Stone & Honey = Tiro Tiro + a giveaway!


Under the name Stone & Honey, Teresa Robinson has been one of my favorite jewelry designers for several years now. I own her earrings, necklaces, rings…they’re part of my daily uniform, and my family and friends know that anything from Stone & Honey is a safe bet if they’re buying me a gift. I’m going to have to pass the word around to them that Teresa is now working under a new name which reflects the evolution of her jewelry designs: Tiro Tiro.

To celebrate the launch of Teresa’s latest collection, Forma Nueva, the birth of Tiro Tiro and the almost-arrival of fall (it’s September, so as far as I’m concerned summer is OVER), I’m hosting an amazing giveaway: $200 to spend on anything you’d like from Tiro Tiro!

Here’s how to enter:
Visit Tiro Tiro and pick out a few of your favorite things.
Leave a comment here letting me know what they are!

Here’s how to get two extra entries:
Like Tiro Tiro and Door Sixteen on Facebook.*
Follow Tiro Tiro and Door Sixteen on Twitter.*

* If you already liked/followed either of us, that’s fine. Just let me know in your comment so I can count your extra entries!

The deadline for entries is Tuesday, September 10th at 11:00 PM, EST. THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. I’ll announce the winner here and on Twitter tomorrow. The winner will also be notified by email. Thanks to everyone who entered!

UPDATE: The winner of the Tiro Tiro giveaway is Lynn from Satsuma Press! Congratulations, Lynn.

Bonus discount!
Tiro Tiro is offering a 15% discount on anything in the shop between now and September 15th. Use the code IHEARTTIROTIRO at checkout!

My favorites from the Forma Nueva collection:
Aures rings // Billete earrings // Quarta necklace // Pinna rings


  1. NicoleSep 3, 201310:51 am

    Those arcos earrings, wow!


  2. KylieSep 3, 201310:52 am

    Love the PRAE EARRINGS :)


  3. LauraSep 3, 201310:57 am

    Oh goodness, there is so much stuff that I like. I already own the Polis bracelet and pair of earrings from the S+H collection that are no longer available. The earrings literally never come out of my ears!

    I would say I love the Clarus bracelet, Arcos earrings and Iuvo bracelets the best!

    (Follow DS + TT on both twitter and facebook as well!)


  4. Dee in BCSep 3, 201310:59 am

    I love the Fores bracelet & the Prae earrings. Thanks for the giveaway.


  5. brigitteSep 3, 201311:00 am

    Good Morning!

    So excited about this contest and I am IN LOVE with Teresa’s designs… I am an earring addict, so if I had my picks I would chose the ARCOS and VEA sets (especially love the VEA — just amazing!)… but I also really love the IUVO bracelets…

    And — I’ve been a fan of Door Sixteen on Facebook — but just added Tiro Tiro and am following both on Twitter now.

    Thank you!!


  6. AinsleySep 3, 201311:01 am

    The Porta Necklace and Pinna Rings are way cool!


  7. karolineSep 3, 201311:09 am



  8. LeeAnnSep 3, 201311:12 am

    I love the Fores Bracelet in Indigo. It seems like I can’t pass that color up this year!


  9. EshaSep 3, 201311:20 am

    I *love* the Arcos earrings and the Tela earrings too!

    And I just followed you and Tiro Tiro on Twitter (@rrrackette) and Facebook!


  10. robinSep 3, 201311:20 am

    lado necklace, porta ring, prae earrings. much too much too choose. i would not kick any of this collection off my person.


  11. AnaSep 3, 201311:21 am

    I’m a fan of the earrings and bracelets. Current faves: Fores and Iuvo bracelets.


  12. LauraSep 3, 201311:23 am

    Oh my…where to start! I love her jewelry. Favorites are pinna ring and billete earrings. I already favorite Door Sixteen and now favorite Tiro Tiro on FB. Thanks so much!


  13. ArianaSep 3, 201311:26 am

    I love the Lado necklace!


  14. Laura RuppSep 3, 201311:26 am

    Love it all, especially the porta necklace, fores bracelet & iuvo bracelets!

    Follow you both!


  15. DaciaSep 3, 201311:27 am

    I own the ARCOS earrings and love them! Such unique designs. I would love to own the IUVO bracelets, JANUA necklace, and the MEDIUS earrings!


  16. NancySSep 3, 201311:27 am

    I love those Prae earrings!


  17. Begona HernandoSep 3, 201311:34 am

    Im so excited about this contest! Here just a few of my fav things!

    + arcos, medius and vea earrings
    + janua and iuvo necklaces

    <3 They are all amazingly beautiful <3


  18. julesSep 3, 201311:35 am

    ugh!!! what don’t i want??? obsessed with all of the rings, especially the tempus ring!


  19. the cape on the cornerSep 3, 201311:35 am

    those auros rings look like cats ears! want!


  20. MarilieSep 3, 201311:36 am

    I her work! My favorites are the Tempus necklace and the Clarus bracelet! I already follow Tiro Tiro and Door Sixteen on Twitter


  21. the cape on the cornerSep 3, 201311:37 am

    already like you on fb, and I just liked them. thanks!


  22. Caitlin R.Sep 3, 201311:42 am

    Porta Ring! Tempus Ring! Tempus Necklace! Cirrus Ring! Arcos Earrings! It’d be easier to ask what isn’t my favorite. :) Already follow tiro tiro on facebook & instagram and Door Sixteen on instagram–does that count for anything?


  23. MonicaSep 3, 201311:44 am

    How did I not know Door Sixteen was on FB? Now liked, along with Tiro Tiro! [I already follow D16 on Twitter so that I can drool over Newburgh real estate on the regular.]

    All of the above social media-ing would be way more chic if I were doing it wearing the Arcos earrings, which I’ve been drooling over for a while, or the new Billete earrings. Gorgeous stuff!


  24. leslieSep 3, 201311:44 am

    Oh man SUCH GOOD STUFF!!
    I’ve had my eye on that Cirrus ring.
    (I follow you both on twitter, too :) xo


  25. Jade Sheldon-BurnsedSep 3, 201311:45 am

    I adore the Aleta Bracelet!


  26. AndreaSep 3, 201311:46 am

    I LOVE the Lado necklace and the Tela Earrings, def my faves.
    And I already “like” both of you all on the facebook ;)


  27. Jade Sheldon-BurnsedSep 3, 201311:47 am

    I like Tiro Tiro and Door Sixteen on Facebook!


  28. Jade Sheldon-BurnsedSep 3, 201311:48 am

    I follow Tiro Tiro and Door Sixteen on Twitter!


  29. IleniaSep 3, 201311:51 am

    I’m so excited about this giveaway that I’m going to participate!

    The pieces I love the most are: aleta bracelet, clarus bracelet and the cirrus ring ( and I could keep going – the tempus necklace it’s another beautiful one).

    Oh, and of course, I follow both DoorSixteen and TiroTiro – everywhere. I’m a happy stalker. yay!


  30. AnneSep 3, 201311:52 am

    Arcos earrings! I purchased some earrings from Stone and Honey last year and I wear them ALL the time.


  31. christina@pmvSep 3, 201311:57 am

    I’m in love with the Fibra necklace and the Cirrus ring! I own a few pieces of her jewelry as well, they are some of my favorite items to wear. (Already liked D16 on Twitter, Tiro Tiro on FB)


  32. KateSep 3, 201311:57 am

    This jewelry is so amazing. The Prae earrings in wheat and the Marcos earnings are my favorite.


    Kate /

    Just liked and followed both of you.

  33. jenny v.Sep 3, 201312:01 pm

    Eeeep! This is my favorite jewelry line, I love them all, but I’ve been wishlisting that gorgeous statement quarta necklace! And the pinna rings look so powerful stacked, *hearteyes* Fingers crossed xox


  34. Erika DSep 3, 201312:02 pm

    Mmmm the Lado necklace, Clarus bracelet, Tempus necklace, and the Medius earrings. Everything she makes gives me jewelry butterflies!


  35. kikiSep 3, 201312:04 pm

    love the clustrum ring!


  36. AnnieSep 3, 201312:05 pm

    Love the cirrus and aures rings!!


  37. PauleSep 3, 201312:05 pm

    I love the new name! Very powerfull.

    My favorites are the Vea and Arcos earrings… An the Iuvo bracelets really sooo nice!!

    I follow you both on twitter and like on fb!


  38. danaSep 3, 201312:07 pm

    I have always loved Teresa’s jewelry! My current faves are the Cael earrings, the Arcos earrings and the Porta necklace. Swoon!!!


