I want to be the person who can dress like this and not look (and feel) like a total idiot.

Photos via Marimekko

Noora Niinikoski’s Tivoli knitware line for Marimekko’s Fall 2011 line was pretty spectacular. And also pretty wacky. When I look at the composed outfits, my first thought is that I want to wear all of it, including the red clogs, immediately. I’m pretty sure I’d literally look like a clown, but you only go around once, right? I tend to be extremely subdued in my dress (though contrary to popular belief, I don’t only wear black), mainly because I prefer to blend in to my environment rather than stand out. For some reason, the opposite extreme is also appealing to me!

I’m pretty sure the last time I ventured into the world of “funky” (OH, HOW I LOATHE THAT WORD) legware was a good 20 or so years ago (as evidenced here), but maybe it’s time to go down that road again. Am I old enough to have reached that point where I can look like an idiot but have it get written off as eccentricity? I hope so, because I’ve always wanted to wear a pom-pom scarf around my head like a turban. There is always the fear that I’d wind up looking like a giant infant, of course.

A few pieces from the Tivoli line are on sale right now at Kiitos Marimekko, and I am seriously tempted. Maybe just the knee socks…

  1. RemiJan 4, 201211:10 am

    Those are some pretty wacky outfits, but they are still super awesome. There is a lot of stuff I love from the runway show; purple & black chevron tights? Yes please! The polka-dot tights are pretty fantastic as well. I think the key is to mix just enough wackiness with classic shapes and lines. That way, you don’t end up looking like a clown but rather, someone bold and intriguing.


  2. lori eJan 4, 201211:17 am

    Yep, I think you are right. A few key pieces mixed with classics would keep you from looking like a Ringling Brothers clown recruit! Loving the hats & scarves…


  3. SamanthaJan 4, 201211:29 am

    Oh Marimekko, even when you’re off-the-charts wacky, I just can’t quit you. I love those chevron tights, and even the polka-dot toque!


  4. JulieJan 4, 201211:50 am

    I enjoyed more of the clothes in the video, than the pictures, because the wackiness was surrounded by more subdued. I’m wanting to be more daring in my clothes as well, and remember a time when I was very young, and felt confident in being a bit of a trendsetter. And then life happened, and I chickened out, or just didn’t care anymore. Sad. Now, at 56, I’m finding myself, surprisingly interested in fashion again, but not quite sure how to pull it off. I don’t want to look like I’m trying to be 30 (or 12!), and don’t want to look like the eccentric batty old lady either. But I’m so damn sick of boring. Now, that being said, on you, I can totally picture you with some pretty bold legware, or bold one thing, with a more subdued outfit. I could see you pulling that off confidently. I’ll bet, after the first few awkward days, you’d really feel like you. So, best of luck to all of us, trying to be our authentic selves, and discovering what that looks like.


  5. CortnieJan 4, 201212:13 pm

    “Am I old enough to have reached that point where I can look like an idiot but have it get written off as eccentricity?” – Love this. And I thought I was the only one wondering! I say, F it, wrap that pom pom scarf around your head and own it.



  6. brianneJan 4, 201212:52 pm

    One of the best parts about living in Helsinki for a summer was observing all the wacky fashion. The Finns manage to pull it off in such a wonderful, non-euro-trash kind of way. I would fully support you rocking any or all of these looks!


  7. JillJan 4, 20122:28 pm

    I, for one, cannot wait until I enter the age range where I qualify to wear the ‘wacky art teacher’ style clothing. I am going to stockpile Marimekko until then. Maybe I should learn how to sew Marimekko capes.


    Anna @ D16 /

    “Wacky art teacher” is exactly the look I aspire to! Someday, someday…

  8. Anna you could rock the heck out of this. Ditch the head gear and the gloves and maybe switch one or two patterns for a solid and you’d look great.

    Very 21st century Edie Beale.


  9. SimoneJan 4, 20125:50 pm

    Unless you have gorgeous legs I wouldn’t venture into the leggings. Everything else I think is Absolutely Fabulous (there’s a new series of this wonderful show on the BBC at the moment). Buy and wear. And show us pictures!


  10. AnnalieJan 4, 20126:03 pm

    Fantastic clothes! And this is kinda a non sequitor but- look what popped up on Boston’s craigslist. It looks beautiful:



  11. rhJan 4, 20126:13 pm

    Love them all! I would wear any of those outfits minus the head gear. That’s puts it over the top (no pun intended). Don’t really care what people think of me. They could kiss my…..


