Springtime giveway from Summerland!

Summerland giveaway

I’m sure I’m not speaking just for myself here when I ask why spring has been sooooo sloooooow to start this year! A couple of days ago I was bundled up in a winter coat in near-freezing temperatures, and today the thermometer is hovering just below 80°F. New York City is gorgeous in the springtime, but it never lasts long enough — before you know it, we’ll all be complaining about how hot it is.

In celebration of these precious few weeks of beautiful weather, though, I thought it might be nice to do a giveaway from one of my favorite Portland-based boutiques — and one of D16’s earliest sponsors! — Summerland. One lucky person will win a $100 gift certificate to spend on anything in the shop!

Here’s how to enter:
Visit Summerland and pick out a few of your favorite things.
Leave a comment here letting me know what they are!

Here’s how to get two extra entries:
Like Summerland and Door Sixteen on Facebook.*
Follow Summerland and Door Sixteen on Instagram.*

* If you already liked/followed either of us, that’s fine. Just let me know in your comment so I can count your extra entries!

The deadline for entries is April 16th at 11:00 PM, EST. THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. I’ll announce the winner here and on Twitter tomorrow. The winner will also be notified by email. Thanks to everyone who entered!

UPDATE: The winner of the Summerland giveaway is Shawnna! Congratulations, Shawnna.

Small print: This giveaway is open to international entries, but Summerland is not responsible for customs fees and duties if they should occur.

Bonus discount!
Summerland is offering a 10% discount for ALL Door Sixteen readers between now and the end of the giveaway (April 16th at 11:00 PM, EST). Use the code DOORSIXTEEN at checkout!


My favorites! Clockwise-ish, from top left:
Mila dress, Eskell / Number One sunglasses in Vanilla Wood, Karen Walker / Dark Wave fragrance oil, OLO (I wear this every day!) / Girls Just Wanna Have Fun nail polish, Deborah Lippmamm / Blixen boots, Wolverine x Samantha Pleet / “Everyday Is Like Sunday” banner, Banter Banner / Pink Cross bow tie, Twenty-Seven Names / Rose + Vanilla tinted lip blush, Fig + Yarrow

  1. ~MichelleApr 10, 201311:14 am

    Well I love the Best Friends necklace and the mushroom tea towel would make a great gift for my mom!


  2. dedaApr 10, 201311:16 am

    loving the honeymoon skirt


  3. IleniaApr 10, 201311:18 am

    hope there’s enough space to write all the things I like from that store!

    + super duper strength sunglasses from karen walker
    + florentine rose water
    + rapunzel ring
    + girls just wanna have fun nail polish

    yay for the giveaway!


  4. SarahApr 10, 201311:28 am

    I love the Mila Dress and the Article Top. Thanks for the giveaway!


  5. JennApr 10, 201311:28 am

    Stay home club tote, Modern love nail polish, and Scooter Dress by Dear Creatures!!


  6. CarrieApr 10, 201311:30 am

    I love this shop so much! So great! Thanks for the givaway! xo
    Favorites are:
    • Scooter dress
    • Pink cross bow tie
    • Big love sweater
    * Stay at Home Club tote

    p.s. — I like both Door Sixteen and Summerland on Facebook + Instagram


  7. SophieApr 10, 201311:31 am

    Every Day is Like Sunday banner, Irma blouse & the Astral Crown – lovely stuff. I’ve followed you both on Instagram & Facebook too!


  8. MaiaApr 10, 201311:34 am

    I love the mila dress and the irma blouse!


  9. JamsApr 10, 201311:36 am

    Love the astral crown and all of those high waisted bikinis!


  10. AoifeApr 10, 201311:39 am

    Love the Article top and the Predicate dress. Also follow you both on Instagram.

    PS. As a pale Irish girl living in New York I am already complaining about how hot it is!


  11. caitlinApr 10, 201311:39 am

    I love the desert bloom stockings and the babysitter jacket!


  12. JudyHApr 10, 201311:40 am

    I love the Blixen boots, the Nathaniel Blouse and the Esme dress!


  13. krissyApr 10, 201311:43 am

    the “if i only had a heart” dress is da bomb! and where is spring?!?! today is waaay too hot!


  14. Emily RApr 10, 201311:44 am

    I love the Ava Dress. I’ve liked both Door Sixteen and Summerland on Facebook.

    Thanks for introducing me to Summerland, they have such beautiful things!


  15. NikkiApr 10, 201311:45 am

    I love the “Everyday is Like Sunday” banner, the Don’t Eat Me tea towel, and the Big Love sweater!

    + Followed on Instagram
    + Liked on Facebook


  16. DeniseApr 10, 201311:46 am

    I love the Blixen boots too! Pointelle sweater is also a favorite of mine.


  17. IrisApr 10, 201311:46 am

    Oh geez I have been so into those Sweet Nothings necklaces from In God We Trust for forever.


  18. JennyApr 10, 201311:48 am

    I’m in love with all of the Karen Walker sunglasses, especially the soul club in black and the number one in vanilla wood. The Nesbit boot would be the perfect replacement for my sad worn out black boots.

    I follow you and summerland on Instagram!


  19. RachelApr 10, 201311:49 am

    Love the Lover Lace Blouse, the Blixen boots, and the Tortoise sunglasses.


  20. BApr 10, 201311:57 am

    So chic! I love the packaging on the apothecary products! but, the Article top, The Rapunzel ring, the nighthawk clutch (!!!) and the wild heart tote! Badass and chic, my favorite combo!


  21. MichelleApr 10, 201312:01 pm

    I love this shop!

    Some of my favorites — campfire candle, Lolita cocktail bitters, basil cardamom lip balm!

    I’m in Portland, and we’re flirting with sunshine to give us a break from the normally incessant rain. It’s glorious!


  22. aliciaApr 10, 201312:04 pm

    SPRING!!! Where are you?! It’s so stormy over on the west coast today, no fuuuun.

    I’ve eyed these amazingly colourful patterned socks in the past and still love them!

    Also, this dress is making me feel like long summer nights


  23. ErinApr 10, 201312:06 pm

    My favorites are Dark Side of the Moon Deborah Lippmann polish, OLO Foret perfume, and the Runaway Charm Bracelet by Karen Walker. And I follow you both on Instagram.


  24. KatieApr 10, 201312:15 pm

    I LOVE the Scamper Skirt and the Gretel Dress!


  25. Love Feral Childe’s Article top and the Twin Sparkler bobby pins. Thanks Anna!


  26. And I’ve liked both of you on Facebook!


  27. Leigh-AnneApr 10, 201312:21 pm

    I love the Esme dress. So gorge.


  28. lauren sApr 10, 201312:26 pm

    spring definitely has NOT hit here in wisconsin – but i’m hopeful it will come soon! love the billionaire nail polish and the number one – tortoise shades!


  29. Stasha SwitzerApr 10, 201312:29 pm

    I love the Seaside and Day in the Life dresses! They are absolutely perfect!


  30. CrystalApr 10, 201312:47 pm

    Too many things to pick from but I love the cocktail bitters!