  39. francine s.Sep 3, 201312:07 pm

    fores bracelet, fibra necklace, lado necklace. ALL AMAZING! thanks for introducing me to this company! I cant wait to get some pieces! also following on facebook and twitter-iceeface.


  40. Sankhalina NathSep 3, 201312:09 pm

    Absolutely in love with the Billete Earrings and the Iuvo Bracelets.

    Also liked and followed Door Sixteen and Tiro Tiro on Facebook and Twitter.


  41. KellySep 3, 201312:12 pm

    Um, everything!!?
    The Medius earrings are especially fabulous!


  42. LindsaySep 3, 201312:13 pm

    I’ve had the Arcos earrings and the Porta ring on my wishlist forever. Thanks for the giveaway!


  43. ~HeatherSep 3, 201312:16 pm

    Diggin’ the Vea Earrings, Arco Earrings and Janua Necklace


  44. tobieSep 3, 201312:17 pm

    vea earrings and porta necklace. love.


  45. meeroSep 3, 201312:19 pm

    love it all! but i’ll narrow it down to Cael earrings, Lado necklace, and Medius earrings.
    follow both on FB and Twitter.


  46. KaylaSep 3, 201312:19 pm

    the aures rings are great. they look like cat ears!


  47. JessicaSep 3, 201312:20 pm

    this is a bit of a cop-out, but I can’t find much on their website that I wouldn’t LOVE! The metal stuff is all gorgeous!


  48. BSep 3, 201312:22 pm

    The clarus bracelet is killllllerrr


  49. Rebecca GSep 3, 201312:25 pm

    Loving the Iuvo bracelets and the Arcos earrings!!! I’m following both on Facebook!


  50. MichelleSep 3, 201312:32 pm

    Drooling over those Arcos Earrings. What a beautiful shop! Thanks for the giveaway!


  51. JuliaSep 3, 201312:33 pm

    Everything they have is a winner… so difficult to choose favorites! I really like the shape of the Billete earrings, and the sliver of weaving on the Vea earrings. I also dig stud earrings, and the Clustrum earrings are an offbeat, cool take on them.


  52. KarinaSep 3, 201312:34 pm

    I love the Polis and the Quarta necklace. I have one of herhoneycomb necklaces and it’s my favorite to wear. Thank you!


  53. chrisSep 3, 201312:34 pm

    Another vote for the Bilette earrings! Everything is beautiful!


  54. MichelleSep 3, 201312:40 pm

    I love the Fores bracelet…and, well, everything else too. I liked Tiro Tiro on fb, and already like D16. Thanks for the giveaway!


  55. CaraSep 3, 201312:45 pm

    I love the Clarus and Juvo bracelets, the Solis ring, and the Porta necklace.


  56. MeganSep 3, 201312:45 pm

    Oh, that Porta necklace is beautiful. And the Arcos earrings. I love it all! Thanks for the giveaway :)


  57. RaquelSep 3, 201312:48 pm

    I love the Porta necklace, but really what’s not to love?!


  58. HaelynSep 3, 201312:51 pm

    They are all so BEAUTIFUL!!!! There are so many that I love, but here are just a few: POLIS and IUVO bracelets, PINNA and AURES rings, QUARTA, MEDIUS and REDONDO necklaces!

    I LOVE your blog, and THANK YOU for this post and giveaway. :)


  59. maggieSep 3, 201312:54 pm

    Gah so many options! Loving the Porta Ring, the Aures Rings, and the Tela Earrings. Liked and followed both Door Sixteen and Tiro Tiro – fingers crossed!


  60. LizzieSep 3, 201312:54 pm

    Wow, REALLY beautiful stuff. I love the Porta Ring, the Cirrus Ring, the Calix Necklace, the Medius Necklace, the Iuvo Bracelets… I also really like the Arcos Earrings, but I have attached earlobes and don’t think those would work for me.. hm.

    (I’ve already liked you on FB, but I’ll go like Tiro Tiro now!)


  61. AliciaSep 3, 201312:59 pm

    I love all the rings, especially the Porta.


  62. KeyseSep 3, 201312:59 pm

    Liked and following you and Tiro Tiro everywhere! I really like the PRAE EARRINGS in Indigo, love the use and combination of metal and textile


  63. GCSep 3, 201312:59 pm

    I love the Aures and Porta rings! The Iuvo bracelets are fantastic too.

    I follow you both on Twitter.


  64. MeganSep 3, 20131:00 pm

    Love the Janua Necklace, Aures Rings, Tela Earrings. She does amazing jewelry!


  65. JenSep 3, 20131:03 pm

    Iuvo bracelets and the Clarus earrings would be my pick.


  66. ZoeSep 3, 20131:13 pm

    Calix necklace – love it


  67. roxanne rSep 3, 20131:14 pm

    The Porta ring – omg.



  68. MargaretSep 3, 20131:25 pm

    I love the Polis Necklace and have for ages. The perfect dash of hipster for my boring lawyer suits.

    I am currently wearing one of my honeycomb necklace from Stone and Honey. They are one of my favorite I-wear-one-everyday pieces. The new store is awesome but I am going to miss Stone and Honey.

    (I am now following both of you on twitter and liked both pages on Facebook.)


  69. Rebecca RSep 3, 20131:26 pm

    Such a grand giveaway!

    I have my eye on the Tela Earrings and the Polis Bracelet.

    I already follow Tiro Tiro on Twitter and Facebook.

    Thank you!


  70. ZoëSep 3, 20131:29 pm

    I love the pinna rings (but really I love ALL OF IT)! Yes please.


  71. julienSep 3, 20131:39 pm

    I die for the Arcos and Vea earrings! Follow already on fb. xo


  72. JasmineSep 3, 20131:44 pm

    Really need a new ring and I have been searching for something bold. The Solis Ring is perfect! Also love the Billete earrings! Lado Necklace… also gorgeous.

    Yes, I am a follower of both Tiro Tiro and Door Sixteen!


  73. Kristen MaynorSep 3, 20131:54 pm

    I’m totally enamored with the combination of metal and rope — these pieces are truly wonderful!!

    I’m super picky about rings but the “Pinna ring” is too awesome – I love the clean design and that they’re stackable!

    The “Polis bracelet” kinda reminds me of the Nazca lines in Peru which is totally rad – I don’t think I would EVER take this off!

    Also, the “Lado necklace” just cus navy and gold is a great combination.

    I’ve been following you (Anna) for a while now on FB and twitter but just started following TiroTiro too – looking forward to the updates!


  74. HeatherSep 3, 20131:55 pm

    MMM, I would have to say I love the Tempus necklace and the Arcos earrings. But, can you really go wrong with anything that lady makes? I also follow you both on Twitter. Thanks to you both for the giveaway!


  75. MarieSep 3, 20131:59 pm

    The Pinna Rings and Cirrus Bracelets are amazing among everything else. They definitely could spice up any outfit whether it be for work or leisure.

    I have been following Anna for a while on twitter and instagram (love the house updates) but just started following TiroTiro too! I love all of the jewelry! (Thanks for the discount code as well)


  76. AlisonSep 3, 20132:01 pm

    I adore this new collection and love the Quarta Necklace, the Fores Bracelet and the Cirrus Ring.

    I followed all too! (already a follower of Tiro Tiro on Facebook)


  77. LizSep 3, 20132:03 pm

    I love so many things on their site…I’d get the Clustrum ring and the Medius earrings. Thanks!!


  78. LizSep 3, 20132:05 pm

    I also like both Tiro Tiro and Door Sixteen on facebook!!


  79. CelineSep 3, 20132:06 pm

    I LOVE the Tempus necklace, Iuvo bracelets and the Vea earrings. Big bold and architectural – what’s not to love


  80. JordanSep 3, 20132:10 pm

    Anna, been a long time reader and love this collabo with Tiro Tiro. Was able to purchase a necklace of theirs for my sister awhile back and absolutely love the Porta Necklace, Aleta Bracelet, and Lado Necklace. Can’t go wrong with some navy rope action!


  81. MarlenaSep 3, 20132:13 pm

    I’ve been eyeing the Arcos earrings for so long! I follow you on Twitter, and just added Tiro Tiro, too. Thanks!


  82. MelissaSep 3, 20132:16 pm

    Oh, wow. I love it all! The Clustrum Earrings are my favorite, though.

    I also like Door Sixteen on Facebook!


  83. lauraSep 3, 20132:16 pm

    oooh- so hard to choose…. i llove the atleta bracelet and the pinna rings the most. the arcos earrings are also smashing! I’m a Facebook follower too!
    fingers crossed! :)


  84. sarahSep 3, 20132:17 pm

    the cael necklace is so beautiful, and i also love the cirrus ring!


  85. EmilySep 3, 20132:24 pm

    I like the quarta necklace!


