I am the Manhattan Nest super-PAC.

OK, so it’s time to get political. You know the annual Homies Awards are going on over at Apartment Therapy, right? Yep, it’s true, the nomination round is over, and now the FINALS are nearly complete with less than a day of voting left.

UPDATE: Voting is now closed. Manhattan Nest took 2nd place. Yay, Daniel!

Here’s what you need to do:

✚ Go to the Homies 2012 Home Design Blog Finals page at Apartment Therapy.
✚ If you’re not already logged in, log in.
✚ Don’t have an account? That’s easily remedied.
✚ OK wait, go back to the Homies 2012 Home Design Blog Finals page.
✚ Here’s the easy, fun part: Vote for Manhattan Nest!!!

Just in case it’s not enough for me to just tell you what to do, here’s my campaign pitch:

All-original content. Daniel blogs about one thing: His own home. Yes, sometimes his cute boyfriend and his even cuter dog (sorry Max, dogs always win the cutestakes) come up, but it’s all in the context of him building a home for his little family. The photos you see on Manhattan Nest were taken by Daniel. The content was written by Daniel. Everything you see on his blog is him. And nobody is paying him or sponsoring him, either—he’s sharing this stuff because he enjoys it.

This kid is going places. I know it’s easy to forget when you’re reading his blog, but Daniel is only 22 years old. TWENTY-TWO. When I was 22, I was…well, OK, when I was 22 I had just started working at the same job I’m still at 14 years later, but that’s not the point. Daniel is young, and he is smart and kind and funny beyond his years. I don’t know what he’ll be doing in 5 or 10 years (I don’t think he does, either), but I do know he’ll be doing whatever it is really, really well.

Daniel inspires me. He inspires me not by sharing a bunch of things that inspire him, but by sharing what he’s done to make his home feel more like an extension of himself. He’s living in a rented pre-war apartment in New York City that’s gotten pretty run-down through neglect over the years, and he’s fixing it up on a student budget. He’s not doing this to make the apartment worth more, he’s doing it to feel happier every day—and he’s sharing that process with all of us. Every time I take on a project in my own elderly home, I think of Manhattan Nest and have a little WWDD moment. He makes me want to go the extra mile, and to think of solutions to problems that might not be immediately obvious. Daniel makes me not want to be a slacker. Isn’t this exactly the kind of inspiration you want to take away from a home design blog?

He’s my friend. I’m actually feeling kind of verklempt just writing those simple words. Daniel is my friend. He’s not just some guy I know on the internet, he’s my weekly coffee buddy, my personal mover, my confidant, my conspirator, my friend. I met Daniel because we both have blogs, and we’ve always supported and helped each other in whatever capacity we’re able. He’s a good person, and I’m very, very lucky to know him.

Ok, pitch done.

  1. AshleyMar 8, 20129:55 pm

    I couldn’t agree more with everything you said – except I don’t know daniel personally (I’m pretty jealous that you do). I have already voted for him in both rounds. he better win! he is amazing and that dog – adorable.


  2. LizaMar 8, 20129:56 pm

    I’ve reading D16 for the last 4 years and while I was drawn by the home renovation/apartment design posts, I also really enjoy the Twitter updates. The tweets that fly back and forth between Anna and Daniel are genuine, entertaining, and often touching. I have really enjoyed the opportunity to observe how all this new social media can still bring people together in real, tangible life.

    This is a really selfless post, and I appreciate that it’s done in an aesthetically appealing way but for sake of friendship. Sorry to get so cheesy. My vote is happily in.


    Anna @ D16 /

    This is such a nice comment, Liza. I’ve met some really cool people because of this blog and because of Twitter, too. :)

  3. LizMar 8, 201210:01 pm

    Awww… this has to be the nicest super-PAC ever.

    (And as someone who occasionally asks WWAD when faced with a DIY challenge it’s great to see you have your source of WW…)


  4. katieMar 8, 201210:04 pm

    Done. Good luck, Daniel. Love your blog!


  5. cottageofstoneMar 8, 201210:14 pm

    I voted for Daniel, day one. I feel his style is original and not some regurgitated Pottery Barn catalog. He seems like he is just being himself. He isn’t trying. Some blogs you can tell they are trying too hard. Honestly, Anna and Daniel have inspired me a lot… I am finishing up my hallway reno, and there are bits here and there that look very d16 or manhattan nest to me. ;)

    I look forward to every post. Few blogs hold my attention like that. Also appreciate not being inundated with ads.


