Weekend to-do.


I have a few things to do in the city this weekend so the kitchen won’t get my attention for a few days. The past couple of weeks have felt almost unbearably long and hectic. To cap thing off, I spent all day Thursday thinking it was Friday, so today felt like going to work on the weekend. I’m sure it’s Friday for real now, though, and it’s past 5:00pm, so…I’M FREE! I’M FREEEEEEEEE!!! I want to make the next couple of days as productive as possible since it’s been ages since I’ve been at the apartment during daytime hours. Time for a list!

Vacuum, including entry stairs
✚ Cut anti-slip pad for new kitchen rug
Drop off laundry
Bring winter coat to cleaners
Scrub bathroom to death
Put new locks on the windows
Remove air conditioner from window
Vet appointment for Fritz & Bruno
✚ Paint the stairs (c’mon, Dorfman, you can do this…)
Dye hair + trim bangs
✚ Write a billion emails
Learn how to properly set the thermostat, then set it properly
✚ Make a big pot of chili (it’s that time of year again)
Belated birthday lunch with Laura

Totally doable, provided I start tonight with the cleaning. I’ve been really lazy about thoroughly cleaning the apartment lately, and it’s starting to weigh on me. I’m not as fastidious about cleaning as my reputation among my friends and family would have you believe, but I do like to be in relatively clean surroundings. Right now there are dustbunnies the size of grapefruits (and no, I’m not talking about Bruno) clustered in every corner, and I can write my name with my finger on any piece of glass in the apartment. Time for a real scrub-down!

Starting a pot of coffee and putting on The Messenger now!

p.s. Yes, those cashmere skull gloves are just as soft and warm as they look. Skull Cashmere very kindly sent me a pair after seeing their blanket in my skull-love post, and I have been waiting for months to wear them. Now I never want to take them off…

  1. SierraNov 15, 20137:41 pm

    Oh man, I spent all Thursday evening thinking it was Friday, too. I was so excited to sleep in and then realized I actually needed to set my alarm right as I was falling asleep :/ But it’s Friday now, bitches! Woo hoo! (I also have a weekend of cleaning and organizing on tap. Should be fun.)

    Can’t wait to see pictures of the stairs and your hair! :)


  2. miss alixNov 15, 20138:10 pm

    Such a list Anna! This reminds me I think I’ll dye my hair this weekend as well.


  3. ChelseaNov 15, 20139:27 pm

    Have an awesome time at Johnny Marr!


  4. RoseNov 15, 201310:47 pm

    Ohhh I love those gloves-we carry them at my work and they sell out CONSTANTLY!!


  5. weelittlebirdNov 16, 20138:52 am

    That is a great song. Thanks for posting.


    Anna @ D16 /

    The whole album is great!!

  6. SimoneNov 16, 201311:06 am

    It is always so funny when you have these lists how things are crossed off during the day. Good luck with your list, I trust there is time for family & dogs? Kind regards, Simone


    Anna @ D16 /

    Family and dogs are part of all of this…

  7. hannahNov 16, 20136:06 pm

    I wish you lots of luck with the thermostat! And enjoy the concert, Marr is great stuff! (ah…the Smiths…)…Do you know Storyman (formerly G.Grotto) ..I think you’d enjoy their music, too…And great to clean to.


  8. DanielleNov 18, 201310:29 am

    Do you always trim your own bangs? I used to do mine myself, but I haven’t in years!


    Anna @ D16 /

    Unless I’m getting an overall haircut (which usually only happens twice a year), yes, I trim my own bangs. I’ve had bangs for 35 of my 38 years, so I can pretty much do it in my sleep at this point!

  9. SandiNov 18, 20132:07 pm

    Do you dye your own hair? I ask because I’ve been thinking of dying mine and I never know which kind to buy… there are so many kinds! If I remember correctly, you had an ombre thing going on, did you do it yourself?


    Sandi /

    Forgive me! I just searched “hair” and found my answer! :)

    Anna @ D16 /

    Sandi, I know you already did a search, but I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about the ombre thing! (Which, incidentally, I just dyed over with dark brown this morning…) But yes, to answer your question, I do my color myself. What are you wanting to do with your hair? I’ve done just about everything you can do color-wise, and I’m happy to recommend products if you want. :)

  10. AwesomelyOZNov 18, 201310:29 pm

    MmM if you make some chilly share! Those gloves do look awesome and I love your nail color coordination :) That’s a longer to-do list than I aim to ever acquire during my weekends. The only thing I like to do is napping! Have a great one! -Iva


  11. leeNov 19, 20131:29 am

    I’m just reading this at 10:30pm on Monday. You got a lot done! And, thanks for posting the Johnny Marr video. I once saw him downtown in PDX when he still lived here and had to talk myself out of following him around. He’s a handsome fella.


  12. KathinkaNov 19, 201310:56 am

    what nailpolish do you use? looks fantastic!


    Anna @ D16 /

    Thanks! It’s a Calgel manicure.

  13. Temmy @giftofprettyNov 21, 20133:38 pm

    Quite a list. And how on earth are you going to write a billion emails?
    PS: I love your site!


  14. LanceNov 27, 201312:45 pm

    Such an awesome looking weekend. Though, come on – program the thermostat? You are better than that, NEST. Do it… Love it… You won’t regret it. :)


    Anna @ D16 /

    I’d like one for the house, but I’m not paying $250 to replace the thermostat in a rental apartment!

  15. cat @studiohuntingbearsDec 17, 20136:23 pm

    Brilliant album! My friend made both this and the Upstarts video for Johnny. There’s also a great interview he shot with Johnny for Amazon. They are both really rather talented :)


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