  86. valentineSep 3, 20132:24 pm

    Love the fores bracelet!!
    I also like Door Sixteen and Tiro Tiro on fb!


  87. MarisaSep 3, 20132:28 pm

    The Cael earrings and the Iuvo bracelets are so lovely!


  88. MariSep 3, 20132:29 pm

    The tessera necklace and cirrus ring – can I win twice so I can get both?!


  89. DianaSep 3, 20132:35 pm

    I’m loving the Quarta Necklace and the Janua necklace in charcoal!


  90. KarenSep 3, 20132:36 pm

    The crazy cat lady in me loves the Aures Rings!


  91. KarenSep 3, 20132:37 pm

    following you both on twitter!


  92. MarySep 3, 20132:38 pm

    I’d really enjoy the clarus bracelet and medius earrings! Okay and the porta ring.


  93. KarenSep 3, 20132:40 pm

    Oh map, love all those rings! Especially the Aures.


  94. LixSep 3, 20132:40 pm

    I love the Aures rings!


  95. AliSep 3, 20132:46 pm

    Absolutely loving the Tempus necklace and the Cael earrings in wheat! She makes such beautiful jewelry.


  96. AmberSep 3, 20132:46 pm

    Cael necklace!!


  97. rachelSep 3, 20132:47 pm

    I love the Janua and Porta necklaces best, but all of the necklaces are awesome!
    (I “like” both facebook pages)


  98. ElizabethSep 3, 20132:51 pm

    oh my god, where to even begin?

    I’d wear the Flores bracelet, the Vea earrings, the Prae earrings, the Janua necklace, and oooooooooh the Cael necklace…

    But my favorite has to be the Clarus bracelet. WOW is that a simple stunner… that is a wardrobe staple, right there, that is calling my name!


  99. Rachel KaySep 3, 20132:52 pm

    So many gorgeous pieces to choose from!
    I love the Aures rings, the Pinna rings, the Cirrus ring, the Iuvo bracelets, the Aleta bracelet and the Janua necklace

    Thanks for the giveaway Anna!

    I’m not on facebook, and I’m pretty inactive on twitter, but I’ve followed you both (I’m @raykayjayjay)



  100. BeccaSep 3, 20132:53 pm

    Clarus Bracelet and Quarta Necklcace!


  101. Larissa MenezesSep 3, 20133:00 pm

    I really loved the porta ring and the cael earrings!


  102. AshSep 3, 20133:05 pm

    Really into the redondo necklace myself


  103. SaraSep 3, 20133:08 pm

    I absolutely love the Calix Necklace and Prae Earrings.


    Sara /

    And I have “liked” you both on Facebook.

  104. Kelly WilliamsSep 3, 20133:09 pm

    Love, love the Porta Ring and Janua necklace. Those curves!

    I’ve made my love official on Facebook, and I already followed you on twitter (@akadoor)!


  105. DorieSep 3, 20133:11 pm

    what do i NOT love – great stuff! in particular —

    I’ve also liked/followed your/their facebook/twitters for extra entries. fingers crossed!


  106. SezgiSep 3, 20133:12 pm

    Love the Fores Bracelet in Indigo.


  107. ClaireSep 3, 20133:12 pm

    I just visited the Stone & Honey website a few days ago and was greeted by the (surprising) news of their “relaunch,” Of course, I still want just about everything.

    I think my favorites are:

    -Quarta Necklace
    -Porta Ring (which I’ve been admiring for ages)
    -Fores Bracelet

    Whoever wins is a lucky duck!

    (Just followed both you and Tiro Tiro on Twitter!)


  108. hillarySep 3, 20133:12 pm

    i love the billette earrings, and the bracelets! i already like stone and honey/tiro tiro on fb. Thanks!


  109. RebeccaSep 3, 20133:12 pm

    The Porta necklace. It’s like a rainbow that only the wearer sees right-side up!


  110. annaSep 3, 20133:15 pm

    ohhh i love the fores bracelet and the cirrus ring, fabulous jewelry!


  111. AlisonSep 3, 20133:19 pm

    I have loved Stone and Honey for years and now Tiro Tiro. My favorites are: Boleto Neclace, Cirrus Ring and the Clarus and Iuvo Braceltes.


  112. samanthaSep 3, 20133:20 pm

    I’ve been pining after EVERYTHING that comes out of the Stone and Honey/Tiro Tiro shop!

    All time Favs:

    Pinna Rings (I DIED the first time I saw these. GENIUS)

    Porta Ring (see comment above. STUNNER)

    Prae Earrings (that indigo. STOP IT.)

    THE CLARUS BRACELET! (Does it get better than this?)

    Oh and the Tempus Necklace, the Arcos Earrings, and everything else.

    so much love.



  113. KristySep 3, 20133:23 pm

    Love those Billete earrings and the Aures rings so much!

    already like you on FB but have also like Tiro Tiro now – thank you for introducing me to such cool stuff!


  114. SashaKSep 3, 20133:25 pm

    I love the Cirrus ring and Arcos, Prae, Vea and Clustrum earrings.

    I like both Tiro Tiro and Door Sixteen on Facebook.
    And I follow both Tiro Tiro and Door Sixteen on Twitter.


  115. CourtneySep 3, 20133:25 pm

    Love the aleta and clarus bracelets, as well as the cirrus ring. Beautiful!


  116. maggieSep 3, 20133:26 pm

    Love the Cael, Prae and Arcos earrings and the Porta ring. and the Calix necklace. Thanks!


  117. Lauren LoPreteSep 3, 20133:27 pm

    Been following Stone & Honey for a long time! I’m smitten over the Polis and Porta necklaces — and obviously the Porta ring to match.


  118. GenevieveSep 3, 20133:28 pm

    I love the quarta necklace, cirrus ring and the Cael necklace. Lovely collection. I follow you both on twitter and Facebook. Thanks!


  119. Leeanne McManusSep 3, 20133:28 pm

    Beautiful! But especially love the cirrus ring and Porta necklace.


  120. JENNASep 3, 20133:28 pm

    I absolutely love the Aures Rings and the Billete Earrings.

    I follow you on Facebook and Twitter!


  121. Stephenie TSep 3, 20133:31 pm

    The Arcos and Medius earrings are the best!


  122. laura.M.Sep 3, 20133:32 pm

    I love the Porta ring and the Quarta necklace. Great pieces! Love it all.


    PS. liked on facebook / twitter :)


  123. AdrienneSep 3, 20133:32 pm

    I LOOOOOOVE the iuvo bracelets. And I follow you on fb and twitter already!


  124. Linda R.Sep 3, 20133:32 pm

    Love the Fores bracelet and the Arcos earrings. Thanks!


  125. AnnalieseSep 3, 20133:37 pm

    Love the Clarus and Iuvo bracelets!


  126. CrystalSep 3, 20133:37 pm

    I love all the rings! I had no idea she had changed the name of her business so this is a great giveaway for many reasons. I like door sixteen and tiro tiro on facebook.


  127. JessicaSep 3, 20133:37 pm

    What a giveaway! Thanks for introducing me to Tiro Tiro. Never heard of them but really beautiful, unique pieces. Really.

    Already liked you on FB but now going to like Tiro Tiro as well.

    Really love the Arcos Collection. Very lovely, delicate pieces. Especially love the Polis and Iuvo bracelets and Janua necklace.

    Love the Tempus ring and Tela necklace in the Medius Collection.


  128. Lisa KSep 3, 20133:38 pm

    Love the Cirrus ring, Iuvo bracelets and Janu necklace!

    I follow both on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks!


  129. Elise R.Sep 3, 20133:41 pm

    I love the Arcos earrings and the Iuvo bracelets!!! So much fabulousness!


  130. ErinSep 3, 20133:42 pm

    What the whaaaat!? Such an awesome giveaway! I love so many pieces in the new collection, but the rings are my favorites. Would love to pair the Aures and Pinna rings together to see how they stack… Teresa is too talented!


  131. KimSep 3, 20133:43 pm

    I love the Arcos Earrings and Pinna Rings! I also liked both Tiro Tiro and Door 16 on Facebook and Followed both on Twitter.
    Crossing my fingers I win! And thanks for the discount code too.


  132. ErinSep 3, 20133:43 pm

    Oh, and I already follow you both on twitter and facebook, so woo hoo!


  133. kelseySep 3, 20133:48 pm

    I very much appreciate the both the Tela earrings and necklace. Beautiful. The Prae earrings are wonderful as well.

    I am following Tiro Tiro both on Facebook and Twitter.
    I am following Door Sixteen both on Facebook and Twitter.

