Waiting for Sandy.

A little more than a year ago, we were camped out in our old apartment in Washington Heights waiting for hurricane Irene, and tonight we’re hunkered down* in Brooklyn waiting for hurricane Sandy.

We’re admittedly more nervous this time around. Irene did a lot of serious damage upstate and in the northeastern states, but New York City got off relatively easy. I don’t know if we’ll be so lucky this time around—no one seems to really know. We decided to stay here rather than go up to our house for a few reasons (less chance of being stranded for days without power or being squashed by a tree, primarily), and there’s really no time for second guessing.

DUMBO is a waterfront neighborhood, and our apartment is about as close to the East River as you can be without actually being in it. The other side of our street is in the mandatory evacuation zone—a technicality, I guess, but one that’s giving me a sense of security just for being 5 feet to the north of the dividing line.

The subways have been shut down in anticipation of flooding, which feels very strange. I can count on one hand the number of times in my life that the NYC subways have been completely out of commission. They might not be back in service until Wednesday, which is impossible for me to imagine. This is not a city that can function without mass transit. Obviously I won’t be going into work tomorrow! The parks are closed, all construction has been halted, sandbags are in place, the stores have been raided for batteries and bread, and it’s very, very quiet outside.

I’m keeping busy answering emails, cleaning the apartment and baking peanut butter blondies. I feel like I really need to keep everything in order right now.

Before it started to get windy, I took the dogs on a really long walk. The pre-storm light was gray and beautiful, and I took a bunch of photos—I guess because I’m worried DUMBO might not look like this tomorrow. I spent a long time watching Jane’s Carousel go around and around inside its glass box, hoping that storm surges won’t rise above the platform it sits on.

Stay safe, everyone.

*That’s for you, K.

  1. TulaOct 28, 201210:54 pm

    Stay safe, Anna. The look on your doggies’ eyes says it all. Thinking of all of you on the East Coast. Brooklyn will remain as beautiful as your photos. We have to believe that! xo


  2. kate o.Oct 28, 201210:56 pm

    Thinking about you all! Stay safe! I hope the next time you take pics in your neighborhood they look exactly like these beautiful ones.


  3. Jenn @ Beyond The StoopOct 28, 201210:59 pm

    it’s eerily quiet around here too (jersey city). police cars are going around shouting the mandatory evacuation zones into megaphones… just very odd… wind is REALLY picking up too…

    (and my office says i still have to DRIVE to work tomorrow)

    lucky me :(


    Anna @ D16 /

    What?! Jenn, stay home tomorrow if it’s not safe.

  4. Victoria SmithOct 28, 201211:04 pm

    stay safe my friend and eat lots of cookies. i’m thinking of you guys and hoping sandy behaves herself. xo


  5. LizzieOct 28, 201211:22 pm

    Shew, l’m on the East Coast as well and everyone’s so nervous right now. I hope you all stay safe up there! Such a cool place to live.


  6. Susan DeaneOct 28, 201211:31 pm

    Wishing you all well from the other side of the “big pond” here in Ireland.


  7. lisaOct 28, 201211:41 pm

    love and prayers to you from japan


  8. JillOct 28, 201211:51 pm

    Are these photos from the Leica? They look so beautiful!

    Stay safe! From the cookies, too. :)


    Anna @ D16 /

    Wouldn’t it be great (and sad) if I said they were from my iPhone? But yes, they are from the Leica. And thank you!

  9. mariaOct 29, 201212:03 am

    you walk where I walk. great photos. stay safe!


  10. JulesOct 29, 201212:24 am

    Stay safe! I’ll be thinking of you.

    My husband and I were eating lunch today and watching the news. When I heard NYC closed the subway system, my mouth dropped. I’ve never heard of such a thing for a major metropolitan area. It made it all more real, incredibly serious. I’m worried, but trust you will all be safe.


  11. KariOct 29, 201212:33 am

    Same here in DC – America’s storm drain. Severe flooding expected and Metro is closed. Stay safe, Anna. Maybe the pups will just think it’s an extra long snuggle weekend extravaganza!


  12. KristyOct 29, 20122:01 am

    When I woke up this morning and saw the news, you were the first person I thought of Anna… I hope you are safe. x


    Anna @ D16 /

    Thank you, Kristy—there are so many others who are in much more precarious situations than we are, though. We’ll be fine. xx

  13. MonicaOct 29, 20123:43 am

    Between this and the election, I haven’t been more worried in a long time. Please stay safe!


  14. TeresaOct 29, 20123:50 am

    Stay safe you all! Thinking of you from the other side of the pond.


  15. SimoneOct 29, 20125:18 am

    Hi Anna; Stay safe, enjoy the unexpected time off. I hope things will turn out better than expected for all of you. I always like it when things are a bit different than usual, but this might be a bit too much. What did you end up doing on saturday in London? Kind regards.


  16. kimberlyOct 29, 20126:47 am

    my husband and i heard of the mta closures just as we stepped off of the subway yesterday and it was strange to think that we might not be on there again for a while. of course, the supermarket and pretty much the whole neighborhood was out of control (although i was there for nacho ingredients and other such important provisions) then everything was suddenly empty last night which felt really, really eerie…

    stay home, stay safe and cuddle your sweet dogs extra hard today!


  17. MelOct 29, 20126:58 am

    Stay safe & my thoughts are with you… I hope that you can get through the next few days & that the damage isn’t too severe. Load up on the dog cuddles! x


  18. FritzOct 29, 20128:10 am

    great pictures


  19. nicoleOct 29, 20128:44 am

    thinking about you, NYC, and the other affected areas on the coast. be safe. x.


  20. SandraOct 29, 201210:27 am

    Hope you’ll be safe.


  21. mamma biscuitOct 29, 201210:40 am

    It’s really strange not to have access to running public transportation and despite being a bit nervous about the winds and flooding, I am enjoying a cozy day indoors with Mamma Biscuit and Tommy! He just made some amazing vegan french toast that I know you and Evan would have enjoyed! Last year you guys were just around the corner in the Heights but this year your too close to an evacuation zone! Stay safe Anna and give th dogs a squeeze from the Biscuit family!
    The Biscuits!


  22. jeannetteOct 29, 201211:08 am

    the light is beautiful. there’s nothing like doggies to get you out in every weather. they are brave, brave, animals. you too.


    Anna @ D16 /

    Don’t let these photos fool you—my dogs are as chicken as they come!! Fortunately, they’re wee-wee pad masters. ;)

  23. KathyOct 29, 201211:36 am

    Good luck Anna—stay safe!


  24. sherryOct 29, 201212:19 pm

    Hope this storm passes without doing much damage! Keep safe!


  25. TamOct 30, 201212:41 am

    i’m watching the storm unfold from australia via photos on the news website. have just seen one of jane’s carousel surrounded with water. how sad. i hope that you and yours are dry and safe!!


  26. ClaireOct 30, 20127:49 pm

    I’m reading your posts back from the “during” one and am so glad I’ve just unravelled the mystery of the glowing in the dark box thing in the posts above, that looked like it had animals inside! Then seeing people on Twitter worried about “the horses”. My mind was reeling(!) until I clicked on your link to Jane’s Carousel, which I didn’t even know existed but now have to visit NY again asap to see in person. What an incredibly beautiful thing to be in that location and to be able to see from your apartment – the Jean Nouvel pavilion looks amazing. I hope the carousel wasn’t too badly damaged in the storm.

    And I’m even more glad that you’re safe and well!


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