    +I liked Door Sixteen on Facebook and Instagram! I also liked Summerland on Instagram.


  31. LizApr 10, 201312:48 pm

    Where to even begin!

    *A Day In The Life Dress
    *Dark Side of the Moon Polish
    *Desert Bloom Stockings
    *Olo Foret Fragrance


  32. MonicaApr 10, 201312:53 pm

    The Predicate dress is stunning!


  33. lindsayApr 10, 201312:59 pm

    Samantha Pleet Nesbit boots :: Dace Jones dress :: Fig&Yarrow Rose+Vanilla lip blush


  34. KylieApr 10, 20131:00 pm

    I like both of you on FB.


  35. KylieApr 10, 20131:01 pm

    Love the Stay Home Club Tote Bag :)


  36. AngelaApr 10, 20131:05 pm

    Eee, I adore Summerland & Megan! Some of my favourite things right now are the bubble gum pink Karen Walker sunnies, the black Samantha Pleet booties, and I would love to try another OLO fragrance, especially Rose + Cedar.


  37. ShiraApr 10, 20131:06 pm

    Love the Predicate Dress and Nighthawk clutch, along with the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Deborah Lippmann nail polish!

    (also I liked Door Sixteen and Summerland on Facebook)


  38. KatieApr 10, 20131:08 pm

    Thanks for this giveaway!

    My favorites from the Summerland site:
    +Karen Walker sunglasses
    +Leila dress-wish it were available in my size!
    +Olo fragrances
    +Desert Bloom stockings!


  39. KatieApr 10, 20131:09 pm

    I also like Door Sixteen on Facebook!


  40. AngelaApr 10, 20131:10 pm

    Also, I like you both on FB and follow on twitter! Thanks for hosting this :)


  41. JanaApr 10, 20131:13 pm

    I love the rapunzel ring and the seattle pants. thanks!


  42. joApr 10, 20131:14 pm

    I’d get the Stay Home Club Tote Bag


  43. RebaApr 10, 20131:27 pm

    The arrow dress and the scooter dress are awesome and I LOVE the article top. Oooh … and the Nighthawk Clutch…What a great shop!

    (I’ve liked you both on FB)

    Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway and the discount!


  44. JayseApr 10, 20131:28 pm

    i <3
    + the gretel dress
    + the starfield dress
    + the scooter dress


  45. Lix HewettApr 10, 20131:31 pm

    Love this site! My favorite things – I’m still browsing, but I love the scamper skirt, the arrow dress and the article top. So pretty!

    + Liked Summerland and Door Sixteen on FB.
    + Followed Summerland and Door Sixteen on Instagram.

    – Lix


  46. HollyApr 10, 20131:42 pm

    OLO Fragrance!! Falling in love so hard..


  47. KelsaeApr 10, 20131:44 pm

    I just died laughing at the Sweet Nothings necklace. I would probably get two…


  48. lindseyApr 10, 20131:46 pm

    Oh man i also love Dark Wave fragrance oil, OLO! Actually i love all olo fragrances.. OHH their cheers, banner is so cute! AND the dreamcats calender!!!! gah!
    +already like on fb, liked summerland!
    +following both on instagram!



  49. SmadarApr 10, 20131:52 pm

    I love the Chelsea coat! And the nail polish selection.

    I have liked both Door Sixteen and Summerland on facebook.


  50. DinahApr 10, 20131:55 pm

    This site is such a great discovery – thank you :)

    I love the “fuck off” necklace and the “stay home” flag!!


  51. CrystalApr 10, 20131:55 pm

    I love the Deb Lippman polishes and the Nighthawk clutch!


  52. laywanApr 10, 20131:56 pm

    Pointelle sweater and the Nathaniel blouse are super cute!


  53. kay*Apr 10, 20132:09 pm

    I love the sound of the Campfire and Tarot Deck candles. Also the Deborah Lippman polishes in Dark Side of the Moon and Boom Boom Pow are pretty great.

    I follw Door Sixteen on Twitter and am fairly certain I’ve “liked” you on facebook ages ago :-)

    THANK YOU for opening this up to your international readers as well!!


  54. elizaApr 10, 20132:10 pm

    aw, shoot, this is hard! but i love the arrow dress, and the nighthawk clutch, and the deborah lippman nail polish. dark side of the moon and girls just wanna have fun are both calling to me right now.


  55. LeahApr 10, 20132:11 pm

    I’m loving the A Day In The Life Dress :)

    Am already following Door Sixteen on Facebook and I just followed Summerland, too. :)


  56. BetsyApr 10, 20132:14 pm

    I lovelovelove OLO perfumes and also the Fig and Yarrow lip balm. yum!


  57. SuzanneApr 10, 20132:14 pm

    The best friends necklace.
    Karen Walker Soul Club in black.
    Lightning Paw Designer: Olo

    and I could go on and on…


  58. TrondheimApr 10, 20132:14 pm

    Those tea towels are really cool – love the I’m Lichen it one especially.

    I’ve also liked both Summerland and D16 on Facebook. :)


  59. ShawnnaApr 10, 20132:15 pm

    I love the arrow dress and the arc boots! But seriously, everything is amaze.


  60. vee dubApr 10, 20132:31 pm

    gasp! samantha pleet boots FTW! all of them…all the boots!


  61. AdrienneApr 10, 20132:33 pm

    It’s my birthday tomorrow…and it sure would be nice to win any of these:
    Florentine Rose Water, Rose and Vanilla Tinted Lip Blush, Wilderness Tea Towel or Don’t Eat Me Tea Towel, Cheers Banter Banner.
    Thank you, Anna and Summerland!


  62. I really like the tea towels – especially the wilderness one. Cute!


  63. andreaApr 10, 20132:47 pm

    I like the candles, especially the fleurs de nuit one.


  64. EmilyApr 10, 20132:48 pm

    Mila dress and Blixen boots!!


  65. ErikaApr 10, 20132:59 pm

    i love giveaways. here’s my short list of summerland items:

    blixen boot
    nighthawk clutch
    article top
    don’t believe the stripe kaftan


  66. Agnieszka AnnaApr 10, 20133:05 pm

    I love most of everything at Summerland, but if i were to choose, i need new specs for the spring/summer and either the super duper strength or the soul club black glasses would be perfect!
    (i also like the scooter dress, and id try the lightning paw fragrance).

    (ive been following both D16 & Summerland everywhere)


  67. Jade SheldonApr 10, 20133:07 pm

    LOVE Summerland. I have my eyes on the Boutique by Jaeger Seaside Dress and basically all their candles…


  68. Jade SheldonApr 10, 20133:08 pm

    Of course I like Summerland and Door Sixteen on Facebook!


  69. IngeApr 10, 20133:08 pm

    You have great taste because I could go for any of your picks ;) That dress is perfect. I also love the Jones Dress. Summerland has the best stuff!


  70. Jade SheldonApr 10, 20133:09 pm

    I follow Summerland and Door Sixteen on Instagram!


  71. SarahApr 10, 20133:10 pm

    I absolutely love the Mila dress, Nighthawk clutch, and of course all the Deborah Lippmann polishes. What a great shop!