    @darlingkelsey on Twitter
    Kelsey Elizabeth Page on Facebook


  134. Brittany | the Home GroundSep 3, 20133:52 pm

    What an awesome giveaway! Theresa has been one of my biggest inspirations over the last couple years, I just love her work. I’d have a hard time choosing, but I love the Thela necklace and the Medius earrings. Gorgeous!

    I like you both on Facebook…

    and follow you both on Twitter!


  135. SaraSep 3, 20133:53 pm

    I love the look of layering the Tessera and Lado necklaces with multiple colors of the linen cords! Also the Redondo necklace.

    I like Tiro Tiro and Door Sixteen on facebook. Thanks for the giveaway! Sara.


  136. Gina TynanSep 3, 20133:57 pm

    Love the Arcos Earrings and the Porta necklace. Gorgeous!!


  137. Cassie HulseSep 3, 20133:59 pm

    The Tempus ring and Quatra necklace!


  138. NinaSep 3, 20134:04 pm

    I’d go for the Aures rings or the Porta ring. Or maybe the Arcos earrings.

    I already follow you on Twitter and Facebook. :)


  139. emily @ cabin fervorSep 3, 20134:08 pm

    My eyes went straight to the IUVO bracelets and I couldn’t turn away.

    I follow you both on Twitter.


  140. Chelsea TSep 3, 20134:13 pm

    I love the clustrum ring, and the porta necklace! So gorgeous.

    Also, I like both Tiro Tiro and Door Sixteen on ye olde FB.


  141. NiinaSep 3, 20134:16 pm

    The Arcos earrings have been on my shopping list for over a year now, the matching Porta ring is also pretty. I want them soooo baaaad!

    I’ve liked and followed you both on Twitter and Facebook. :)


  142. deborahSep 3, 20134:20 pm

    cirrus ring and prae earrings


  143. deborahSep 3, 20134:22 pm

    i had already liked you on fb and followed you twitter and i liked tiro tiro and followed her as well! what a great giveaway!


  144. StephanieSep 3, 20134:23 pm

    I’d love some new earrings — both the Prae and Clustra are gorgeous. What a great giveaway!


  145. rachelSep 3, 20134:25 pm

    the Pinna ring, for sure!


  146. amandaSep 3, 20134:30 pm

    I have been admiring TiroTiro’s work for so long after finding them through your blog. How fantastic that you’re doing a giveaway of their gorgeous jewelry.

    My favorites are the: vea earrings in charcoal, billete earrings, iuvo bracelets, arcos earrings, and porta ring. Ok, I like a lot of earrings.

    I also liked and followed on fb and twitter.


  147. BeatrizSep 3, 20134:31 pm

    Hi Ana!! Thank you so much for such a great giveaway!!
    Fores Bracelet and Arcos Earrings are definitely my favorites!

    Big hugs from Spain!! Love your blog and amazing style!

    (already following you on fb and twitter, as well as Tiro Tiro, btw)


  148. RobinSep 3, 20134:40 pm

    The Polis Bracelet is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!
    If I paired it with a half-moon manicure and some Aures Rings, I think instagram would implode unto itself.

    (I also liked the facebook pages and followed both on twitter!)


  149. annaSep 3, 20134:50 pm

    luv the vea earrings, the porta necklace, & the aures rings.
    p.s. i luv your taste.


  150. AnathaliaSep 3, 20134:54 pm

    Oh my, so hard to choose! I love the clustrum ring, the tempus ring, the tempus necklace and the boleto necklace, but truly, it’s all so beautiful! I followed and liked both on Twitter and Facebook.


  151. HazelSep 3, 20134:56 pm

    Their work reminds me of jewellry from Ancient Egypt! I’m soo digging the Janua and Porta necklaces as well as the Aures rings. Thanks for this giveaway~


  152. AnnaSep 3, 20134:59 pm

    Great giveaway! Thanks Anna!
    My favourites from TiroTiro are Tempus Necklace, Clustrum Earrings and Pinna Rings.

    And I didn’t know DS in on FB (oops!) – started following now.

    BTW, I’ve got a friend, here in Poland, who makes really great jewellery – have sent you link, Anna, not to spam here.


  153. RinaSep 3, 20135:03 pm

    Ohhhh the aureus rings. Loving the rename, as well.


  154. MOLLYSep 3, 20135:04 pm

    Hi! The Iuvo Bracelets are beautiful. I don’t have a Facebook or a Twitter :P Love your blog btw


  155. Trish T.Sep 3, 20135:06 pm

    I think I just fell for the clustrum ring and earrings. So pretty!


  156. Kori NixSep 3, 20135:06 pm

    Wow, so many beautiful pieces!
    My favorites are the Clarus necklace, earrings and bracelet, and the Clustrum ring and earrings.
    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!


  157. AysemSep 3, 20135:06 pm

    The Lapis necklace and Prae earrings from the past collection have been on my wishlist for a while and now I added the Redondo necklace!

    (Following Tiro Tiro and Door Sixteen on Twitter and liked both on Facebook.)


  158. aliceSep 3, 20135:13 pm

    Ouu…it is all so lovely and very difficult to name just a few…but, the janua necklace and arcos earrings!!!!!!! so , so stunning. I liked you both on Facebook. PS…great job on the kitchen…looks fab! bravo.


  159. stephanieSep 3, 20135:14 pm

    love the cirrus ring! : )


  160. InezSep 3, 20135:16 pm

    Love the Clarus bracelet!!


  161. LisetteSep 3, 20135:17 pm

    What a beautiful collection, I’m not surprised you are such a fan!

    My favourite pieces are the Aures and Pinna rings – would be great to wear both alone and stacked, mixed and matched with each other or with other rings…


  162. MarleneSep 3, 20135:18 pm

    I adore the Arcus earrings and the Janua necklace! What a killer jewelry designer, I’m in love!

    Followed both on Twitter and FB. :)


  163. Chelsea McGrathSep 3, 20135:40 pm

    Wow, thanks for sharing this jewelry site! I am dying over the Porta and Cirrus rings, Iuvo bracelets, Janua necklace, and Cael Earrings. Liked Door Sixteen and Tiro Tiro on Facebook! Subscribed to Tiro Tiro on email as well. I look forward to seeing future collections!


  164. DanaSep 3, 20135:43 pm

    I love the Prae and Arcos earrings!!


  165. LeahSep 3, 20135:44 pm

    i love the fibra necklace and the across earrings!


  166. LeahSep 3, 20135:45 pm

    I liked Tiro Tiro and Door Sixteen on Facebook!


    Leah /

    messed up mt email in that entry!

  167. Colleen ClarkSep 3, 20135:47 pm

    Holy moly. Love love love the Iuvo Bracelets, the Quatra necklace and the Tela earrings. Gorgeous!


  168. LeahSep 3, 20135:48 pm

    i am following Tiro Tiro and Door Sixteen on twitter and liked them both on Facebook!


  169. Colleen ClarkSep 3, 20135:50 pm

    Oops – forgot to say that I liked you guys on Facebook and followed on Twitter.


  170. colleenSep 3, 20135:51 pm

    oh man, the porta and janua necklaces are exactly the simple + statement piece i’ve been looking for to go with my wedding dress. beautiful! following all the things on twitter and facebook, too!


  171. KariSep 3, 20135:52 pm

    The Porta Ring and Janua Necklace are fantastic. Apparently I’m a fan of interlocking arcs : ) And I like both Door Sixteen and Tiro Tiro on Facebook.


  172. LizSep 3, 20135:56 pm

    So hard to limit myself here…but the Clarus bracelet, Cael necklace, and Arcos earrings would all make extremely welcome additions to my jewelry box!!

    Followed across the board!


  173. CaitlinSep 3, 20135:59 pm

    Love the pinna rings!


  174. AliSep 3, 20136:05 pm

    I love
    +Cael earings
    +Polis Necklace
    + Arcos Earings

    But I don’t know if I can live without that Fores Bracelet in Rust.

    Like both on facebook and following both on twitter.


  175. BrittaSep 3, 20136:11 pm

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway Anna. The Arcos earrings, Janua necklace, ant the Clarus and Iuvo bracelets are my favourites!


  176. HayleySep 3, 20136:29 pm

    I’ve been really into the Arcos earrings / Porta necklace combo for the longest time. I just came across the Iuvo Bracelets, they look like they’d be fun to play with!


  177. KateSep 3, 20136:31 pm

    The Auris rings and Iuvo bracelets are my favorite!! I would rock those daily.

    You have both been liked on fb, and both followed on twitter as well (ka1bee) !


  178. Angela CSep 3, 20136:34 pm

    I love the Tela earrings, and the Tela necklace too. The Arcos earrings are cool too. My favourite might be the Polis necklace, though the Cael necklace is pretty great. I kind of love them all?


