Getting settled.


Sorry to leave you with those yelling goats for so long! Friday was our big Brooklyn moving day. We said goodbye to DUMBO and hello (again) to Cobble Hill. The two neighborhoods are only a mile apart, but they have very different personalities. Even though we moved out of our first Cobble Hill apartment ten years ago, it still feels like home to both of us. So good to be back! The photo above is the view from our new kitchen. The sunrises are beautiful.

We won’t have internet access in the new place until Thursday (seems so ridiculous that in 2013 they still have to make an appointment to bring you a modem in person and “install” it for you!), so I’ve been using my time to clean, unpack, clean and clean some more. I’ve moved many times in my adult life, and I never feel comfortable in a new place until I’ve scrubbed every surface. This apartment is pretty huge, so it’s taking a while!


The dogs are in HEAVEN. The new kitchen gets a ton of sunlight, so they basically spend their entire days now sleeping and moving slowly across the floor like hot dogs on a roller. It’s also very quiet in the new place, so their naps aren’t interrupted by barking patrol duties.

Isn’t that radiator crazy? There are two of them, and I’m told they’re some kind of old industrial model that’s supposed to be behind a wall. Whatever the story is, they’re very weird and a little scary looking and I love them.

Lots of photos to come once I have steady internet access!!

  1. Grumble GirlFeb 20, 20131:46 pm

    Thrilled for you, friend – can’t wait to see pics of the whole place! And those rads are kinda… um… rad. xox


  2. GordyFeb 20, 20132:21 pm

    I loved those radiators… much better than the 70s-style baseboard heaters I’ve got in the (otherwise awesome) new place. They’re hard to keep clean though, a can of compressed air is the best way I could think of.


  3. kimberlyFeb 20, 20132:22 pm

    inching your way closer to ikea, soon you’ll be living in smaaland


  4. majaFeb 20, 20132:24 pm

    So funny we are also moving at about the same time (this weekend)! Completely different view though :)


  5. SimoneFeb 20, 20132:37 pm

    Good, I was slightly worried that your bronchitis had turned into a pneumonia (god forbid).
    That is really nice about apartments high up that the light is so great. And you get a good workout walking the stairs ;-D Good luck unpacking!!!


  6. gardenbreFeb 20, 20132:40 pm

    I really loved your description of the two sleeping pups slow-moving across the new kitchen floor in the sunshine, “like hot dogs on a roller.” Looking forward to hearing about Cobble Hill.


  7. EllenFeb 20, 20133:04 pm

    “they basically spend their entire days now sleeping and moving slowly across the floor like hot dogs on a roller”

    Thanks for this image – I actually laughed out loud. I do something similar on my days off, following the sun through my place


  8. jennie marieFeb 20, 20133:38 pm

    ‘Like hot dogs on a roller.’ Haha — LOVE IT. My dog does the exact same thing.


  9. joy @ OSSFeb 20, 20133:51 pm

    Good to hear that you’re settling in nicely!


  10. LizzieFeb 20, 20134:20 pm

    I may or may not be in the minority on this—I don’t know, but being an architecture nerd, I love this view way more than the last one. Do you know what those buildings were originally? They’re just insane gorgeous.


    Anna @ D16 /

    I don’t think anyone would argue against Cobble Hill having beautiful views and buildings to look at! The Manhattan skyline viewed across the East River (not to mention the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges), isn’t too shabby, though, haha. Definitely not a contest! NYC has many beautiful views in many different directions…

    The big building on the left is a former public school (now residential). All of the other buildings were (and are) residential. Most of the ones on that block were built as multi-family apartment buildings, as they are today. Cobble Hill has always been a residential neighborhood, with first-story shops (apartments above) on the main streets.

    Lizzie /

    Oh definitely, both are gorgeous, certainly not a question of that. But where I live we sadly don’t have any buildings that old, so it’s just really neat to see.

    Thank you for answering my question though! That’s really interesting.