    I already follow you on IG, and just followed Summerland as well. I also liked you both on Facebook :) Thank you for doing this!


  72. SummerApr 10, 20133:19 pm

    So much great stuff!
    I love OLO and Dark Wave looks like it would be wonderful
    The towels from Make Like are all great
    The Giza Ring from Luna Sol is also lovely…in brass


  73. IngeApr 10, 20133:21 pm

    I also like both of you on Facebook. Thank you!


  74. ZunniApr 10, 20133:22 pm

    I like the Number One sunglasses and the red Arc boots!


  75. nicoleApr 10, 20133:31 pm

    oh my stars! well, i already follow both of you on IG, & i just liked Summerland on Facebook (you’ve been a long time FB like). i covet all of the Shayne Case oils, & the Warm Body Oil sounds lovely as well. that “every day is like Sunday” banner is killer! and i’ve been dreaming of the “Wild Heart” tote by Field Guided for the better part of a year now. so, needless to say, the list goes on & on, sigh.

    thank you for this oh-so-very dreamy opportunity!


  76. SandraApr 10, 20133:34 pm

    Super Duper Strength sunglasses are my favorite.
    And the Young Innocent Dress.

    I hope I win. Been a poor art student for 4 years now so I need something nice to wear to job interviews.


  77. dianaApr 10, 20133:40 pm

    i definitely love the Morrissey “Everyday is like Sunday” banner (!!), and the Karen Walker ‘Number One’ sunglasses in tortoise.


  78. LaurenApr 10, 20133:56 pm

    Hi Anna!

    I love the Dreamcats 2013 Calendar and the Karen Walker ‘Number One’ Tortoise Shell sunnies.

    I’m now following @shopsummerland on Instagram (I already follow you) and I ‘Like’ you and Summerland on Facebook.

    @lohayley (instagram)


  79. JenApr 10, 20134:02 pm

    Lovely shop! I’d snatch up that top, or just about anything else.
    I ‘like’ you on FB, too.


  80. Hilary AlterApr 10, 20134:07 pm

    I love the Blue Clover Shorts (well the whole outfit shown there) and I would pair that with the Debra Lippman ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ nail polish!
    Coral fingers and toes mean springtime!

    I have ‘liked’ you both on Facebook and follow both of you on Instagram!
    P.S. I was already following Door Sixteen on Instagram :)

    Hope I win! Local shopping for me!


  81. KatieApr 10, 20134:13 pm

    My fave is the A Day in the Life dress. And all the nail polishes!


  82. MichelleApr 10, 20134:13 pm

    The Betty Dress caught my eye (though it might be too long for me), and the Rose+Vanilla lip blush and the lichen tea towel. Thanks for the opportunity.


  83. ErinApr 10, 20134:13 pm

    I adore the Deborah Lippmann Glamourous LIfe and Mermaid’s Dream. The Rapunzel ring and the Sweet Nothings Necklace (Eat A Dick because it makes me laugh and is subtle) are beautiful, But I might need a couple of extra basil-cardamom lippies, because if that doesn’t sound amazing…I don’t know what does.


  84. LizzieApr 10, 20134:15 pm

    This was hard… but I love / like the:

    + EVERYDAY IS LIKE SUNDAY BANNER (Morrissey fan, of course.)

    Liked you both on Facebook! :)


  85. inesApr 10, 20134:18 pm

    Like the sunglasses called “Super Duper Strength”#

    All the best,


  86. Laura RuppApr 10, 20134:26 pm

    Just to name a few… I’m head over heels for:

    + Stardust Dress
    + Don’t Believe the Stripe Kaftan
    + Campfire Candle
    + Rapunzel Hoops
    + Peach Fizz Stockings

    I hope that I win, but if not.. Congrats to the winner!


    Laura Rupp /

    oups forgot to say that I <3 and follow both Summerland and Door Sixteen on fb & Instagram!

  87. SavannahApr 10, 20134:31 pm

    I am forever lusting after the “Blame It On My Wild Heart” tote bag – and I already like you on Facebook! But I’ll go add Summerland to my Instagram and Facebook.


  88. MelissaApr 10, 20134:45 pm

    YESSS! I have been in love with the Blixen boots by Samantha Pleet since a friend of mine got a pair. It’s the only time I’ve even considered stealing. ;) I would certainly have to make them mine if I were to win.


  89. MelissaApr 10, 20134:45 pm

    And I like D16 and Summerland on Facebook.


  90. Kelly PApr 10, 20135:04 pm

    I would love just about anything from the apothecary, specifically the warm body oil. I also love the best friends necklace.


  91. catherineApr 10, 20135:05 pm

    oh man. rose + vanilla lip blush, twinkle sparklers, wild heart tote, karen walker soul club sunnies…. so many things!

    what a lovely giveaway.


  92. Shaylen MaxwellApr 10, 20135:09 pm

    Old like of yours on FB, but liked summerland too!
    & THIS: http://www.shop-summerland.com/collections/makelike/products/wilderness-tea-towel Wilderness tea towel love!!!
    & I love the Nighthawk Clutch! Swoon!


  93. JulieApr 10, 20135:20 pm

    I love the arrow dress. it would go nicely with the Best Fuckin’ Friends necklace!
    I am already following you on facebook and instagram:)
    Thank you for a great giveawy!


  94. NicoleApr 10, 20136:10 pm

    Is this even a question? Without a doubt I’d go with just about any of the Karen Walker sunnies. End of story!


  95. Raven1025Apr 10, 20136:16 pm

    It would be easier to list what aren’t favorites! For brevity’s sake, I will try to narrow down the things that I love. For now, I will go with the Lois dress and the cocktail bitters. All of them. Oh, and the star hairpins.
    Following both on Facebook!!


  96. Raven1025Apr 10, 20136:23 pm

    Oops. I got an error, and my comment didn’t show up, so I tried again. You can delete that second one!


  97. Jen @ The Well Read FishApr 10, 20136:26 pm

    There’s so much to like. The big polka-dots on the honeymoon skirt and Love Songs Til Midnight dress are calling out to me. The Scooter dress is tres sweet!

    I already like Door Sixteen (obviously!) and now like Summerland too.


  98. KaitlynApr 10, 20136:35 pm

    OoOoOo! Everything is so pretty, but I’d go for the Predicate Dress. It’s divine.


  99. Carrie HallApr 10, 20136:42 pm

    Warm Body Oil
    OLO Dark Wave (I love this stuff!)
    Rapunzel Hoops
    Rose + Vanilla Tinted Lip Blush


  100. CarlyApr 10, 20136:44 pm

    Anything Karen Walker, I mean, c’mon. And I love the arc boots and “magic surrounds” banner. Great giveaway, Anna!


  101. KariApr 10, 20136:50 pm

    I’m obsessed with the Feral Childe Predicate Dress, as well as the Nighthawk Clutch and Astral Crown : )


  102. JulianaApr 10, 20137:15 pm

    What a cool giveaway!