  179. MaxSep 3, 20136:39 pm

    The Billete earrings are such a fantastic shape. I love the combinations of materials on the Prae earrings.


  180. JoySep 3, 20136:42 pm

    I love the Arcos earrings!


  181. KaitlynSep 3, 20136:54 pm

    I love love love the JANUA NECKLACE!


  182. adrienneSep 3, 20137:00 pm

    I love the Porta necklace and the Juvo bracelets. So cool! I follow you and Tiro Tiro on Twitter!


  183. Ashley SeaySep 3, 20137:06 pm

    I love the Arcos and Prae earrings and the Porta ring.

    (Follow DS + TT on both twitter and facebook as well!)


  184. Sarge in ChargeSep 3, 20137:11 pm

    I love the Fibra necklace… and the Quarta necklace… and the Lapis necklace… basically ALL of the necklaces!


  185. AmySep 3, 20137:27 pm

    I would have to say that the Porta Necklace is my favorite!


  186. AlainaSep 3, 20137:27 pm

    I have been eyeing the Iuvo Bracelets for a while now…I am in love with them!


  187. amySep 3, 20137:34 pm

    Love your site, thank you for introducing such lovely new online shops to explore!

    I’m particularly smitten with those rings–the cirrus and aures ones are so lovely, and the bronze is so unusual!


  188. holly tornebySep 3, 20137:41 pm

    love them all, but have narrowed it down to my top three:

    3. ARCOS earrings
    2. PORTA ring
    1. FIBRA necklace

    I follow you on FB, and now 16 doors as well.
    I also own a few stone + honey pieces that I absolutely love- keep up the good work, your jewelry is stunning!


  189. Cate RichardsSep 3, 20137:47 pm

    I’ve already liked the FB page ^^

    I adore the Cael necklace (with either charcoal or crimson linen, both are great)! Drooling over the Polis bracelet as well! Her new Lado necklaces are stunning as well – total show stopper!


    Cate Richards /

    Also followed Door Sixteen as well!

  190. CarlySep 3, 20137:51 pm

    Gorgeous!! I especially like the arco ring and the tempus necklace. I liked Tiro Tiro and Door Sixteen on Facebook for an extra entry, too.


  191. smsSep 3, 20137:54 pm

    cael necklace in charcoal


  192. ClareSep 3, 20138:03 pm

    Cael necklace and Tempus ring, for sure!

    I liked you both on the Book of Face too :)


  193. AnnieSep 3, 20138:14 pm

    omg that Quarta necklace is stunning!


  194. AmySep 3, 20138:16 pm

    Prae earrings and Arcos earrings!

    Great to see her evolution, I have some Stone & Honey earrings, get lots of compliments on them.

    I’ve liked you both on FB, too. Though DS was already liked!


  195. StephanieSep 3, 20138:18 pm

    I need rings. I need some good rings.

    The Pinna and Clustrum rings? Love.


  196. Emily HazzardSep 3, 20138:22 pm

    I’ve loved Stone & Honey for a long time – and Tiro Tiro is just as beautiful as I would have expected. The Arcos and Prae earrings are gorgeous! And I follow both of you on Twitter. :)


  197. AmySep 3, 20138:24 pm

    The Lapis necklace is amazing!

    I follow both of you on FB.


  198. JenniferSep 3, 20138:30 pm

    Ooh, it’s all really really good. But I’m really drawn to the rings, particularly the Porto and Aures and I also really love the Clarus bracelet.

    I already like/follow you on FB, liked Tiro Tiro and followed you both on Twitter. OK, so that’s all I got.



  199. LeannaSep 3, 20138:33 pm

    The Porta Ring, Aures Ring, and Arcos Earrings are my favorite. So pretty!

    I also follow both of you on Twitter!


  200. LilySep 3, 20138:54 pm

    The Arcos earrings are my jam! Also the Clarus bracelet. Love it. Thanks for the introduction to this awesome line.


  201. Linda PiersSep 3, 20139:03 pm

    Vea earrings!


  202. meganSep 3, 20139:06 pm

    I like the quarta necklace. I have also liked you both on facebook and am now following you both on twitter.


  203. WendySep 3, 20139:11 pm

    Favorites are definitely the tempus & polis necklaces, and the porta ring! Beautiful stuff.

    And I follow you both on twitter and facebook!


  204. saraSep 3, 20139:17 pm

    I love the Porta ring so much! I also really like the Clustrum ring and the Tempus necklace. So many beautiful pieces to choose form…


  205. VictoriaSep 3, 20139:21 pm

    Too much to love! The Tessera and Janua necklaces belong around my neck – in rust, of course. The Pinna ring too – on my fingers or a chain.


  206. Julie CPSep 3, 20139:25 pm

    Lots of favourites! but on the top of my list: the fores bracelet, the porta necklace and the clarus bracelet!


  207. AbigailSep 3, 20139:43 pm

    Love her work. I have the Arcos earrings- after learning about them on your blog/IG er something! ; )

    this would be very hard to chose, but I do love her new line! Love the Redondo necklace, and the medius earrings!

    (ps I follow you both on Twitter and now on Facebook! (and IG))




  208. NykoleSep 3, 20139:56 pm

    Prae earrings and Janua necklace and everything.


  209. reedSep 3, 201310:09 pm

    too many to chose, however love the cirrus ring and the prae earrings! thanks for doing this; have bought a number of items you’ve showcased on your blog (including the australian ‘keep cup’ you showed a couple of years ago!)


  210. MelissaSep 3, 201310:13 pm

    I need the Iuvo bracelet and the Janua necklace. Wow.


  211. SarahSep 3, 201310:16 pm

    Some really nice things—I love the Janua necklace.


  212. misaSep 3, 201310:26 pm

    the iuvo bracelets and the arcos earrings are just lovely. also the fibra necklace!


  213. MerylSep 3, 201310:54 pm

    I love the Fores Bracelet—what a unique design with those woven inserts!


  214. LaurenSep 3, 201310:56 pm

    I love the Clustrum Earrings and the Boleto Necklace, they are both amazing pieces that can be rocked everyday.


  215. Allison RenshawSep 3, 201311:03 pm

    I love the Tessera necklace! Also the Medius and the Quarta! The Iovo bracelette is super cool and I really love the Aures rings! Beautiful, bold stuff :)


  216. TiffinySep 3, 201311:17 pm

    All of Teresa’s jewelry is gorgeous. My favorites are the Porta Ring, Fibra Necklace, Vea Earrings, Iuvo Bracelets and Arcos Earrings.

    P.S. I like/follow Tiro Tiro and Door Sixteen both on Twitter and Facebook.



  217. AshleySep 3, 201311:20 pm

    The Arcos earrings, oh my!!

    Also following both of yall on twitter!!


  218. sheridanSep 3, 201311:20 pm

    LOVE the AURES RINGS you could even wear them on a necklace!


  219. BritSep 3, 201311:23 pm

    I looked through the whole collection and my mind kept going back to the Cael necklace in indigo, it is simple and stunning! I like you and Tiro Tiro on Facebook.


  220. EricaSep 3, 201311:25 pm

    I am in love with the tempus necklace and the clarus bracelet.


  221. lucySep 3, 201311:32 pm



  222. EszSep 3, 201311:35 pm

    Wow what a prize!! I love the Iuvo Bracelets and the Porta Ring – such FAB pieces!!


  223. elifSep 3, 201311:35 pm

    The Pinna rings and the Boleto necklace are my favorites though the Janua necklace and the Porta ring are amazing. It’s all gorgeous!

    I like/follow both on FB/twitter. Thanks!


  224. NoorSep 4, 201312:00 am

    My favorites are the pinna rings and the boleta necklace. I am loving this stuff :)


  225. JuneSep 4, 201312:00 am

    Aures Rings!!

    Love this.


  226. HeatherSep 4, 201312:10 am

    really, I didn’t need more jewelry to obsess over. it’s all gorgeous. polis bracelet and vea earrings.


  227. LouiseSep 4, 201312:44 am

    Adoring the Janua, Porta + Polis necklaces and the Fores bracelet.

    I followed/liked both Tiro Tiro and Door Sixteen on Facebook and Twitter


  228. alexisSep 4, 201312:46 am

    This jewelry feels grown up to me. Like, an heirloom piece my mom would have saved and passed on to me. I love pretty much all of it, right down to the new logo and photo styling on the website! If I won I would buy the Porta necklace, or the Aures and Cirrus rings.


  229. Rachel FrostSep 4, 201312:50 am

    All beautiful. Thank you Anna! Here are my faves:
    Janua Necklace!
    Medius Necklace!
    Quarta Necklace!


