So…I’m totally addicted to those Sally Hansen Nail Effects strips I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. After wearing the fishnet-y “Misbehaving” style for about 12 days, the new growth at the base of my nails was bugging me, so I removed the strips (nail polish remover works just fine!). There was a little wear around the tips, but NO chips whatsoever. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten 12 days out of a manicure before—at least not one that didn’t involve wraps or gel.

This time around, I went with “Glitz Blitz”, which is GOLD and SHIMMERY and GLITTERY and SPARKLY all over and I love love love it. I’d heard that the glittery strips are harder to apply, but I actually found it a little easier since I was able to stretch them to fit perfectly without worrying about distorting a pattern.

I can’t stop looking at my fingers. Here I am relaxing on the sofa this weekend, vegan white Russian in hand (Kahlúa, vodka and soy creamer…YUM)—and see that? I have one gold toe, too. I had a large strip left over after doing my fingernails, and this just seemed like the right place for it.

p.s. If you want to learn how to make glitter texture in Photoshop, Katrina gets into it on Pugly Pixel!

  1. Holyoke HomeSep 7, 201110:19 pm

    yum. Hey! Thanks for the circle photoshop tutorial! I TOTALLY did it, which is – given my photoshop “skills” – maybe a small miracle. Here’s the final product: http://www.holyokehome.com/2011/09/thank-you-door-sixteen.html


  2. DanaSep 7, 201110:48 pm

    I put them on my toes the day you first blogged about them, and I too am in love. No chips! And still shiny! These things are the best. Thanks for the recommendation.


  3. brittanySep 7, 201110:50 pm

    as an advocate for all things tacky and 70s (including spandex, afros, Soul Train, gold everything) i need those nail strips immediately.


  4. JillSep 7, 201111:23 pm

    Oh my. These are hot. I must check my Duane Reade tomorrow to see if they have any! (Man, do I ever need a manicure. Weird thought – wonder if any nail salons apply these if they really do last so long?!)

    Thanks for the recommendation, Anna!


  5. Lori E.Sep 7, 201111:27 pm

    Ooh, love.


  6. querenciaSep 7, 201111:45 pm

    Love the gold toe the most for some reason. I am easily swayed. Going to go paint my nails now since I don’t have handy strips.Want them now though.


  7. kay*Sep 8, 20112:44 am

    oh my gosh this is SO perfect. i have gold glitter polish i love but haven’t applied it in a while since it’s a bit hard to get off…but i think i’ll whip it out this weekend! (and i do the same thing sometime painting just ONE nail gold…so awesome.

    p.s. i totally got circle happy on my blog ;)


  8. BrightSep 8, 20113:02 am

    This is seriously spectacular. Do you wash your hands a lot? I am a nanny and I find that the frequent hand washing destroys any paint jobs I do within a few days.


  9. SarahSep 8, 20113:55 am

    I want them!!! I want them now!


  10. Sally @ ourdreamlivesSep 8, 20116:01 am

    Woah, these are so awesome, they look amazing! I love glitter nails.


  11. SanneSep 8, 20116:08 am

    Love them! These have to come to Europe!


  12. jenniferSep 8, 20118:32 am

    these look so great! i wish i didn’t have such ugly thumbs, i’d wear that glitter for sure!


  13. LizSep 8, 20119:06 am

    Wow. I’m such a clutz when I paint my nails… this might be just the thing for me.

    (Totally off post I know but this pop up shop in London made me think of you: http://heals.msgfocus.com/q/12jMRIxbBr7tb/wv)


  14. SherrySep 8, 201110:06 am

    I love them and I love the gold toe! I have to ask what is the other color on your toes? It goes so perfectly.


    Anna @ D16 /


  15. SherrySep 8, 201111:48 am

    Ah! I don’t know why I thought it was a deep brown. Thanks for clearing that up.


    Anna @ D16 /

    Deep brown would be really nice with gold, too!!

  16. KimSep 8, 20114:30 pm

    Love! I haven’t bitten the Sally Hansen bullet yet, but I think you just convinced me. I’ll pay $9 for this. Thanks!