  11. eleniFeb 20, 20134:35 pm

    Leaving us with those yelling goats was the best thing you could ever have done! Seriously! I was in stitches every single time I re watched it with friends. Thank you!!!


  12. KristenFeb 20, 20135:27 pm

    Moving to a new space is always a little bit overwhelming but a little bit fun as well! Looking forward to seeing it!


  13. MarthaFeb 20, 20136:03 pm

    I am the same way about moving… have to clean the oogies! I love how you did the grey and color photos as well :) Can’t wait to see what you do to this place!


  14. aliciaFeb 20, 20136:16 pm

    Smiled at your dogs on the floor with hot dog on a roller comparison :)


  15. kay*Feb 20, 20136:25 pm

    it’s kind of sad how excited and happy i am for you. lol. i can’t wait to see more pics and to see how you make this space your own.


  16. FritzFeb 20, 20136:29 pm

    ” like hot dogs on a roller” LOL


  17. StephanieFeb 20, 20137:01 pm

    Can’t wait to see pics of the new place! I just love your cute lil pups by the way…


  18. kristyFeb 20, 20137:41 pm

    I am so going to try and roll around on the floor like hot dogs on a roller!!


  19. Jade SheldonFeb 20, 201311:07 pm

    Haha! Can’t wait to see it in all its glory!


  20. FionaFeb 21, 20134:56 am

    It looks beautiful. Lots of sunlight is so cheering and it’s a neighborhood you’ve been talking about for a long time. So pleased for you. And yeah, totally get you on the scrubbing every surface. Not one germ of other people’s dirt, no thanks.


  21. lisafromjapanFeb 21, 20137:34 am

    looking forward to every detail & photo…


  22. jeannetteFeb 21, 201312:40 pm

    so happy for you. this kind of old building plus your punke moderne straight edge kind of newburgh aesthetic seems so much more your jam than gumbo. dumbo.

    i hope you will tell us more about the neighborhood when you get a chance, and why the vibe is so welcoming to you.

    glad the dogs are pleased, always a good sign.


    Anna @ D16 /

    “punke moderne straight edge kind of newburgh aesthetic”

    I’m not really sure what that means, but if you say so…

  23. Maria G.Feb 22, 20136:57 am

    Looking forward to more photos of your new apartment. My sister just moved in to her new apartment and I also helped with the cleanup. Yeah, it was not easy even for a small apartment as my sister’s. This is the second time this month that my sister moved because the last apartment she moved in was kind of haunted. I won’t mind the scary radiators as long as there are no scary ghosts. Hehe…I hope you can post pictures of the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen and all parts of the apartment.


  24. Heather P.Feb 22, 201311:30 am

    Glad to hear the move went well, and that the dogs are enjoying their new sunny spots! Can’t wait to see the rest of the place once you get it all cleaned up. I’m totally that way too…I think it’s a smell thing for me. If it doesn’t smell like MY house, it doesn’t feel right. :-)


  25. FlorianFeb 23, 20134:43 am

    Dear Anna,
    your blog is a great spot and very interesting. Moving to a new house and/or flat is thrilling and an adventure. I only did it once so far.
    Also I really like to see some other areas of NYC than Manhattan and to get to know what it’s like to live there through your blog. Please keep up the interesting stuff here. :)


  26. meganFeb 23, 201310:22 am

    Congrats on the move! That is my absolute favorite neighborhood in Brooklyn and it’s so hard to find places there! Can’t wait to see how it looks.


  27. AmandaFeb 25, 201312:56 pm

    Your photos are always amazing! Were these edited on the computer or with an app? .. Would love to be able to do that from my phone! *swoon!


    Anna @ D16 /

    Photoshop! (And thank you.)

  28. BradFeb 26, 20132:22 pm

    Wandered in via Manhattan Nest’s tiling post. Love it here!


  29. Annie KMar 23, 20136:16 pm

    Really like what you’ve done with the treatment of the photos. Nice touch!


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