  230. JenniSep 4, 201312:57 am

    Oh wow!! Amazing jewelry and would go so well with my dress on my graduation next spring!!

    Love these so much:
    Clarus bracelet
    Tela necklace
    Tela earrings
    Aures rings

    (following you on Twitter as sweetmanatee and on facebook too )


  231. Priscilla PSep 4, 20131:10 am

    My faves: aures rings, porta necklace, and porta ring.


  232. LeahSep 4, 20131:10 am

    Love their earrings! Medius and Cael in particular. :)

    Liked Tiro Tiro on FB. Already following you on FB. :)


  233. Nicolette JohnsonSep 4, 20132:15 am

    So excited about Tiro Tiro! I’ve loved Stone & Honey for so long and the new branding + direction is stunning. Would absolutely love to add the Cirrus ring, Pinna rings, and the Arcos earrings to my collection.


  234. Sandra BSep 4, 20132:15 am

    I’m a big fan of the Arcos earrings, it would be awesome to get that gift certificate and finally own a pair.
    Also like the Porta necklace and Prae earrings.


  235. JessicaSep 4, 20132:47 am

    I LOVE LOVE the Arcos Earrings! And the Iuvo Bracelet is beautiful, too!!!


  236. JemmaSep 4, 20133:50 am

    What a great giveaway! Love the Porta rings worn in pairs and the Porta necklace.

    Like you on FB already!


  237. Alina NSep 4, 20134:26 am

    the polis bracelet and porta rings are really something awesome!
    cool shop


  238. RachelSep 4, 20136:20 am

    The CLUSTRUM RING is one of my favorites!


  239. Suzanne LevesqueSep 4, 20138:46 am

    I absolutely love the Aures rings!! (would be even cooler in silver)


  240. AliceSep 4, 20138:47 am

    Wow! I love it all!


  241. AngharadSep 4, 20139:09 am

    Oh man, the Cirrus ring is so good. Also loving the Iuvo bracelets and the Porta ring — so much goodness!

    I was already following/liking Door Sixteen on Twitter/Facebook and now doing the same with Tiro Tiro!


  242. JennieSep 4, 20139:29 am

    Ohh…such nice stuff! I seriously need to start buying grown-up jewelry instead the cheap crap I normally buy. I really love the IUVO and CLARUS bracelets and ARCOS earrings.

    I also follow both of you on Twitter and like both on Facebook!


  243. TaruSep 4, 20139:56 am

    Thanks for sharing this. Tiro Tiro is something I’ve never heard before, but thanks to you, I found something new to purchase now ;) I also found my favorites easily, them are Aleta Bracelet and Tempus Necklace.
    I also follow you on Twitter :)


  244. ZoëSep 4, 201310:02 am

    This may be the most exciting giveaway I have ever come across. Thanks!! I can’t handle how nice these all are. I guess my favorites are the ARCOS earrings, PORTA necklace, MEDIUS earrings & TELA earrings.
    (I don’t have a twitter, but I have liked & follow you and Tiro Tiro on Facebook)


  245. MartaSep 4, 201310:14 am

    Wow this giveaway is amazing! I’d love to have the Lado Necklace and Tempus Ring, they are a perfect match!
    Btw, I love your blog! I just moved to a new apartment (well, a very old one) and I spent a long time checking all your makeovers for inspiration! :)


  246. TerriSep 4, 201310:56 am

    I love the fores bracelet and the tempus necklace…almost as much as I love your blog!


  247. erinSep 4, 201311:33 am

    Hi Anna and Teresa! Thanks for doing this.

    I love the AURES rings, the LADO necklace, and the PORTA necklace. Among too many others.

    Liking/following you both on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks again!


  248. HeatherSep 4, 201311:44 am

    The Cael necklace…gorgeous!


  249. marieSep 4, 201311:45 am

    Oh man – so many great options. The plena necklace is just beautiful. Also liked and followed. Thank you for this giveaway.


  250. CorinnaSep 4, 201312:58 pm

    Thanks for promoting such a talented artist! My faves are the Aures rings and Clarus bracelet. Gorgeous. I’m following both of you on FB.


  251. Lauren GodfreySep 4, 20131:00 pm

    My favorites are the Tela earrings and the Fibra necklace. Loving the fringe!!!


  252. Kristin A.Sep 4, 20131:02 pm

    Wow! I love so many of the pieces but if I had to choose I would say the Tela Earrings ( and the Pinna Rings ( are my favorites.


  253. JoSep 4, 20131:08 pm

    Hi – the Cael & Portia necklaces for me.


  254. Juanita DarkSep 4, 20131:15 pm

    Loving the Clarus bracelet, tella earrings and the pinna and aures rings. Ok, I love it all! :)


  255. Juanita DarkSep 4, 20131:17 pm

    Oh, and liked as well! :)


  256. GildaSep 4, 20131:23 pm

    love the Cael earrings and Quarta necklace!


  257. SaraSep 4, 20131:38 pm

    The Arcos earrings have been and will always be my favourite, although the Porta necklace is quite nice, too.

    Honestly, I love everything from Stone and Honey/Tiro Tiro.


  258. Brianne SheppardSep 4, 20131:38 pm

    Oh oh oh… The aures rings and the Claris bracelet and fibra necklace… Over the gc amount so I’ll have to make it up myself! Can’t choose between them ha


  259. KarenSep 4, 20131:51 pm

    Really love the Medius earrings, Tempus necklace & Clarus bracelet. So lovely!

    I also follow you both on Twitter (I’m inateapot)


  260. Kate FSep 4, 20131:52 pm

    Uuuuuuh the Lado necklace?!?


  261. LillianSep 4, 20132:23 pm

    I love love love unique jewelry and am so in love with so many pieces from Tiro Tiro’s new collection! I’m an earring junkie, so the Tela and Cael earrings in rust are calling my name. So are the Vea and Prae errings in indigo. The Arcos and Medius earrings and Iuvo bracelets are so beautiful- and make such a statement!

    Thanks for sharing- it’s time to go shopping!


  262. julie l.Sep 4, 20132:25 pm

    I love the Medius and Arcos earrings. Oh, and the Porta necklace! Oh, and EVERYTHING!


  263. EricaSep 4, 20132:27 pm

    What a fantastic giveaway! I love love love the IUVO bracelets, the porta ring and the Cael necklace.

    I also like and follow you both on both Twitter and Facebook!

    Thanks for hosting this!


  264. RachelSep 4, 20132:30 pm

    Love the arcos earrings and janua necklace.


  265. AllisonSep 4, 20132:32 pm

    I would that Quarta necklace, it is perfect!! I also follow Door Sixteen on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks!!!


  266. KarinSep 4, 20132:44 pm

    Wow, really like the Arcos collection, especially the earrings.


  267. emSep 4, 20132:53 pm

    Wow! Beautiful pieces!
    I am loving the Porta Ring, the Vea Earrings, and the Pinna Rings. I like Door Sixteen on Facebook :)


  268. HayleySep 4, 20134:03 pm

    Love the Tela earrings and Lado necklace. So good!!!


  269. Maria G.Sep 4, 20134:22 pm

    This collection of jewelry is like a fresh air because we all got used to different colored stones and forms of pendants and earrings. These units of jewelry are really unusual and stylish. I would like to have a such a unique bracelet!


  270. CassSep 4, 20134:52 pm

    I’m on a self-imposed “don’t buy anything new for myself” hiatus. But this would be winning something new. Love all her designs – but especially the stacking bangles. Beauties.


  271. LuminaSep 4, 20135:04 pm

    Such beautiful pieces. I would gladly wear any of the necklaces but I think my fav ones are the Tempus and Lado. I follow both FB pages.


  272. Sarah OSep 4, 20135:27 pm

    Love the Cirrus and Tempus pieces.


  273. Sarah OSep 4, 20135:28 pm

    also: liked both sites on FB

    and following on Twitter


  274. Kristen BSep 4, 20135:32 pm

    So excited about this giveaway! I have some of Teresa’s jewelry and love it!
    I’d definitely get the arcos earrings. And I’m considering the aleta and/or the clarus bracelets.

    I already follow you both on twitter. thanks!


  275. debSep 4, 20135:38 pm

    The Clarus and Iuvo bracelets are lovely, I’ve been coveting the Arcos earrings for far too long and I am intrigued by the Cael earrings with the Irish linen, very innovative, love them. Outstanding giveaway, thank you! Will keep fingers crossed….xd


  276. kathleenSep 4, 20136:43 pm

    The Clarus and Iuvo bracelets!


