Sunday to-do.


Oh boy. You know how sometimes work vacations wind up being worse than not taking a vacation at all? That’s how I’m feeling about this Monday. I took TWO WHOLE WEEKS off work, and now I’m in a panic about how in the world I’m going ever going to catch up on everything when I get back into the office. Ugh. I’ve been trying to get as much stuff as possible done at the house during my time off, but exhaustion has gotten the better of me and I’m feeling a bit guilty about not having done more. Ugh again.

Anyway, I do have ONE LAST DAY to check things off my to-do list before I have to switch back into work mode, so I’m making a sub-to-do list of what I (reasonably) think I can get done today.

Do these things:
✚ Take photos of stuff for eBay auctions
Take photos of dining room
Brush Bruno
Clean bathrooms
✚ Organize pantry
Set up kitchen coffee area
Bring stuff down to basement
Frame and hang at least one more thing
One more trip to Goodwill? Nope.
✚ Sand, patch and prime benches
✚ Make hook for ceramic planter

Do not do these things:
✚ Drink too much coffee

I’m serious about that last thing there. I have been drinking SO MUCH COFFEE during my vacation. Way too much. It’s just so easy and so delicious and so addictive. I don’t want to eliminate coffee from my life, but I gotta get myself back down to a single cup a day. OK, maybe I’ll wait until Monday to cut back, because today is going to be hectic and I want to get a little coffee area all set up in the kitchen and it’ll be right there. But then tomorrow is going to be even more hectic…hmmm. Tuesday? Tuesday. Less coffee on Tuesday.

  1. Christian tJan 5, 20149:31 am

    I feel the EXACT same way!!! Where did the two weeks off go? And I have been drinking more coffee at home that ever have at the office…. Getting back on track this week. :)


  2. lsaspaceyJan 5, 201410:07 am

    I love how Bruno looks like both a little white lion and an Ewok!
    Hey, that list is so much doable than some you’ve posted on this site, so I’m sure you’ll succeed!


  3. MonicaJan 5, 201411:28 am

    Getting back into the work grind is stressful, but I know you can do it! A to-do list is a great idea (I need to make my own for next week!!).


    Anna @ D16 /

    It’s all about the satisfaction of crossing stuff off. :)

  4. That list seems so daunting. I’d be happy getting only five of those tasks done.


  5. JeanetteJan 5, 201412:38 pm

    I am the same way with coffee….so much so that I did have to completely give it up. I do better with hot tea. Love my coffee too much. I like your to-do list and hoping some of those things are in preparation for some great home improvement posts :) I am anxious to see what you’ve been up to! Have a great weekend and hope Monday is a smooth one!


  6. JAYJan 5, 201412:40 pm

    I start vacation tomorrow! I always get so stressed that I don’t do enough, and that I don’t relax enough! Got to find a happy medium!


  7. maggieJan 5, 20141:49 pm

    They don’t call it Sunday Funday for nothin! I have a nice little to-do list as well (candle making for etsy, putting away laundry, writing, etc.) and I am hoping to reward myself with a trip to the used bookstore when all is said and done.


  8. jaimieJan 5, 20144:42 pm

    I took almost two weeks off as well and I really don’t know quite what happened. Today I’m supposedly cleaning the living room and hallway and doing laundry. At least I finished my fluorescent pink house numbers yesterday, so the weekend isn’t a total bust.


    Anna @ D16 /

    Fluorescent pink house numbers sound very promising!

  9. Sally OgilvieJan 5, 20145:36 pm

    Bruno’s hair in this shot is spectacular!!! He has the best bedhead EVER!


  10. Fritz The CatJan 5, 20146:00 pm

    Coffee like you are drinking it is a train wreck in motion, have you any idea what it does to your adrenals?

    Best of luck cutting back, it is not easy, have aspirin handy


    Anna @ D16 /

    But I didn’t say how much I’m drinking. ;)

    I usually only drink a cup a day. My kidneys are fine! It’s just been the past couple of weeks that I’ve been hitting the stuff way too hard.

