Spike Lee, The Dolly Shot.

Spike Lee, The Dolly Shot / Montage by Richard Cruz / Music “Bra” by Cymande

I love this video essay that Richard Cruz put together assembling some of Spike Lee’s best dolly shot moments. Spike is definitely one of my all-time favorite filmmakers, and I’m one of those people who gets really excited when he busts out the dolly shots. I know he gets some criticism for overusing them, but I think that mainly comes from people within the film industry who have an awareness of how these shots are achieved technically. As a non-film industry moviegoer, however, I love the surreal, dreamy feeling these shots impart on his movies—and this montage makes me want to have a Spike Lee film festival in my living room this weekend.

  1. elleApr 27, 201211:06 am

    agreed! crooklyn is one of my all-time faves. my fiancée is in his upcoming release, due out in august!


    Anna @ D16 /

    That’s awesome, Elle! I’m glad they were able to find distribution for Red Hook Summer. I’m excited for the return to Brooklyn!

    elle /

    definitely (:

  2. carolineApr 27, 201212:53 pm

    ‘kin love them! When you see them montaged like that you see how much he owns them. Can’t wait to see Red Hook Summer!


  3. KathleenApr 28, 201210:04 am

    YES! Spike Lee was my first favorite director (which felt like a big deal to me – at 16 to have a favorite director). His films taught me a lot in regards to having style and a creative aesthetic. Since then I’ve become a fan of lots of directors and their go-to techniques – like Wes Anderson’s symmetry or Tarantino’s long takes. But even beyond that I can still get lost in their movies and think about them for days, weeks and years after. That’s the most important thing, really.


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