    TieDye64 /

    Amen sister and DITTO.

  6. erin//suchsmallstepsMar 8, 201210:19 pm

    I’ve never voted in anything like that before but you sold me with your pitch- seriously, he’s lucky to have you as a friend. And his blog is awesome :)


  7. LauraMar 8, 201210:19 pm

    Done and done! I gotta say, when I read the list of nominated blogs on Manhattan Nest this morning and realized that I had never even heard of most of them I knew I had to step up, sign up and vote:)


  8. TaniaMar 8, 201210:45 pm

    Both of your blogs are no. 1 and 2 in my “Faves” blog folder. I wish I could vote a gazillion times.

    Daniel not winning means style is not winning. And hey, not everyone has style (both inner and outer). I think you and Daniel have more than your fair share. And most people can’t see the style for the chachkas.

    So not winning means winning… winning means winning. Daniel can’t lose.


    Anna @ D16 /

    That’s a good point, Tania, and I’m sure Daniel knows it. It still would be fun to see him win, though. ;)

  9. Daniel @ Manhattan NestMar 8, 201211:25 pm

    Oh, Anna. Anna Anna Anna. This is probably the most wonderful thing I’ve ever read about myself or my blog, and that it’s written by you…my goodness. You have inspired me (and continue to!) in so many ways over the last several years since I found Door Sixteen, and I sometimes still have a weird glitch moment where it freaks me out that you even know who I am, or that you’ve done so much for me, or that we’re really good friends who get to hang out and talk about stuff on the regular. And I’m so thankful for all of those things, super-pac or no super-pac. xoxoxoxoxo


  10. KateMar 8, 201211:40 pm

    voted! not only because his blog is the best, but because if that currently in 1st place blog with no style wins I will flip my lid. Also, recalling my 22-year old self’s apartment is a frightening thing (shag carpet, milk crates for everything, ethnic scarves and incense as the main decoration, ikea bamboo plants), so hats off to Daniel. Like, at least twelve hats.


  11. LouiseMar 8, 201211:48 pm

    Definitely voted for Manhattan Nest from Day 1 ^^

    Also, Photoshop question? How did you get that black ribbon underneath the text in that first photo? I saw it and thought it looked really cool. Is there some sort of layer trick I need to discover?

    Thanks ~


    Anna @ D16 /

    No fancy tricks, it’s just a separate layer! The ribbon is nothing more than a rectangle with a corner snipped out of it. :)

  12. PatiMar 9, 201212:40 am

    Done! Love Daniel and his Blog:) His warmth and humor shine through his blog. You both are an inspiration.


  13. Liza B.Mar 9, 201212:54 am

    I love your pitch so much that I’ve spent the last half hour browsing through Manhattan Nest. He’s wonderful! Your wonderful for being so supportive. He’s got my vote.


  14. emilyMar 9, 20121:10 am

    Ok, totally voted. I read through his archives in an evening several months ago and I feel like I know him and want only the best for him. And, seriously. Yours is the only Super-PAC I’ve ever been in favor of.


  15. marissaMar 9, 20121:34 am

    Dude – whenever I’m having a hard time tuning in to what I really believe (on occasion it can become to difficult to remember what I really love vs what I’ve been tricked into thinking I love thru overexposure. i’m sure this makes me a lesser person, but at least I can admit it) I always ask myself WWAD. I even make reference to you in conversations with people who I know don’t read d16 (their loss). I feel like everyone ought to know that you are the one with the right answer.

    And Daniel. Wow. I’ver seriously been smitten with his amazingness for forever – but his face yo’ fears post…well – it was a new level. I should probably write him sometime and let him know about all of the things that various people I know have accomplished due to that post. Next to you, Daniel has the best taste of any blogger that I know of. And he gets shit done. All the time. By himself.

    Seriously – every now and then I contemplate kidnapping Chandler, throwing her in a pit and going thru the whole ‘it puts the lotion on’ deal, and then wearing her as a mask just to trick Daniel into being friends with me.


  16. RiccoMar 9, 20122:49 am

    Done. Good luck from us in Denmark!

    Thanks for drumming up support, Anna! Really enjoy both blogs tremendously.


  17. MonicaMar 9, 20122:51 am

    This post is so sweet! I already voted for Daniel and he so needs to win this for so many reasons. I just told my husband that he must register at Apartment Therapy and vote for Daniel. He was like, “What is Apartment Therapy and who is Daniel?”. A quick explanation (and the latest picture of Mekko on Instagram) was all that it took. Go Daniel!