  277. KatieSep 4, 20137:00 pm

    I love ALL of the earrings-I would have a difficult time choosing! Thank you!
    I “like” Door Sixteen on Facebook.


  278. Suzanne ManzlerSep 4, 20137:34 pm

    LOVE the Porta and Aures Rings! Like (love) you already on FB, just liked Tiro Tiro on FB, and just followed both on twitter! XOXO


  279. Alex RSep 4, 20137:47 pm

    I LOVE that these pieces are both modern and kinda ancient Greek. So awesome. My faves are: Medius necklace + earrings; Arcos earrings; Cael necklace in Indigo; and the Janua necklace.
    PS I liked both Tiro Tiro and Door 16 on fb!! gotta get those entries!


  280. DanaSep 4, 20138:40 pm

    Gorgeous! I love the Cirrus ring, Polis bracelet and those darling Prae earrings.


  281. simonaSep 4, 20139:01 pm

    Love the PORTA, BOLETO and TEMPUS necklaces!


  282. TriciaSep 4, 20139:57 pm

    The billete earrings are fantastic. PS, I like you on Facebook!


  283. NatalieSep 4, 201310:03 pm

    Oh wow, thanks for hosting this amazing giveaway! I had never heard of Tiro Tiro before, which is weird because I totally love the aesthetics of earthy & organic jewelry and am always on the hunt for more. Teresa’s work is absolutely gorgeous! If I have to pick favorites, I absolutely love the Aures rings and Arcos earrings, and the Clarus bracelet might just be the coolest thing I have ever seen. Seriously awesome.

    Also, I already follow/like DoorSixteen on Twitter/Facebook but I just did the same for Tiro Tiro! I really don’t ever enter contests but it would be so freaking cool to win something, haha. Congrats to the lucky winner!!!! :)


  284. NameSep 4, 201310:26 pm

    If it’s wrong to love those Arco earrings, I don’t wanna be right! (P.S. I have long since “liked” you on Facebook and now I “like” Tiro Tiro.) Thanks!


  285. LaurenSep 4, 201310:29 pm

    Love the arcos earrings!


  286. Lynn RussellSep 4, 201311:23 pm

    Well, I love everything Teresa makes (under any name, though Tiro Tiro is a great fit for her work), so it’s hard to narrow it down. But here are a few favorites: Aures Rings, Pinna Rings, Iuvo Bracelets. I also already follow both of you on Twitter :)


  287. SummerSep 4, 201311:36 pm

    I love Teresa’s work and have for some time. This new collection is stunning! It would be difficult to choose, but if I had to: Tessera Necklace, Cirrus Ring, Prae Earrings

    I already follow Door Sixteen and Tiro Tiro on Twitter.


  288. WillaSep 5, 201312:38 am

    Absolutely lovely! I love the Porta Necklace, Arcos Earring, and the Tempus Necklace! I already like you on Facebook. Thank you for hosting this giveaway!


  289. angelaSep 5, 20131:11 am

    The FIBRA NECKLACE and the TESSERA NECKLACE! Both stunning pieces of modern art. I love this line!

    I follow both of you on twitter and FB. Thanks so much for this lovely offer.


  290. KatharinaSep 5, 20132:31 am

    So many beautiful designs!

    I love the Cael necklace (and earrings), the Clustrum earrings (and ring) and the Arcos earrings (and ring).


    Ps: I like and follow you both on both FB and Twitter.


  291. SarahSep 5, 20135:50 am

    Oh, hello Arcos earrings/Tempus necklace/Porta ring. Be mine.


  292. heatherSep 5, 20138:16 am

    Oh, too many to choose from! I love it all! Favs are: Tempus necklace, Quarta necklace, and Billete earrings! Oh, man I could keep going !


  293. Kathryn H.Sep 5, 20138:42 am

    I love the Iuvo bracelets and the Arcos earrings. And I already follow you on Facebook!


  294. EleniSep 5, 201310:36 am

    I LOVE the Clarus Bracelet, the Medius and the Lapis Necklace.
    Tough call though, the collection is simply beautiful.

    I follow both Door Sixteen and Tiro Tiro on twitter.


  295. kaciaSep 5, 201311:36 am

    I’m enamored of the Lado, Quarta, and Lapis necklaces, the Clarus bracelet, and the Tempus, Solis, and Cirrus rings. There are just too many!

    I already followed Tiro Tiro on both Facebook and Twitter, and now I’m following you on both as well.

    Generous giveaway, thanks ladies!


  296. EmmaSep 5, 201311:53 am

    Oh wow! The Vea earrings had me at hello – so beautiful! And the Aures rings? I am having a minor meltdown with happiness from simply looking at them on screen.


  297. Nicole BSep 5, 201312:19 pm

    It’s so hard to pick something from the collection, it is all beautiful! But I absolutely LOVE the Clustrum ring and the Iuvo bracelets!

    I have 2 triangle rings from Stone & Honey, but sadly I can only wear them when it’s hot and my hands are more swollen (they are slightly too big).


  298. NicoleSep 5, 201312:20 pm

    Also, I’m following both Door Sixteen and Tiro Tiro on FB now!


  299. janaSep 5, 201312:50 pm

    i love her jewelry, my fav. is CAEL NECKLACE!!!!!!


  300. AmySep 5, 20131:00 pm

    Love those arcos earrings


  301. DedaSep 5, 20131:53 pm

    Vea and arcos earrings. love.


  302. WhitneySep 5, 20132:17 pm

    I love everything in the Arcos collection! Especially the porta ring and polis necklace. Also, the aures rings- oh and everything else! I already followed D16 on facebook, I just liked Tiro Tiro on the book and I also pinned a few of the pieces to pinterest if that gets me any more brownie points! :)

    Also, on an aside- I work as interior designer/architect for a design/development company specializing in downtown revitalization and adaptive reuse of historic structures. We are converting an old flour mill into lofts and when we were looking for design inspiration I showed everyone your kitchen at the house and they loved it. It fits everyone’s aesthetics here and seems like the perfect inspiration for our loft kitchens. Just thought I’d share! :)


  303. HyunSep 5, 20132:18 pm

    These are gorgeous jewelry! I would love to win one!


  304. EmilySep 5, 20132:26 pm

    The polis necklace and clustrum earrings are perfect! (And its hard to find great stud earrings!) Here’s to hoping…


  305. NadineSep 5, 20132:33 pm

    Love the cirrus and solis rings! What lovely jewelry. Thanks.


  306. JenSep 5, 20133:01 pm

    I wear a stone and honey ring that I purchased several years ago EVERY day, I would love to add more to my collection. I love the Porta necklace!


  307. danaSep 5, 20134:19 pm

    the porta ring and tela earrings are so beautiful, i’d never take them off!


  308. chris roccoSep 5, 20134:34 pm

    I’m smitten with the Boleto necklace and cirrus ring…wholey moley what a great website !
    p.s. I am “liking” both you & tiro tiro on FB


  309. LeonieSep 5, 20134:51 pm

    Would love to combine the Tempus ring with the Cael necklace… so beautiful!


  310. LeonieSep 5, 20134:53 pm

    Facebook likes: check.


  311. MeganSep 5, 20135:40 pm

    I love the Aures Rings, the Clarus Bracelet, and the Janua Necklace. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!


  312. MeganSep 5, 20135:41 pm

    I liked both on facebook!


  313. MeganSep 5, 20135:44 pm

    I follow both of you on twitter (@meganmariabain)!


  314. MFreeSep 5, 20136:30 pm

    love the cael necklace! thanks for the opportunity!


  315. Lindsey HSep 5, 201310:31 pm

    Fantastic giveaway! Love the aures rings!!!


  316. LydiaSep 5, 201310:39 pm

    I love the Tela Earrings.


  317. margaretSep 5, 201311:15 pm

    the tempus necklace is so cool! i’ve been looking for a new staple piece for so long! pick me! xx


  318. Jessica crimSep 5, 201311:15 pm

    The Aures ring are what I need!!


  319. NicoSep 5, 201311:52 pm

    Oh my goodness the Prae earrings, Vea, Cael…Arcos…Do I have to choose? I don’t even care about entries I am just so happy to know about this designer!


  320. MargaretSep 6, 20132:32 am

    I love the tela earrings. everything is so cool!


  321. KaySep 6, 20133:21 am

    I’ve been eyeing the Arcos earrings for months and saving my coins just to get a pair.
    I also really love the Iuvo bracelets. They’re pretty perfect.
    Ugh be still my heart over a lot of the collection; this giveaway is wonderful (and terrible for my need to own everything)


  322. SophieSep 6, 20135:34 am

    The Arcos earrings are dreamy. And im sure the Tempus ring would be a wonderful gift for a friend. I follow you both on Facebook and Twitter too!