  12. MomoJan 4, 20126:51 pm

    Anna, I think you would totally pull it off! These are adorable pieces with amazing pattern-on-pattern action. If you wish to ease your way, the first outfit without the pom pom hat would be the way! And then that third outfit, maybe even with the hat …

    A few years ago, I decided to do away with all my ‘whacky’ gear, and things got a bit dreary. I’ve gotten adventurous again, but in a mature and sleeker way (I HOPE). I think if it’s bold and off-beat, but still makes you feel GREAT (working in with your figure), you will strive forward with confidence. Whacky and too voluminous with too many patterns and shapes competing sometimes = dowdy, which sometimes = not so good.


  13. EllaJan 4, 20126:59 pm

    These outfits are kinda great.


  14. erinJan 4, 20127:19 pm

    go crazy. with the leggings at least. tried and tempted.


  15. KayteeJan 4, 20127:41 pm

    Minnie Mouse+Stryper+Little Edie= Fabulous, apparently. I’d never have guessed.


  16. Robin DenningJan 4, 20127:45 pm

    There is lots of inspiration for this type of dressing over at Advanced Style .

    It does seem to work well on a woman of a certain attitude.


  17. robin DenningJan 4, 20127:47 pm

    oops, see what happens when I try to get fancy?
    I hope this link works ;)

    Advanced Style


  18. ErinJan 4, 20127:51 pm

    Your post reminds me of 2 ladies on the Advanced Style blog who have some seriously wacky awesome style: http://advancedstyle.blogspot.com/2011/08/irreverent-idiosyncratic-fashionistas.html


  19. Kristina (mommy?)Jan 4, 201210:33 pm

    What a fun fashion show! I love the freshness of Marimekko and they look good on anyone between ages 1 and 100! I’m craving something simple and bold right now.


  20. SandraJan 5, 201212:04 am

    Oh, just do it!! Not the really crazy stuff, but lots of wonderful stuff from the fashion show.


  21. LauraJan 5, 20126:08 am

    Good luck! Let us know how you get on with the head gear:D


  22. PollyJan 5, 201210:54 am

    I just love Marimekko. Both outfits on the left hand side are just so cute I’d wear either – very happily (though my bum might need to slim down a little for the bottom outfit to work on me)!


  23. Katie I KCAndCoBlogJan 5, 201212:35 pm

    Great blog! Long live Marimekko, the best fabric designers ever!


  24. RosaJan 5, 20121:50 pm

    Oh my God…
    In the spring of 1973 I wore red clogs and a shorter homeknitted sweater very much like the one on the top right photo. I was 17 and did not look like my friends..
    Oh well… I’ve always been years ahead of the current fashion LOOOOL

    Marimekko still rocks:-)


  25. carrie olshanJan 6, 201211:20 am

    chevron tights! oh yes please!!


  26. AmyJan 6, 20121:54 pm

    A few years ago I was working as an assistant in the textile collections at a museum and we got a huge donation of beautiful Marimekko clothing from the 70s/80s. The lady who owned them was so chic but also so wacky, and such an interesting person. Anyway, I say join her in her wackiness and go for some amazing colors and prints (and pom poms).


  27. KathyJan 11, 20127:02 pm

    I love when I see an elderly lady wearing something really fashion-forward but eccentric. After the age of 70, I’m pretty sure a woman can wear whatever she wants (as far as high fashion goes) and pull it off somehow, the same way small children can pull of bizarre clothing and look totally adorable. Those of us in the middle, somewhere between child and elder, are the ones having trouble letting go of our fashion inhibitions.


  28. angieJan 12, 201212:17 pm

    I just moved to NY after living in a tiny town in Denmark and you know, if they’re pulling off crazy style there, I’m going for it here! I’m so bored with the black all-over look. I say let’s not wait until we’re 70! Let’s do it now! who’s with me? look for me in stripes and chevron in brooklyn! *a


  29. Maria @ ScandifoodieJan 30, 201212:31 am

    I’m a HUGE Marimekko fan! I grew up with these fabrics and patterns and have a very nostalgic relationship to the brand :-)


    Anna @ D16 /

    Me too, Maria :)

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