    Frau Haselmayer /

    Hehe ;)

  18. TieDye64Mar 9, 20123:38 am

    Done and done, before this post. Of course. :)


  19. AnneliesMar 9, 20123:44 am

    This is so sweet of you Anna. Daniel is lucky to have a friend like you. I voted!


  20. SimoneMar 9, 20125:22 am

    Hi Anna; You are so lucky. Due to this post I tried to vote -again- (I tried earlier but failed) but the voting is closed off somehow. Sorry. Have a nice day!!! I feel honored to be mentioned in yesterdays post.


  21. LynnMar 9, 20125:59 am

    I voted for Daniel right at the start, and did my (very humble, I’m afraid) best to spread the word…but am I the only one seeing the results unchanged and a notice saying “This survey has ended”? It’s nowhere near 3 pm EST, and a bit unfair to all the voters being last-minute-mobilized!


  22. GracieMar 9, 20126:59 am

    I’m feeling the love vibrations all the over in Ireland!


  23. RachelMar 9, 20128:48 am

    If I hadn’t already voted for Daniel, this post would have inspired me to. Hope he wins!


  24. BethMar 9, 20129:29 am

    This is such a sweet post. I love the friendship between you two. And I seriously can’t believe Daniel is only 22. I will be 28 in July… I need to get it together!


    Anna @ D16 /

    I know, I’ll be 37 this year and I still don’t know what I’m doing!!

  25. AmelieMar 9, 201211:20 am

    I love this! I’m constantly impressed by Dan. That kid is going to go places.

    I’ve been reading both your blogs for a while and I always leave feeling inspired and motivated. I know that there can be a lot of hate and nastiness on the Internet but never mind that, you guys are the embodiment of love, support and true friendship.

    Cheers to that and to Manhattan Nest winning it all!


  26. AmyMar 9, 201212:14 pm

    Done and Done. :) Never heard of Manhattan Nest. Now I have a new blog to follow!


    Anna @ D16 /

    You’re in for a treat, Amy! Daniel’s blog is so much fun—and so well-written. Thank you for voting!

  27. Mickey ElliottMar 9, 20125:31 pm

    Daniel’s helped me find my feet in my rental place. Love both of your blogs, they (and you guys, and your friendship) is so refreshing and so genuine. Yes, I got a bit choked up reading this post. I completely agree and have never thought about this before: They have a little family. Daniel and Max and Mekko. A beautiful family.



  28. NellMar 9, 20125:51 pm

    Absolutely voted for Daniel! Ever since finding your glorious blog & then clicking the links to his equally glorious blog I have been so inspired!! It also made me realise how lucky I am to own my own home (don’t tell the bank I said that!!). I’m now not just sitting on my lazy-ass butt – I’m renovating, painting & drawing inspiration from you guys & everything I see each day!

    A humble thanks to you both :)


  29. ChrisMar 9, 201211:36 pm

    Preach, sister.


  30. jeannetteMar 12, 20128:29 pm

    you really are the nicest grrl. it makes me happy to think that young daniel has you for a mentor and you have young daniel for a co-conspirator. love this thing called the intarnets.


  31. dewofthedesertMar 14, 201212:56 pm

    This is unrelated to your post (although I am very happy for Daniel!)… but I thought you might like this because triangles!


  32. JillMar 15, 201211:02 am

    I just discovered the Manhattan Nest blog and have completely fallen in love with Daniel. He’s adorable and hilarious. I find myself laughing out loud, cracking up, reading it. It’s sooo good. I’m now a huge fan of both of your blogs. Love them.


  33. TamaraMar 18, 201210:58 pm

    Best blog recommendation ever! Finally a design blog more to my taste apart from yours.


  34. Angie D in OhioMar 22, 20129:19 am

    Yikes, I didn’t realize that tenants weren’t under any obligation to clean an apartment when someone vacates. I guess I have been lucky in finding apartments where the landlord installs new carpet, repaints and hires a cleaning team to spruce it up.

    I also know that I’ve always received my security deposit back and the property owner always thanks me for taking such good care of their apartment. In fact one lady hugged me and broke down in tears that I was leaving. I guess she had probably with tenants in the past.

    Can’t wait to see the new place and how you make it yours. Happy Thursday!


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