    Things I loved:
    – eskell painterly blouse
    – stay home club tote bag
    – mila dress
    – twinkle sparkler
    – article top
    – blixen boot
    – nighthawk clutch

    And I could still go on…


  103. ClareApr 10, 20137:27 pm

    That Lighning Paw perfume by OLO looks awes, ditto the cosmic pyramid maillot and the cocktail bitters. I’m crazy for bitters right now.


  104. MFreeApr 10, 20137:31 pm

    Digging the scooter dress with pockets. Yay! Also like the arms on the pointelle sweater. Thanks!


  105. jessica wApr 10, 20137:34 pm

    I love the big love sweater!


  106. jessica wApr 10, 20137:35 pm

    I Like Summerland and Door Sixteen on Facebook


  107. jessica wApr 10, 20137:35 pm

    I Follow Summerland and Door Sixteen on Instagram


  108. christianaApr 10, 20137:51 pm

    Fun! Loveknuckles and the nighthawk clutch, please!


  109. KarenApr 10, 20137:54 pm

    the sweet nothings necklace is hilarious. i’d never take it off


  110. KarenApr 10, 20137:55 pm

    liked both on facebook


  111. KarenApr 10, 20137:55 pm

    and following both on instagram


  112. KellyApr 10, 20137:56 pm

    Loving Fig + Yarrow, Catbird candles, Olo Dark Wave, oooh and been wanting to pick up Deborah Lippmann’s polish in Modern Love.
    Great giveaway!


  113. jess sApr 10, 20138:04 pm

    I loI love the Lichen tea towel.


  114. RachelApr 10, 20138:45 pm

    LOVE the Big Love sweater and Arrow Dress!


  115. andreaApr 10, 20138:52 pm

    omg LOVE the Arrow dress!


  116. SueApr 10, 20138:57 pm

    I’m totally in love with the Nesbit Boots!


  117. CatApr 10, 20139:00 pm

    So many great things in this shop, I’m glad you introduced me to it!
    Favorites: Sweet nothings necklace, Arrow dress, Everyday is like Sunday banner.

    They will be mine!

    *I liked Door Sixteen and Summerland on both Facebook and Instagram.


  118. JemmaApr 10, 20139:18 pm

    Loving the Predicate dress and the deborah lippman nail colour you chose. I have 3 shades of orange nail polish but non of them are just right!! Gorgeous shop. (and I like you on FB, and beyond!)


  119. Melissa DApr 10, 20139:38 pm

    I’m a sucker for the Stay Home Club tote bag and the Arrow dress!


  120. Chelsea WilsonApr 10, 201310:14 pm

    Favorite thing on the while sure: Dreamcats Calender. Yes please! Also a fan of born on FB and following on IG!


  121. amandaApr 10, 201310:26 pm

    That Moz banner will be mine regardless of whether or not I win the giveaway! Also loving the Dark Wave perfume, Stay Home Pennant, and NIghthawk clutch.

    Thanks for the chance!


  122. Love that Mila dress! Friended you on FB, thank you.


  123. EM. HalliburtonApr 10, 201310:49 pm

    Whoa. I have been C O V E T I N G the moonstone glasses from Something Else that Summerland carries. And I love all the Strathcona stockings, and anything by Fieldguided – I’ve already gotten their Stevie Nicks tote through Summerland.

    Great giveaway, I’m now a Facebook & Instagram fan in addition to following you both online. Thanks for teaming up!
    EM / H


  124. WillaApr 10, 201311:01 pm

    The Blixen boot is so hot. Love the Arrow Dress and Article Top too! I also followed you and Summerland on Facebook + Instagram. Thank you for the giveaway!


  125. CarolynApr 10, 201311:13 pm

    Door Sixteen & Summerland, what a duo–

    Love: Jones dress, Radiant Frame Smoky Quartz Sunnies, Every day is like Sunday banner (!), and Dreamcats calendar.

    Thanks, Anna + Summerland!


  126. ErinApr 10, 201311:42 pm

    I am digging the arrow dress, modern love nail polish, esme dress, rose and vanilla tinted lip balm… everything really!
    i already like doorsixteen on facebook, now let me go like summerland!


  127. chloeApr 10, 201311:55 pm

    lovvveee the love songs till midnight dress. and i’m a fan of door sixteen and summerland on facebook!


  128. SandraApr 11, 201312:20 am

    I swoon over their candles!


  129. StephanieApr 11, 201312:31 am

    Runaway Charm Bracelet designed by Karen Walker
    Stay Home Pennant
    and last but not least…
    the Stay Home Club Tote Bag


  130. SandraApr 11, 201312:54 am

    The Milan dress!


  131. LouiseApr 11, 20131:02 am

    I love the Arrow, Mila, and If I Only Had a Heart dresses ^^ The Pointelle sweater is pretty awesome too.

    I followed both D16 and Summerland on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!


  132. Kora ThomasApr 11, 20131:12 am

    things that i might just need to have for my “refresh me and my apartment spring cleaning” are :

    -Everyday is like Sunday Banner
    -Olo , Foret
    -Zodiac incense (looks so fun)

    All simple but possibly the best things!


  133. MaliaApr 11, 20131:25 am

    Loving the Karen Walker Number One Tortoise sunglasses and the Honeymoon skirt!


  134. MaureenApr 11, 20133:10 am

    The arrow dress!!! Lovely… The Revival dress (classic!). Aaand, I pretty much want all of the OLO perfumes.
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!


  135. AnnisApr 11, 20133:21 am

    I love the predicate dress! perfect for my figure!
    I also like the stockings, i think they will look nice with a simple black dress


  136. AnnisApr 11, 20133:21 am

    Oops, and i forgto to say that i follow you on instagram!


  137. dariaApr 11, 20133:31 am

    I love the honeymoon skirt by twenty seven names and the arrow dress by dear creatures!

    Following both of you on FB


  138. AllisonApr 11, 20136:11 am

    Ahh! Amazing; I would proooobably grab some Karen Walker shades & a sweet bow tie but I could also easily persuaded by a printed blouse!

    I followed both on Instagram. :) (@allisomething)


  139. debApr 11, 20137:04 am

    sweet nothings necklace (the more profane the better), olo fo sho, nighthawk clutch, everyday is like sunday banner (except i find nowadays, in my treadmill of a worklife, that sunday is the only day not like sunday ;-)) xd


  140. Ivonne LopezApr 11, 20139:28 am

    We like the Nico Tunic and the Peach Fizz stockings, and the wilderness tea towel is adorable too.

    Following both of you on FB!


  141. BroniaApr 11, 20139:32 am

    Thanks for the giveaway Anna!
    I love the OLO Foret perfume and the dessert bloom stockings!
    I follow both of you on Instergram.


  142. PollyApr 11, 20139:36 am

    I love the Nighthawk Clutch by s e a e c h o, but see it’s sold out : ( Also love the Mystic Pizza NecklaceDesigner by Winifred.


  143. SarahApr 11, 201310:10 am

    I would love the Esme dress or the Feral Childe Starfeild dress…..or about a million other things! Great shop


  144. LoisApr 11, 201310:33 am

    Such a great giveaway! I follow both of you ladies on IG (I’m @girlthursday). I’m loving the Soul Club Black Karen Walker sunglasses and the Seven Seas Candle.