  323. CassSep 6, 20139:02 am

    Billette earrings. Aleta bracelet. Porta ring – a hard choice! All great!


  324. CMSep 6, 20139:38 am

    Oooooh. My favorites are the porta necklace and the cael earrings.


  325. JayseSep 6, 201310:48 am

    love the porta necklace the arcos earrings and the wheat cael necklace!


  326. NatalieSep 6, 20131:40 pm

    Iuvo bracelets are divine. I love the post modern ethnic feel of the collection. Nice!


  327. HannahSep 6, 20132:00 pm

    I love that porta ring.

    So glad I found this site. Just liked everything on fb and twitter.


  328. JaimeSep 6, 20132:20 pm

    I already follow you guys on Twitter ;)

    I LOVE the porta necklace and ring as well as the Janua necklace. But I’ll take anything because I love it all.


  329. MariaSep 6, 20132:20 pm

    I absolutely ADORED the Tessera necklace and the Clustrum earrings.


  330. DesignBreakSep 6, 20133:44 pm

    of course I followed you x4 and I’m obsessed with Tessera and Lado.


  331. GraceSep 6, 20133:52 pm

    I love the Janua Necklace, Medius Earrings, & Arcos Earrings!


  332. GraceSep 6, 20133:53 pm

    I liked both on FB as Grace Bowles


  333. GraceSep 6, 20133:54 pm

    I follow both on twitter as @awhdarling


  334. lexiSep 6, 20133:58 pm

    completely love the tempus & the medius necklaces!


  335. JulieSep 6, 20134:25 pm

    Loving the earrings, especially the Prae!


  336. jessicacSep 6, 201311:58 pm

    I adore the cirrus ring and the prae earrings!! Thanks for the chance!


  337. KristinaSep 7, 201312:16 pm

    Arcos earrings! Redondo necklace! Mediums earrings! So much beauty!


  338. yancySep 7, 20131:33 pm

    The Aures rings and Prae earrings are probably my fav.


  339. Jen KiabaSep 7, 20134:27 pm

    Oooh I love the Fores Bracelet, the Clumstrung Ring and the Porta Ring! Thanks for holding this contest!


  340. Jen KiabaSep 7, 20134:29 pm

    Also I follow you on Twitter and FB, and now I follow Tiro Tiro on both as well!


  341. CelesteSep 7, 20134:36 pm

    Arcos earrings + medius! this is a great offer – just liked/followed on facebook and twitter


  342. Cristi MSep 7, 201310:57 pm

    I am crazy about the Arcos earrings, the Iuvo bracelets, and the porta ring, oh and everthing else on the site :)


  343. Cristi MSep 7, 201310:59 pm

    I liked both on FB


  344. Cristi MSep 7, 201310:59 pm

    I follow both on Twitter @Cristim8


  345. Deion GreenSep 8, 20139:56 am

    thanks for the intro to tiro tiro

    this is what i love about the internet

    definitely hard to narrow it down but if i had to choose

    lapis necklace or a couple of clarus bracelets

    the reference to greek jewelry is lovely – very modern and hip


  346. KatrinaSep 8, 201310:57 am

    I love the arcos earrings, and the clustrum earrings. Beautiful!


  347. kolpinSep 8, 201311:44 am

    i like the clarus bracelet and cael necklace


  348. kolpinSep 8, 201311:49 am

    Like Tiro Tiro and Door Sixteen on Facebook.
    daniel budsy


  349. ArianeSep 8, 20136:55 pm

    I adore the Porta Necklace, Prae Earrings, & the Aleta Bracelet.
    I liked both on Facebook :)


  350. allisonSep 8, 201310:26 pm

    i love those arcos earrings! :)


  351. allisonSep 8, 201310:31 pm

    i also like both on facebook and follow both on twitter! <3


  352. Megan @ Pink O'ClockSep 9, 201310:41 am

    So glad I saw your tweet about this! Such beautiful jewelry…


  353. renaSep 9, 201310:47 am

    billete all the way! i love teresa.


  354. nikkiSep 9, 201310:47 am

    I am in love with the TELA earrings. So much so, I think I will order them after entering this.

    Also, I “like” and “follow” both Tiro Tiro and D16 on Facebook and twitter!


  355. mckaySep 9, 20131:18 pm

    everything is real beautiful (including teresa herself).
    and i like these three: CIRRUS RING, IUVO BRACELETS, ARCOS EARRINGS.


  356. LaurynSep 9, 20131:39 pm

    Love everything Tiro Tiro, especially the TELA earrings and TELA necklace.

    I follow DS and TT on both Facebook and Twitter.



  357. KaySep 9, 20133:57 pm

    Janua necklace… Clustrum ring… Clarus & Iuvo bracelets…


  358. Mary Anne ESep 9, 20136:54 pm

    I love the aures rings and the quarta necklace. I already like Tiro Tiro on FB and will like Door Sixteen. I follow both on Twitter too. Thanks for a great give-a-way.


  359. JikJaxSep 9, 20137:28 pm

    Beautiful jewellery and website! I love the Arcos Earings and Tempus Necklace!

    I follow Tiro Tiro on facebook, and have just “liked” Door Sixteen! can’t wait to see your future posts.



  360. Sasha B.Sep 9, 20137:30 pm

    I love the Clarus & Iuvo bracelets. So perfectly simple. Thanks!


  361. LauraSep 9, 20139:31 pm

    Amazing pieces! I love the Iuvo bracelets and Porta ring! The Janua necklace is also fantastic… well, really it all is!

    I’ve also liked both Door Sixteen and Tiro Tiro on facebook and am following you both on Twitter now!

    Fingers crossed!


  362. Monu ZSep 9, 201310:06 pm

    SO many wonderful pieces to choose from!
    Tela Necklace is great and so is Cael Necklace.
    Beautiful collection!


  363. MargaretSep 10, 201312:05 am

    There’s some really beautiful pieces in this collection!
    I really like the Arcos earrings, Clarus bracelet, and Billete earrings.

    I’ve liked Door Sixteen and Tiro Tiro on Facebook as well :)


  364. Daffodil CampbellSep 10, 201312:56 am

    It was hard to choose, but I have been eyeing the Clarus and Iuvo bracelets and debating how many of each would be the right amount. Love this line :)


    Daffodil Campbell /

    And forgot to mention I did the like/follow for Tiro Tiro (already had Door Sixteen).

  365. Janice KimSep 10, 20134:51 am

    Rad giveaway, I must say! I am absolutely in love with the Porta Ring, the Clarus bracelet, and the Calix necklace paired with the Medius necklace.

    Also, I’ve liked and followed both Tiro Tiro and Door Sixteen on Facebook and Twitter!
    Much thanks, loving all the Tiro Tiro pieces!


  366. zeliaSep 10, 201312:58 pm

    gosh those arcos earrings are amazing. The redondo necklace is pretty nice too…

    I’ve been like/following door sixteen for ages but will had tiro tiro straight away! :)


  367. amy hSep 10, 20131:38 pm


    Porta necklace in charcoal
    Arcos earings
    Aures rings
    Tempus necklace

    I guess that is more than a few. It’s hard to pick.


  368. AlyssaSep 10, 20131:52 pm

    I love the Arcos earrnings, Porta ring, Iuvo bracelets.


  369. AlyssaSep 10, 20131:53 pm

    (I also followed you on Twitter.)


  370. RachelSep 10, 20134:01 pm

    The rings are beautiful—my favorites are the Aures.


  371. geraldineSep 10, 20136:29 pm

    i love her jewelry so much. i want to be a metalsmith and all of her work is inspiring…dear Lord! :)

    anyway i looove the billete earrings, aures rings, pinna rings, arcos earrings, janua necklace, prae earrings, and soooo much more!! i love everything are you kidding me? haha God bless her!!


  372. Anna @ D16Sep 10, 201311:34 pm

    This giveaway has now ended! Thanks to everyone who entered. I’ll announce the winner in this post and on Twitter tomorrow, and the winner will be contacted directly via email.


  373. NameSep 13, 201311:56 am

    I want to check out the collection too!! but for some reason the web filter at my job is blocking the site saying it’s pornography. weird


    Anna @ D16 /

    The same thing happens to me at my office, too! I thought I was the only one — how weird. I’ll let Teresa know!

    FYI, you can bypass the custom domain URL and view the shop directly at its Shopify link:

  374. LeonieOct 13, 20131:23 pm

    Hi Anna! Has the winner been decided yet or can we still hope ;) ?


    Anna @ D16 /

    Hi Leonie, this giveaway ended more than a month ago, sorry! The winner’s name is in the post, and was announced on Twitter.

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