  17. brandeyeSep 8, 20117:04 pm

    i must purchase these. 12 days! that’s great.


  18. KellySep 9, 20112:06 pm

    Yours look great. I haven’t had the same level of success at all. I’m typing this with my sticker flowers from Sally Hansen chipped in several places, after less than a full week. (And I did prep according to the directions.) Also, do you find that you have to work pretty fast? By the time I got to my last thumb, it was losing its stick and didn’t go on right at at.

    But yours look so darn purty, I’m tempted to try it again!


    Kelly /

    “…at all.”

  19. VenusSep 9, 20112:16 pm

    The glitter is adorable. I’m glad I popped in… these past couple of weeks I’ve been trying to keep my nails decent looking but it seems my polish only lasts about 2 days chip free… I’m going to try these strips…


  20. MaggieSep 9, 20112:52 pm

    LOVE IT! I am a total glitter junkie. I am getting married next month and I am on glitter overdrive right now. Just bought this lovely gold glitter topcoat polish by Sephora by Opi or Opi by Sephora or whatever it is. It is a more random sprinkling of glitter chunks. Looks really great over a neutral/pinky base. I’ll have to try those Sally Hanson strips!


  21. EneiaSep 9, 20113:50 pm

    I see what you mean! I just “invested” 35 bucks on the trendy gel mani and although it has not chipped, the new growth is kind of bothering me. Well, not kind of, it is! lol. I’m going to snag the strips. Thanks for sharing. My pockets thank ya too :o)


  22. MonicaSep 9, 20117:51 pm

    Oh, how very pretty!!! I tried out what is available in Germany and it is definitely not the same. They were just stickers and really kind of gross. :( Did a french glitter manicure today and love it.


  23. ReginaSep 9, 20119:48 pm

    We are so on the same page! I was checking up on my favorite blogs and read your post on the Sally Hansen Nail Effects, with a fresh set that I had put on the evening before! I love mine too! You are right they last forever! I want try them ALL… I just put the second set on, I did the lace/net ones. I’m loving these nails! I am excited for them to come out with more designs!


  24. katrinaSep 9, 201110:39 pm

    i faved these pretty shots when i saw them on instagram the other day. i know what you mean about glitter — i’m down-right obsessed with all the razzle dazzle, too. fist bump! glitz blitz looks amazing on you, anna.

    thanks for mentioning the glitter texture tut. i’m happy you like it!


    Anna @ D16 /

    Thank you for writing the tutorial! You have so much patience! *fist bump*

  25. RebeccaNYCSep 10, 201112:33 am

    LOVE glitter nai lpolish! Unfortunately my husband hates it for some reason that he cannot articulate other than saying “ugh I hate that stuff”. So right now I am sporting grey, which he likes…but the glitter is coming out again! He can say ugh all he wants. I love it.


  26. AnnSep 10, 20115:20 am

    I love those glitter nails, and I LOVE your blog! Now to get some ingredients for making my own vegan white Russians…


  27. DianeSep 10, 20111:14 pm

    If you want to get really crazy, try making your vegan White Russian with coconut milk – it changes the flavor from the traditional drink, but it’s so, so good!


  28. AlyssaSep 11, 20111:20 am

    Those look FANTASTIC. Definitely picking these up for the next ladies’ night.


  29. ShelbySep 11, 20114:49 am

    When I was living in Paris, I had many French friends repeatedly tell me that a woman needs only two nail colors– a variation of ‘natural/french manicure/buff’ and a personal shade of red. I believed them for a long time. Then, I moved to Thailand and discovered glitter. My nails have been every shade of the glitter rainbow and I still can’t quite decide what my favorite is (gold? copper? silver? hmmmm…). I’ve never tried the nail strips and am now living in Eastern Europe. I think I MUST do a bit of online shopping and have them sent to me soon! Glad you’ve embraced the glitter and thanks for opening my eyes to the nail strips!


  30. TOLSCASep 13, 20114:00 pm

    It looks gorgeous!

    Im so jealous of girls that can do their own nails.


  31. Grumble GirlSep 15, 20114:36 pm

    Pretty, pretty feets and stuff… xox


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