  145. lauren micheleApr 11, 201310:34 am

    i absolutely love the starfield dress!


  146. AmandaApr 11, 201310:49 am

    I love the mushroom tea towel and the Magic Surrounds banner. That banner would look super in my 4-year-old’s room.


  147. Abby W.Apr 11, 201311:00 am

    I love the In God We Trust Sweet Nothings necklace and the pink sunglasses from the Karen Walker 2012 Little Aliens collection!


  148. TraceyApr 11, 201311:02 am

    Great stuff! I love the Desert Bloom stockings, the Soul Club black sunglasses and the Eat a Dick heart necklace. haha.


  149. TraceyApr 11, 201311:05 am

    I’m following both on instagram too! :)


  150. KathleenApr 11, 201311:09 am

    The Naturalizer loafers. c’mon, baby – mama needs a new (vintage) pair of shoes.


  151. Kristin BApr 11, 201311:20 am

    Loooove their super duper strength karen walker sunglasses and nighthawk clutch! Mega cute.


  152. RachelApr 11, 201311:24 am

    I love the arc boots and any of the sweet nothings necklaces!


  153. RachelApr 11, 201311:25 am

    I liked summerland on facebook!


  154. RachelApr 11, 201311:26 am

    I also liked door sixteen on facebook!


  155. AliceApr 11, 201311:33 am

    I love the following:

    • Arrow Dress
    • Notes Book Bag
    • Pointelle Sweater
    • Nesbit Boots


  156. LApr 11, 201311:34 am

    Love the arrow dress!


  157. carrieApr 11, 201312:01 pm

    Loving the scooter dress, article top, predicated dress and oh, all of the totes.


  158. LindaApr 11, 201312:05 pm

    Ahh! I love summerland! My favorites on the site right now are the Gretal Dress, Honeymoon skirt, Arrow dress and the day in the life dress.

    Already follow D16 and summerland on facebook and instagram :)


  159. GenevieveApr 11, 201312:26 pm

    I love the mila dress, esme dress, article top, rose & vanilla tinted lip blush and the rapunzel ring.

    I follow you both on facebook and instagram already!


  160. maggieApr 11, 201312:33 pm

    I like the Nesbit boots and the Blixen boots and the Revival dress. I’m also curious about the cedar and rose hair tonic!

    Oh and I already liked you on Instagram and Facebook.

    thanks for the chance to win!


  161. charlotteApr 11, 201312:51 pm

    I love Summerland!

    My faves are:

    -Article top
    -A Day in the Life Dress
    -Arrow dress
    -Big Love sweater
    -anything OLO

    My fingers are crossed!

    And I already “like” both Door Sixteen and Summerland on FB.



  162. BeckiApr 11, 20131:05 pm

    It was so fun to look through Summerland’s shop.
    Favorite things:
    Leila dress
    Wild tote
    Article top

    fb & insta followed


  163. HazelApr 11, 20131:35 pm

    I adore the Black Floral Heart Two Piece from Minnow Bathers. Just learned that they’re from my hometown Toronto which is a huge plus! I also dig the Good Times banner. It would be great to hang this above my desk to remind me to take a break from work and do a little jig once and a while, haha~


  164. HazelApr 11, 20131:37 pm

    I forgot to mention that I follow Summerland and Door Sixteen on Facebook and Instagram.

    Thank you!


  165. ChellyApr 11, 20132:01 pm

    Can’t we like it all?!

    Your picks are great: I especially love the Blixen boots and the “Everyday is Like Sunday” banner.
    I also like:
    + Honeymoon skirt
    + Peach Fizz stockings (though I am not sure I am brave enough to wear them!)
    + Best Fuckin Friends half-heart necklaces


  166. CelinaApr 11, 20132:21 pm

    Dreamcats 2013 Calendar is awesome! I need that for my office.


  167. the cape on the cornerApr 11, 20132:23 pm

    oh my gosh, the everyday is like sunday banner? i mean, i DO have a grey cat named sunday specifically for this reason. it NEEDS to be mine!


  168. AnneApr 11, 20132:23 pm

    I heart very much:

    -The Nighthawk Clutch


    -The Mila Dress.

    Fingers crossed and thank you!


  169. the cape on the cornerApr 11, 20132:24 pm

    i just liked you and summerland on facebook. thanks for offering this!


  170. SarahApr 11, 20132:26 pm

    Could seriously rock the Number One – Vanilla Wood sunglasses while lounging in the Purple Aztec Two-Piece bikini. Seriously :)


  171. FayApr 11, 20133:01 pm

    Thanks for the giveaway! Love everything in the apothecary!


  172. Em CoopApr 11, 20133:22 pm

    I absolutely love the Sweet Nothings Necklace (“Eat a Dick” being my favorite one) and the Roller Rink Shorts (I think I’m still young enough to get away with that length), and the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Nail Polish is to die for.

    I’ve also liked you on FB.


  173. karinaApr 11, 20135:47 pm

    I would go for the cedar rose hair tonic and the patchett jacket by Dace. Or the Stay Home Club tote. Or maybe the gold Astral Crown….. I’m bad at decisions! I am already following both of your instagrams by the way. :)


  174. AnnieApr 11, 20135:49 pm

    The pointelle sweater is adorable! There are so many amazing pieces, though.


  175. Kelly MApr 11, 20136:16 pm

    what a great shop – thanks for the heads up. i’m in love with the high waisted swim suits and the ‘stay home’ pennant!


  176. CatherineApr 11, 20136:46 pm

    Love the New Look Top and the Manoush Birthday Skirt


  177. AngelApr 11, 20137:32 pm

    Thank you for sharing this online shop… I’m always looking for unique places to buy gifts. And I definitely want to try all three of the cocktail bitters, Kiki, Lolita & Lucille.


  178. raquel raneyApr 11, 20137:58 pm

    i love the vintage velvet skirt the most and that classic bow tie is pretty much insane amazing.


  179. Niamhy GApr 11, 20138:40 pm

    wowee! I was not really expecting to find billions of things i love on that website + some of my all time favourite brands!! It’s like a double triple bonus!
    So after some careful consideration I’ve chosen my top 3 items!
    +the number one vanilla wood sunnies are to die for (and will probably be nice and soft on my pasty skin!)
    +as i refuse to use tissues, i’d HAVE to say the girl gang handkerchiefs are perfect
    +and I can’t go past the packaging of the Zodiac incense!!! gorgeous!


  180. DorieApr 11, 20138:49 pm

    great give away! my loves are:


    wish they did some plus size clothing though…

    am already a door sixteen fan on facebook and instagram follower. have now followed summerland on both facebook and instagram as well.


  181. AshleyApr 11, 20139:06 pm

    I love:
    + Don’t eat me tea towel
    +Revival Dress
    +Nighthawk Clutch
    +Amethyst Ring
    +Gemma Dress
    +Arc Boots


  182. christyApr 11, 20139:12 pm

    Rosa dress, arc boots, nighthawk clutch. dream spring digs!


