I have the day off, and I’m looking forward my three-day weekend. I’m secretly thrilled that there’s lots of rain the forecast for the next few days, because even though I should be outside working the garden, I actually just want to spend my time deep-cleaning the house and going gangbusters on some freelance projects that I’m really excited about.

Oh, also! I’ve dutifully answered all of your questions to the best of my ability. I apologize for my shortcomings in some of my replies, and I promise I will get working on a post about the whole non-driver thing ASAP (I had no idea there are so many of us in the same boat!).

Meanwhile, here’s some stuff I tweeted this past week…

+ Remember those amazing, sculptural CFL bulbs from Plumen I mentioned a while back? Well they’re finally available for the US market. Yay! (Thanks to Poppytalk for the tip.)

+ The USDA’s new “food plate” is disappointing. I agree with this assessment, especially about the protein/dairy.

+ According to the folks at Mjolk, Pia Wallén Crux blanket (my most coveted item ever) is no longer being produced in wool. Thankfully, the new cotton version lives on. Phew!

+ I really need to redesign my portfolio website, but until that happens, I’ve updated the existing site with some recent work.

+ Speaking of recent work, this post that Jen from Honey Kennedy wrote is pretty much the most amazing feedback a designer can hope for. Sniffle!

+ I finally bought a pair of Urbanears Medis headphones, and I love them. They’re the only in-ear headphones that don’t fall out of my (giant? shallow? dunno) earholes.

+ Really, is there any greater tragedy than a tattoo with bad kerning?

+ If you’re a grammar and spelling nerd like me, you’ll enjoy this NPR story about the new food guidelines section of the AP Stylebook. (Prepare to start spelling “french fries” with a lower-case f!)

+ I still really like the “For Like Ever” poster—ye olde standby of 2006. Maybe I’ll buy one. Not tired of seeing it after 5 years, so…

+ Did you see this house Lena Corwin posted about? $210k in Schoharie County NY: The Smithy.

+ These wood & glass Limpid Jars from Merchant No.4 are serious porn for storage jar lovers.

+ Shilo Byrd will teach you how to make super cute summer braids with a bow around your head.

+ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PRINCE!!! Do yourself a favor and celebrate his 53 years of awesomeness by making your way through djbrainchild’s playlist.

+ This video of 9-year-old Robert Jeffrey lip-synching to Madonna’s “Vogue” in front of a green screen in the summer of 1991 is sort of the best thing ever. Enjoy!

Video uploaded by Robert Jeffrey // 1991

  1. Whitney // eat sleep cuddle.Jun 10, 201110:38 am

    yay for long weekends! hope you enjoy yours :)


  2. ShiloJun 10, 20111:13 pm

    They have the Plumen bulbs at the MoMA store! I bought some yesterday, super coolness.

    P.S. aw shucks, thanks for the mention. xo


  3. RachelJun 10, 20111:13 pm

    Thank you for posting a link to the PCRM article, it’s comforting to know someone with a medical degree feels the same way I do. Protein? Really?


  4. TracyJun 10, 20111:34 pm

    Thanks for the FLE mention! Have been reading your site since I found it last summer while Googling to figure out how to paint my floor white. Your house is beautiful and your tutorial was so helpful! My floor is gloriously no longer a scratched-up, sad, dull grey mess!


  5. MelindaJun 10, 20112:02 pm

    The Plumen bulbs are also selling on the newly launched Set of four for $99!


  6. LenaJun 10, 20112:04 pm

    Wow, that boy was fierce! Thank you for showing us! I am not necessarily a big Madonna fan but I now kind of really love that song.


    Anna @ D16 /

    I’m not really a fan of her music either, Lena, but I love what she inspires in people!

  7. jennifer in sfJun 10, 20112:14 pm

    Gah. I spent a bunch of time drooling over those Limpid jars. So expensive though! I may have to console myself by picking up a Plumen or too.


  8. janJun 10, 20116:40 pm

    that vogue video is hilarious! and love those light bulbs don’t you? i wonder if those coloured cords (w/bulb holder) for lack of a better word – would be hard to find on this side. i just love them. now off to look at that house!


    Anna @ D16 /

    I think IKEA has multi-colored plastic cords, don’t they?

  9. TameraJun 10, 201111:10 pm

    I actually said ‘oh no!’ out loud when I read the bit about your blanket- you need that blanket!!! It’s too long of an obsession!!!

    & I need those jars. So good.


  10. JillJun 11, 20113:40 am

    I second Tamera’s comment about the blanket. Can we start a ‘buy-Anna-that-damn-blanket-she-loves’ fund and just get this over with? ;)


    Anna @ D16 /

    Hahaha. Noooooo! I promise to shut up about it unless I actually get one! :D

    Jill /

    Please don’t shut up about it: it really is awesome, haha. Just giving you a hard time! I guess the question now is: would you prefer the original wool version, or the cotton? And is there a PayPal address we can start sending funds to or do we need to organize it as a grassroots effort?! ;)

    Anna @ D16 /

    I can’t tell if you’re serious, but if you are, PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS. Really. I would be absolutely mortified—the last thing I want is to gain anything monetarily or materially from this blog. It would make me extremely uncomfortable.

  11. Annie markantonatouJun 11, 20112:34 pm

    loved this post!


  12. SherisaD (Lélephant Rose)Jun 12, 20118:10 am

    Haha! I’m just reading this now. DJ Brainchild is my boy! :) Awesome. Happy weekend.


  13. lisaJun 12, 20117:14 pm

    grinning ear to ear with the vogue video…
    i could start my day the peewee way or the 9 yr old robert jeffrey way :-)
    it’s pretty happy!

    and the smithy house is so awesome. love the upstate location, love their decor!
    i just wish it wasn’t so close to the road… and that big picture window… i might need to change that whole facade.

    always loving your blog anna!

    oh yea! bad kerning??? you crack me up! funny cuz its true.


  14. RenaeJun 13, 20118:28 am

    Anna, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that kid! I was like 21 in 1991, a HUGE Madonna fan, and would have been doing ballet/dancing for about 18 years by then…but I swear that kid would have given me some serious competition on the dancefloor! Thanks for sharing.


  15. ToniJun 13, 20119:05 am

    Wow, I didn’t see all the comments about not driving until you mentioned them here, but I’m another person in the club. I did just finish a 4-month-long driving class for adults though and it’s gotten me to a place where I’m comfortable at least practicing with family. I have no desire to drive in crazy traffic or at high speeds but I would like to be able to run to the grocery store on my own..

    I am also in love with the dancing video. It just rejuvenated my entire morning.


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