Symmetry, Kubrick-style.

I’m a big fan of symmetry when it comes to designing book covers and taking pictures. If we’ve ever watched a Kubrick movie together, you know it’s not unusual for me to pause the action mid-scene (no matter how dramatic a moment, sorry!) just so I can freak out about the awesome (yet imperfect) symmetry. Kubrick was the master of one-point perspective, and when combined with that slightly-off, not-quite-right imbalanced symmetry he loved so much (think of the Grady twins in The Shining—almost the same, but not quite), you have a forward-moving, focused TENSION that just won’t quit. I love it.

This video compiles some of Kubrick’s best one-point perspective shots into just under two minutes. Fun to watch…

Kubrick // One Point Perspective / edited by kogonada

✚ via Quarrygirl

  1. kelly wAug 31, 201212:31 pm

    Beautiful images. I just wish there was a slow-mo option! So fast, and I wanted to savor.


    Anna @ D16 /

    Haha, I hit pause on the player at least 10 times while I was watching. I’ll never get over that red bathroom…or the milk bar…

  2. LizAug 31, 201212:48 pm

    I love symmetry in design and photography. In cinema one-point perspective and symmetry creates, for me at least, a sense of gravitational pull; it heightens the sense that I’m enveloped by the film. (I can’t see 3D films because of an eye condition and I’ve wondered if this is the effect that 3D seeks to create.)

    This fantastic video reminded me of how great Kubrick was at creating stunning images. And I’m with you on pausing the action mid-screen… doesn’t everyone do this?


  3. drewkoraAug 31, 20122:01 pm

    i never get tired of scenes from 2001. Visually, perhaps, my favorite movie of all time.


  4. JulesAug 31, 20125:05 pm

    That was pretty much amazing.


  5. KelleeAug 31, 20125:25 pm


    Thank you for posting that. Stunning.

    Such beautiful photography. I need to watch a Kubrick right now.


  6. lauAug 31, 20126:07 pm

    according to my rss reader, you posted this at 11:11. good work. ;>


    Anna @ D16 /

    Are you kidding?! That’s amazing!! hahahaah

  7. lauAug 31, 20127:45 pm



    Anna @ D16 /

    Love it. I’ll just pretend we’re in the same time zone!!

  8. SimoneAug 31, 20127:54 pm

    Oh I love Kubrick, but I hadn’t quite clicked on to the fact that his one-point perspective was so strong throughout his work. His work is so enticing. I guess also the scenery and atmosphere was something that I thought more about. But now I see it, I can see that the one-point perspective cleverly draws you in.


  9. amy good houseAug 31, 20128:38 pm

    I love this video clip. 2001 is just about the most amazing movie I’ve ever seen. Thanks for sharing!


  10. Mamma BiscuigtAug 31, 20128:41 pm

    I watched this video seven times, it’s so hypnotizing, and a bit chaotic (believe it or not) in an ordered, symmetrical way! The editing on this is pretty great! Love it!


  11. carrieolshanSep 1, 201212:23 pm

    this is so cool, i feel a kubrick marathon coming! thanks for sharing


  12. Emma WSep 3, 20124:49 pm

    Fantastic! What a great idea for a movie clip video. Those other videos by the same uploader look pretty interesting too.


  13. LatrinaSep 4, 20122:25 pm

    Such a cool video! I know what you mean though, I am a nut when it comes to that type of stuff too. Luckily, my husband is too and so he’s not annoyed whenever I want to pause a movie to admire artist shots. :) I love good film in general — artistic shots always catch my eye!


  14. norikoSep 4, 20122:40 pm

    great! and ingenious video!


  15. RoxSep 5, 20125:58 pm

    woah that was freaking awesome!


  16. DavidSep 10, 20123:48 pm

    I can’t love this enough! Thanks for sharing.


  17. PamSep 11, 20121:36 pm

    Symmetry is so mesmerizing and calming to look at- but I also think it’s why I love to watch synchonized dancing (which is usually embarrasing to admit, but hey, there’s that OK Go video, right?!)


  18. CortnieSep 15, 20121:02 pm

    I’m about to re-watch 2001 after reading it for the first time and after watching this awesome montage I’m even more excited!



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