  183. rebeccaApr 11, 20139:50 pm

    Wow even if I don’t win I need some of this stuff!
    My favorites:
    Everyday is like Sunday banner
    Rapunzel ring
    Mary Jane stockings


  184. KelseyApr 11, 201310:31 pm

    OOOhhhh Black Floral Heart Two Piece!!

    Fingers crossed! <3 xo


  185. kelseyApr 11, 201310:31 pm

    Liked on Facebook!


  186. KristinApr 11, 201310:57 pm

    Definitely the Nesbit Boots. Love them!


  187. katrinaApr 11, 201311:00 pm
  188. AuroraApr 11, 201311:22 pm

    Don’t Eat Me Tea Towel, Olo Foret, Tarot Deck Candle

    *I also liked you on facebook.


  189. mysteryflavorApr 11, 201311:42 pm

    Love the Honeymoon Skirt and the big chunky amethyst ring!

    Also liked and followed!


  190. KeyseApr 11, 201311:52 pm

    I think I would go wild with the Deborah Lippmann nail polishes…Boom Boom Pow!


  191. QApr 12, 201312:48 am

    Um… everything?

    But seriously, I like the “sweet nothings” necklaces, the “number one” sunglasses in tortoise, and the “Mary Jane” tights.


  192. sarahApr 12, 20131:15 am

    i love the mila dress by eskell and that twenty seven names heart sweater!


  193. arounnaApr 12, 20131:24 am

    so much goodness to choose from
    +gretal dress
    +fieldguided totes
    +wilderness tea towel
    following on fb & ig


  194. jessicaApr 12, 20131:54 am

    Arrow dress

    Mila dress

    Revival dress

    They are all so dreamy

    I follow you both on Twitter and Instagram already!


  195. rochelleApr 12, 20132:03 am

    Awesome! I love Summerland, but even as a Seattle-ite, I don’t get down to visit as often as I like! The Honeymoon skirt is gorgeous – I can imagine myself wearing it to work every day! So lovely and springy. The ‘Blame it on my wild heart’ tote has been on my wish list for a while now. And the vintage Stardust dress? I don’t know where I’d wear it, but I’d find the place!
    (ps) already liked you both on facebook, followed you on instagram & just followed summerland too.



  196. danaApr 12, 20133:55 am

    the “everyday is like sunday” banner and arrow dress are going to haunt my dreams i love them so much


  197. AnnaApr 12, 20138:04 am

    The Predicate Dress would be perfect for wearing to work! It’s playful and fun while still being work appropriate. I teach college classes so I need to be careful about low necklines, high hems, and bold patterns. And the Rose + Vanilla lip gloss is giving me a huge pang of nostalgia for the little tins of lip gloss I had when I was a kid.

    And, as always, I love your site and your “hate free, drama free” attitude. Looking forward to future posts!


  198. Chloe @Ergo-BlogApr 12, 201311:12 am

    Wow this is hard to pick some favorite things! I love the redfox vintage dress, the mystic pizza necklace, the desert bloom stockings, and the tarot deck candle!! =) Please count me in!!


  199. ZoeApr 12, 201311:42 am

    my ever so dear wish list:
    Jacinta Dress from Eskell
    Dreamcats Calendar
    Something Else sunglasses
    Honeymoon skirt from Twenty-Seven Names

    fingers crossed yay!


  200. JaimeApr 12, 201312:05 pm
  201. AislingApr 12, 20132:06 pm

    I love the Pain Freedom oil as I suffer from scoliosis and chronic back pain!

    Liked on Facebook and followed Door Sixteen and Summerland.


  202. natalikaApr 12, 20132:32 pm

    Yay, this might be the first time ever I participate in a giveaway… I just couldn’t resist!

    Totally in love with the Clover shorts, Honeymoon skirt & Irma blouse.
    Also ultra cute: Classic Bow Tie – Pink Cross, the Rapunzel ring and Mila dress.
    And to top it all off: Desert Bloom stokcings (!) and Modern Love or It’s Raining Men nail polish.

    (And I already follow D16 on Facebook & Instagram)


  203. JaimeApr 12, 20132:58 pm

    I don’t know whether to love you or hate you for pointing me to Summerland (which I hadn’t heard of before and will definitely check out next time I visit my in-laws in Portland). I could seriously blow an entire paycheck on goodies from here, especially since I recently lost 30 lbs and am gradually replacing my whole wardrobe. Anyway, here are some of my favorite pieces:

    -Mila dress
    -Arrow dress
    -Thumper pants
    -Gretel dress (but out of my size — poop!)
    -Esme dress
    -Article top
    -Scamper skirt (also out of my size)
    -ALL of the boots (Nesbit, Blixen, Arc)


  204. AllieApr 12, 20133:27 pm

    My favorites:

    Cosmic Pyramid Maillot
    Kiki Cocktail Bitters
    Stay Home Pennant
    Warm Body Oil
    Astral Crown


  205. Kate D.Apr 12, 20133:34 pm

    What fun! I’m really loving the Catbird candles and the OLO perfume oils. I’m totally addicted to pretty smelling stuff at the moment. Also, I follow both of you on Facebook + Instagram. Thanks!


  206. ShellyApr 12, 20134:35 pm

    I love the summer arc boots!


  207. lulaApr 12, 20137:12 pm

    + nighthawk clutch
    + super duper strenght sunglasses
    + olo dark wave
    + blixen Boot / wolverine -samantha peet
    that was fun….


  208. MeganApr 12, 20138:26 pm

    LOVE Summerland! Some of my faves: Peach Fizz Stockings, Twinkle Sparkler – Gold, Astral Crown – Silver, Home Sweet Home banner, and Arc Boots! (already a follower on FB & IG)


  209. JenniferApr 12, 20138:50 pm

    Can I just stop at the “Fuck Off” necklace. That is genius. But I also like the “don’t eat me” mushroom towel and just about everything else. Awesome (new to me) shop! Thanks.

    Oh and I liked you both on FB; already following D16 on Instagram…


  210. FarahApr 12, 20139:38 pm

    First off, your Blog and Instagram are so unique and happy! I vicariously live through your decorating ideas, crafts and too hope to one day be able to spoil a victorian home in NY with my love. Thank you for sharing your friend’s shop, she’s great! I liked both of your Facebook pages, and Instagram’s.

    Crushes: In Apothecary, Love & Manifest, Rose + Vanilla tinted lip blush, Fleurs de Nuit Candle – Travel.
    Every girl needs the perfect pair of sunny’s: Soul Club – Black
    This would be the cherry on top for my apartment.
    Gems: A Day in the Life Dress, Amethyst Ring (Birthstone), Blixen Boot, Wild Heart Tote – Natural, Zodiac Incense, Sweet Nothings Necklace, Loveknuckles, Seattle Pants, Revival Dress, Jacinta Dress



  211. FarahApr 12, 20139:41 pm

    ^^^^ *Cherry on top for my apartment would be the banner that says Every day is like Sunday


  212. MelissaApr 12, 201310:04 pm

    So much awesome stuff! Love the Starfield dress and the Honeymoon skirt.


  213. SimonApr 13, 201312:06 am

    I have chosen two items that I would like to give to my wife. She is the hardest working woman I know and the mother of our son. She doesn’t get the chance to treat herself very often and one of these items I think she would like very much.

