I will not make any more boring art.

I have some real posts lined up (including some pictures of the apartment—finally!), but right now I just want to take a quick ART BREAK. Here’s a brief history of John Baldessari crammed into six minutes…and narrated by Tom Waits. PERFECT. Two of my most favorite guys. I love this.

Commissioned by LACMA for their first annual “Art + Film Gala” honoring John Baldessari and Clint Eastwood.

Directed by Henry Joost & Ariel Schulman
Edited by Max Joseph
Written by Gabriel Nussbaum
Cinematography by Magdalena Gorka & Henry Joost
Produced by Mandy Yaeger & Erin Wright

Thanks to Loren at Little Paper Planes for the find!

  1. KaitlynMay 23, 20126:04 pm

    Love it. Thanks for sharing!


  2. SarahMay 23, 20126:10 pm

    Very cool. Loved this! Made me want to go roam around a museum for an hour or so :) Or watch some Jean- Luc Godard movies. Also, John Baldessari’s library totally has call numbers!


    Anna @ D16 /

    I noticed the call numbers, too!! I wonder if he just lifted a whole library of if he’s got his own system going on.

  3. loriMay 23, 20126:58 pm

    Oh this is a great link :) I like the “I will not make any more boring art” lines he had the NSCAD students write. Hilarious. His old photo works are so great too… I especially like the “WRONG” with a palm tree growing out of a man’s head.


  4. Uncle BeefyMay 23, 20128:52 pm

    Damn. That was awesome!


  5. CeciMay 24, 20129:01 am



  6. Rachel BMay 24, 20129:36 am

    Watching this was the highlight of my day so far.


  7. jbhatMay 24, 201211:54 am

    I loved his comments: “I might have said that.” “I can live with that.” Love a dry sense of humor.

    I wish I could go to the show.



  8. amy tMay 24, 201210:32 pm

    That was great! Thank you for posting it.


  9. SashiraMay 24, 201210:55 pm

    Oh gosh. I think I’m in the wrong frame of mind right now. All I can think about is how I’m “cheap,” non-“posessed,” and will probably never be “in the right place at the right time.” Back to the drawing board!

    Pun not intended…


  10. CortnieMay 25, 20122:01 pm

    I love anything narrated by Tom Waits including this.



  11. Meagan LongstockingJun 22, 20128:43 pm

    Brilliant. That’s going straight to the pool room. Thank you for sharing.


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