Wax paper. Boiled football leather. Dog breath.

So…I’m pretty tired. Exhausted, actually. I’m doing WAY too many things at once, and while there is an end to this madness in sight, I’ve been feeling more than slightly crazed lately.

I was just in the kitchen refilling my iced coffee glass at 12:32AM (Mommy, if you’re reading this, I swear I really am alright—and don’t pretend like you don’t get the late-night work crazies just like I do!) when a single thought ran across my brain:

Oh my god, this is all JUST LIKE that episode of “Ren & Stimpy” where Ren goes insane and eats soap.

Now, I realize that even just thinking that is kind of nuts, but I immediately had to go and watch the clip to see if, in fact, I am becoming a deformed cartoon Chihuahua with SPACE MADNESS.

And yes. Yes I am.

  1. lauAug 18, 201112:52 am

    love that episode of ren + stimpy! hell, i just love ren + stimpy in general. and girl, i feel you. i feel like my eyes are about to explode out of my head. here’s to us both getting to the end of our crazy-making projects, and soon. <3


  2. jennifer_in_sfAug 18, 201112:55 am

    “where Ren goes insane and eats soap.”

    I knew exactly what scene you meant! That show was so amazingly funny. Although iced coffee at 12:30 does sound a little like space madness. You better watch out for soap eating!



    Anna @ D16 /

    I’ve tried several times to use that hitchhiking line in conversation, but no one EVER gets the reference and then they just think I’m nuts.

  3. victoriaAug 18, 20111:03 am

    oh dear. i feel i have contributed to this madness!


    Anna @ D16 /

    This is ALL my doing, believe me!!

  4. nicoleAug 18, 20118:49 am

    oh, dear. now i’m going to go on a ren + stimpy dvd watching bender. in all seriousness, though, i’m sorry that it’s one of those overwhelming times. it can leave one feeling like they’re being held together by a thread. if i was closer i would kidnap you for an evening of fun and distraction … but perhaps that time away would only put you farther behind. sigh! hopefully you’ve got your own reward at the end of the chaos … my first guess is sleep. x.


    Anna @ D16 /


    At least for a little while. Until I start getting itchy to work more! I can’t win.


    Anna @ D16 /

    OMG, I just remembered you gave me a stuffed Ren as a present when we were in high school. I wonder if I still have him somewhere!!

  5. DusaAug 18, 20119:08 am

    “We’ve made this trip DOZENS of times.”

    The CatMan and I used to spend Friday nights, eating Chinese food and watching Ren and Stimpy, followed by MST3000.

    What was the first item in our Netflix queue? Ren and Stimpy Season 1 and 2. We still quote random quips, and can still sing the Muddy Mudskipper and Log songs.


    Anna @ D16 /

    And “Happy Happy Joy Joy”, too, right?

    I still really want a Muddy the Mudskipper cereal bowl caddy.

  6. bonnie tsangAug 18, 20119:11 am

    Did my email traumatize you? I sure have had nights like that! It was so tough, but eventually I stopped having coffee. :/


    Anna @ D16 /

    Ha ha ha, yes, your email did traumatize me!! :D

  7. RoseAug 18, 20119:13 am

    I love you for posting this so it could be the first thing I watch today.


  8. The BelvedereAug 18, 20119:13 am

    Oh my gosh, iced coffee in the middle of the night! That’s real dedication to your craft!
    Rather than Ren and Stimpy, we have ‘Larry David moments’ in our house!


    Anna @ D16 /

    My entire life is a “Larry David moment”!!

  9. Holyoke HomeAug 18, 20119:24 am

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said ‘oh my beloved ice cream bar! How I long to lick your creamy center!’ Only to look up and see people looking at me with serious concern.


  10. MaxwellAug 18, 20119:28 am

    Ren and Stimpy always scared the hell out of me when I was little. Although I think I can appreciate it a lot more now. There will always be a special place in my heart for the “Log” song.


    Anna @ D16 /

    What’s great for a snack and fits on your back? It’s LOG, LOG, LOG!!!

    elle /

    it’s lo-og, it’s lo-og, it’s big, it’s heavy, it’s wood! it’s lo-og, it’s lo-og, it’s better than bad, it’s good! …..gah, Ren & Stimpy rock.

  11. Jenna @ sweetfinedayAug 18, 20119:34 am

    ha, I remember that episode. We had a ren & Stimpy marathon in college and after about 4 hours, I couldn’t take anymore. 4 hours of ren & stimpy. Can’t say I have watched it since then!


  12. jodiAug 18, 20119:35 am

    ren & stimpy = yay

    hang in there lady!


  13. ilyanaAug 18, 201112:33 pm

    Ha! I still quote Ren & Stimpy to this day. Rubber nipple salesmen episode is probably my favorite…and the one where Stimpy gives Ren some of his butt fat, classic!


    Anna @ D16 /

    Is the rubber nipple salesmen one where Ren & Stimpy pretend be babies? I remember an episode with them in the bath with this adult (human) couple and the guy had rubber nipples on his knees.

    ilyana /

    No I don’t think it’s that one. They’re going door to door selling rubber nipples and the horse answers the door and asks if they have rubber walrus protectors, and the walrus goes, “Call the police!”. Ah, cracks me up every time. But there is a guy wearing rubber nipples on his knees somewhere in that episode.

  14. anneAug 18, 20113:18 pm

    My favorite episode of all time. “Ooooh my beloved ice cream bar!”


  15. frannieAug 18, 20113:54 pm

    hah! that one really is the best episode. i love how grotesque they all were! especially the neve-ending beaver episode. EURCH!
    i have an original “goddamn george liquor” vinyl doll still in his box. i doubt it’s worth much, but it’s a helluva conversation starter!

    insomnia girl- try and get some sleep!


  16. mommyAug 18, 20115:06 pm

    Thought I would take a peek here to see what Anna has been up to lately. You definitely need to take some time off from whatever it is that you’re doing.


    Anna @ D16 /

    What if I’m really busy learning how to knit so that I can make you the most beautiful blanket ever?

    Okay, I’m not, but WHAT IF.

  17. sarahAug 18, 20115:25 pm

    why can’t they bring ren & stimpy back instead of beavis and butthead. i mean seriously, brilliance.


  18. jsAug 18, 20116:58 pm

    Love original Ren & Stimpy. Hated it after they fired the creator.


  19. jsAug 18, 20117:01 pm

    What rolls down stairs, alone or in pairs?


  20. Jaime from Design MilkAug 18, 20119:15 pm

    So that’s like probably my favorite episode of Ren & Stimpy ever.


  21. SineadAug 19, 20111:51 pm

    Hey Anna,

    Totally off topic but sending you some garden heaven inspiration …


    Love your blog! Thanks for the tips a few months back on dado rails. Our hall is looking lovely.

    Greetings from Amsterdam (The Netherlands not NYC)



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