    1. Pointelle Sweater – Mix MintDesigner: Shakuhachi
    2. Harvest – Fluro PinkDesigner: Karen Walker

    thank you,
    Simon Fleming


  214. ElisabethApr 13, 201312:16 am

    I just love the Redfox Dress.


  215. ElisabethApr 13, 201312:17 am

    I like you both the FB.


  216. ElisabethApr 13, 201312:17 am

    I like you both on the IG.


  217. KarolineApr 13, 201311:36 am

    + Blixen Boot!
    + Nina Coat!

    I also follow you both on instagram


  218. jennApr 13, 20131:20 pm

    LOVE the rosa dress, revival dress and the arrow dress! can you tell im on a dress kick?
    + the harvest pink sun glasses!


  219. carlyApr 13, 20132:38 pm

    summerland! what a great collection of goodies. well curated.

    here are some things that caught my eye:

    – OLO: lightning rain
    – Deborah Lippmann: raining men
    – fig and yarrow: basil lip balm
    – cat bird: fleur du nuit candle

    follow you on Instagram as insta_granny!


  220. CeilidhApr 13, 20136:34 pm

    Oh man… I just want a pair of those Karen Walker sunnies! I was just thinking of them today as I was walking in the snow/rain!
    Also- already liked you on FB and now liking Summerland too!


  221. Dawn MarieApr 13, 20139:58 pm

    I absolutely love this web site. Thank you for the introduction. I see many things I would love. However, I would like my entry to count for Simon Fleming. He melted my heart with his entry.


    Anna @ D16 /

    Dawn Marie, I know!! Last night Megan from Summerland and I were all weepy over his comment. Sigh.

  222. moanaApr 13, 201311:03 pm

    oh theres just too much!
    the red velvet slippers nail polish
    rose+vanilla tinted lip blush
    fire flower essence
    Boutique by Jaeger Seaside Dress
    Tangerine Dream Blazer
    nesbit boot
    I absolutely love it all!


  223. LizApr 14, 201312:32 pm

    I love the amethyst ring and the I’m Lichen It Tea Towel; adorable.


  224. tobieApr 14, 201312:46 pm

    i love the Nesbit Boots, girls just want to have fun polish and some Olo fragrance. and i might finally get a ‘blame it on my wild heart’ tote!


  225. Larissa MenezesApr 14, 201312:55 pm

    I love the arrow dress!!


  226. AprilApr 14, 20131:45 pm

    I love the scooter dress. So many cute things!


  227. Sezgi UygurApr 14, 20133:10 pm

    I love the Mila dress, Number One sunglasses in Vanilla Wood and the Pink Cross bow tie.
    I liked you both on FB and following both on instagram.
    Thank you!


  228. KatherineApr 14, 20138:32 pm

    I love Summerland and this is such a great giveaway. I really love the sweet nothings necklace, Don’t believe the strip kaftan, and so many more pieces!

    Insta: kathboar25
    facebook: Katherine Boarman


  229. Bethany AldecoaApr 14, 20138:44 pm

    Best fucking friends neckland and Rapunzel ring!!


  230. Bethany AldecoaApr 14, 20138:45 pm

    Following both on Instagram (username beealdecoa)


  231. amberApr 14, 20139:00 pm

    Olo perfume and that blue tie-die dress!


  232. ms jesse bleschApr 14, 201310:27 pm

    Following both on the instagram. I like the gold sparkle star hair clips cause in a lot of ways I’m still a seven year old.


  233. RaquelApr 14, 201311:50 pm

    Ohgod, the Moon Heart bikini + Revival dress. PS: both of you “liked” on fb.


  234. Jillian SoballiApr 15, 201312:00 am

    Love the scooter dress, the vintage APC Plaid Dress, the awesome necklaces and bow ties! Oh my god, I both love and hate you for showing me this website.


  235. RaquelApr 15, 201312:00 am

    And on Instagram.


  236. RaquelApr 15, 201312:07 am

    Oops, not on Insta after all. Can’t find Summerland.


    Megan /

    We’re “shopsummerland” on Instagram, thanks so much for entering the giveaway. Good luck!

  237. lizApr 15, 20132:15 am

    There’s too much to like but I’ll start with the Karen Walker sunglasses. At the moment I think the Number One in Blonde Wood would win my heart but I could be persuaded to wear any of them. And I’ve just put rather a lot of things from the Apothecary section in my fantasy basket but were someone to arrange for me to get a little tin of the Rose + Vanilla Lip Blush I’d be very happy.

    I already follow you on Instagram and I’ve just added Summerland.



  238. PauleApr 15, 20138:06 am

    I love all their sunglasses.. And the “loveknuckles” ring. I want it!

    I like them on FB :)

    Paule. @paule_tb


  239. SaraApr 15, 201310:11 am

    I love your blog, and love Summerland!
    My favorite pieces are the Nathaniel Blouse, Cosmic Pyramid Maillot, “Magic Surrounds” banner and Giza Ring.

    + both on facebook
    + both on instagram

    Thanks for the giveaway :)


  240. AinsleyApr 15, 201310:26 am

    Their Honeymoon Skirt is out-of-control-adorable!!! I would also love the DreamCats calendar.

    + doorsixteen on instagram.
    + doorsizteen on Facebook.


  241. MollyApr 15, 201310:26 am

    I already follow you both on instagram – but I’m in love with the Nico Tunic and Pointelle Sweaters (can’t choose a color)!

    Thanks for doing this :)


  242. RachelApr 15, 201310:34 am
  243. JacintaApr 15, 201310:37 am

    Ooh would happily say I Do to the Honeymoon skirt, and yes thank you to the Revival Dress and Nesbit Boot. Fingers and toes crossed!


  244. Erin Q.Apr 15, 201310:40 am

    I ordered a sample pack of a few of OLO’s fragrances, and Dark Wave is one of my favourites. Lightning Paw sounds intriguing too! I’d love to get a bigger size for when I run out of my wee samples.


  245. Laura M.Apr 15, 201311:03 am

    I love the Mila dress and Thumper pants.


  246. KateApr 15, 201311:14 am

    Loving the Predicate Dress! Super cute!


  247. SadieApr 15, 201312:59 pm

    Loving the OLO and many of the dresses, particularly the Love Songs Til Midnight one.
    Thanks for the opportunity.


  248. CathyApr 15, 20131:22 pm

    I love the ‘Everyday is Like Sunday’ banner, and the wilderness tea towel.


  249. Jenna NicoleApr 15, 20132:08 pm

    I looooove summerland!

    I’ve had my eye on the tighrope blouse and the lois dress for ages. Also, they have lots of candles I’d love to try! I added you both on FB and instagram too.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity!


  250. Chelsea TApr 15, 20133:01 pm

    That Seaside dress is perfect – and real swell that a vintage dress is size 14!


  251. Chelsea TApr 15, 20133:02 pm

    I also follow Door Sixteen and Summerland on FB!


  252. Lisa HApr 15, 20133:38 pm

    Oh wow, welcome to Summer! What DON’T I like?? If I win, you might have to give me about eleventy hundred hours to pick out some stuff.

    I adore the Starfield Dress and the Mystic Pizza necklace. The Pointelle sweater is fabulous. The shoes, I was afraid to look at them for fear of not being able to concentrate on work for the rest of the day.


  253. SarahApr 15, 20134:00 pm

    The Campfire Candle, the Every Day is Like Sunday banner, the vintage Pendleton jacket. Thanks for the opportunity!


  254. marthaApr 15, 20136:32 pm

    I love all your picks (of course) especially the mila dress. I also like the pointelle sweater and article top.
    I already follow you on instagram -does that count? :)


  255. dagmaraApr 15, 20136:48 pm

    I like the OLO scents and Deborah Lippman nail polishes.

    + liked Summerland and Door Sixteen on Facebook
    + already follow DS on Instagram


  256. NariApr 15, 20139:16 pm

    Hard to choose between all the gorgeous dresses, love the Gretel dress particularly.


  257. AprilApr 16, 20134:47 am

    What a lovely giveaway, and a lovely shop!

    I have always coveted the Sweet Nothings necklaces (can’t decide between sayings though), and I love the Fieldguided totes (I had one but someone else decided they really liked it too and stole it in a pub!). I’m also dying to try an OLO scent.



  258. Paige @ LPDApr 16, 201310:37 am

    Oh geez, I never win these things ha! Might as well give it a shot though, that Moon heart bikini is CALLING to me.

    I’ve also liked both facebooks.


  259. SavannahApr 16, 201310:40 am

    Those minnow bathers suits and Karen Walker sunnies are always on my wishlists… On day they will be mine. <3


  260. BethApr 16, 201310:49 am

    The banners are cute! The rose & vanilla lip blush sounds amazing, and I do like the Mila dress you pictured above. There’s also some cute nail polish to pick from! Thanks for the fun giveaway. :)


  261. kristen stocksApr 16, 201310:49 am

    arc boots–super swoon!


  262. ANaApr 16, 201310:54 am
  263. SarahApr 16, 201310:58 am

    Way too much beautiful stuff :)

    My choices:

    : Mila Dress (Eskell)
    : Feather Skirt (Ivana Helsinki)
    : Predicate Dress (Feral Childe)
    : Number One – Vanilla Wood Sunglasses (Karen Walker)
    : Lightning Paw Oil (Olo)

    I like/follow both of you on fb and instagram x


  264. MaisukkaApr 16, 201311:06 am

    These lovelies call my name:

    Cedar+Rose scent

    Bobby pins

    Seven Seas Candle

    Thanks for this wonderful giveaway :)
    ( following in FB and Instagram)


  265. NicoleApr 16, 201311:11 am

    I love the Mila Dress, Honeymoon Skirt, & Love Songs Till Midnight Dress!

    I also liked both facebooks and followed on instagram.


  266. TinaApr 16, 201311:14 am

    I love the Predicate Dress!
    Great shop!!!


  267. JanetApr 16, 201311:16 am

    I love Summerland and have had good experiences buying from them in the past, even though I live up in Canada (you’d be surprised how long it takes for things to get across the border).

    There are so many amazing things in the Summerland shop, but right now I think my favourites are:
    – Radiant Frame in Smokey Quartz
    – Mila dress
    – Arrow dress

    And I’ve always wanted to try OLO in Lightning Paw!

    I happily follow both of you on Instagram and Facebook.

    Thanks for the opportunity, Anna.


  268. iHannaApr 16, 201311:17 am

    Happy spring! I love the dresses, all of them, and I really need one too!


  269. BethApr 16, 201311:18 am

    Everything is cute ! I love the tea towels!!


  270. RoxanneApr 16, 201311:28 am

    I like the Jones dress and the Lichen tea towel!


  271. chelseaApr 16, 201311:29 am

    What a great giveaway!
    I’m loving:
    – Tarot Deck candle
    – Out of Africa tunic
    – Olo Lightning Paw
    – DL It’s Raining Men
    – Giza ring

    Thanks Anna!!


  272. KarenApr 16, 201311:41 am

    Strawberry Fields Top. Drool.

    *have already liked on FB


  273. sara longApr 16, 201312:03 pm

    i LOVE the thumbprint pants!


  274. Kim MarsdenApr 16, 201312:57 pm

    I love Portland! Where to begin….such cool stuff. I’ve always loved the Blame It On My Wild Heart Bag, those candles look gorgeous. And the lip blush! But give me time…i’m sure this list could go on.

    I’m already a big fan of doorsixteen on fb and instagram. Off to search for Summerland :)



  275. ghoulnextdoorApr 16, 20134:46 pm

    What good fun! Well, let’s see

    I have been dying to try the OLO fragrances, maybe Lightning Paw
    Those Kiki cocktail bitters are especially intriguing
    That Manoush dress is darling
    And the tarot candle!


  276. Athena RothApr 16, 20135:52 pm

    Love many things but if I have to choose…the Amethyst Ring, the Giza Ring in Nickel, and the Wild Heart Tote are all pretty awesome! Thanks for the chance and I like you both on FB and followed you both on Instagram! Best, Athena.


  277. KimApr 16, 20138:46 pm

    Hey Anna, thanks for the giveaway!

    I have to say that my life would definitely be more complete with the Olo Cedar+Rose perfume oil and any of the Bitter Tears bitters.

    I’m following both you and Summerland on Instagram as well.


  278. rachelApr 16, 20139:15 pm

    would love the OLO forêt perfume!


  279. KthroApr 16, 20139:55 pm

    I love the Arrow dress. A peter pan collar, gray stipes going vertical and horizontal, peekaboo back, whats not to love? I also love the BIg Love Sweater, it is just the right amount of cutesy. I’m curious about the Peach Fizz stocks, as well. I’d love to see how they’d coordinate into a fabulous outfit.

    P.S. I like both D!6 and Summerland on FB and am following you guys on instagram (shameless plug: check out my adorable frenchie over @kthro)


  280. adairApr 16, 201310:11 pm

    i liked you both on facebook!
    and i follow both of you on instagram!

    i’d love the seven seas candle and olo!


  281. abbyApr 16, 201310:13 pm

    I love Summerland! :) A few favorites that would make my summer complete…

    ~ Predicate Dress (wish it wasn’t sold out!)
    ~ Thumper Pants (have the top they are pictured with, love the pairing)
    ~ Black Floral Minnow Bather
    ~ Karen Walker Super Duper Strength
    ~ Olo Darkwave

    (also I already follow doorsixteen and summerland Instagrams)


  282. Anna @ D16Apr 16, 201311:01 pm

    This giveaway has now ended! Thanks to everyone who entered. I’ll announce the winner in this post and on Twitter tomorrow, and the winner will be contacted directly via email.


  283. WolverineJun 10, 20134:09 pm

    Hi Anna,

    Thank you for sharing our Bixen Boots from our Wolverine 1000 Mile by Samantha Pleet Collection!

    – Wolverine Team


    Anna @ D16 /

    You’re welcome! They’re beautiful. :)

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