  11. amy hJan 5, 20146:15 pm

    Did you use your new pack of gradients on that pink dot there? Seriously, I was wondering what you used them for — love learning new things.

    I’m weaning off the extra vacation coffee, too. Green tea is my milder replacement drug for coffee cup #2 and sometimes #3 this week.


    Anna @ D16 /

    The pink dot is just…a pink dot. Nothing special, just a circle filled with a color! :)

    The halftone gradients I mentioned on Twitter are for creating simulated halftone dot patterns, like you’d see if you looked at a 4-color print with a magnifying glass. Here’s a good tutorial on how to do that in Illustrator:

    amy h /

    Ah, I see! Thanks! I like these sorts of tutorials so much more than the exercises they give my in my Adobe classes.

  12. DusaJan 5, 20146:26 pm

    I hear ya on the “off for two weeks-now I’ve got to face the consequences-stress.” I did a little handwave in your general direction as we got on the Thruway at Newburgh on our way back to Vermit on Friday.

    Let us think pleasant thoughts of how all the elves came to our workspaces and magicially caught up all our work for us so we could have a stress-free Monday.


    Anna @ D16 /

    *waving back*

    I’m sure you meant Vermont, but “Vermit” is making me laugh. :D

    Dusa /

    Nope, I meant Vermit. Kinda a wordplay on “Varmit” and “Vermont” and it makes me laugh too. Just like saying “Pennsyltucky” instead of Pennsylvania.

    Anna @ D16 /

    HAH! I’ve never heard this before. :D I was combining “Vermont” and “Kermit” in my head, hahahahahah.

  13. StephanieJan 5, 20146:28 pm

    Those are some beautiful wintertime photos.


    Anna @ D16 /

    Thank you!

  14. Fritz The CatJan 5, 20146:45 pm

    Yes but you said you were exhausted, not kidneys it is the fight or flight reflex, check your exhaustion or energy levels


    Anna @ D16 /

    I’m thinking working 60-hour weeks for months on end probably has something to do with the exhaustion…

  15. FaithJan 5, 201410:43 pm

    Ooh, what are you listing on ebay? I’ll probably want to buy it.


  16. FionaJan 6, 20145:19 am

    One cup? Scary…


  17. SimoneJan 6, 20147:03 am

    Over here we have a saying (loosely translated): you have to cut it in the length or the width (of the cloth). Meaning that when you are living/ sewing/ whatever, you need what you need in order to do what you want to do. So if you have been wearing yourself out before the holidays, then you needed the rest you allowed yourself. Good for you. I hope you have a wonderful year!


  18. tamiJan 6, 20147:36 am

    listen, don’t be too hard on yourself. you are supposed to be lazy on vacation! as for the coffee… well, probably once you get back on your “regular schedule” you will find that includes your regular one cup. breathe :)


  19. oh HollandJan 6, 20141:45 pm

    Coffee = the productive person’s elixir. Let’s all have another round of ventis -!

    Will you post a link when your ebay items are up? Would love the chance to bid.


  20. imogenJan 6, 20142:21 pm

    um, ebay???????????????? you kinda snuck that little mention in there with no real details.
    spill. please. spill.


  21. Anna @ D16Jan 6, 20143:06 pm

    Faith, Oh Holland, and Imogen: I hadn’t occurred to me to link to the eBay auctions here on the blog (they’re not really for anything particularly exciting), but I’m happy to email you all when the listings are up just in case you’re interested. :)


    Jackie /

    I’d like to see your auctions, Anna. I love your style. Be like going to a favorite store. :)

    Anna @ D16 /

    Don’t get your hopes up — it’s not anything special, really! I’m happy to include you on the email, though. :)

  22. ElenaJan 7, 20143:19 pm

    I see that organizing your pantry is the last to be crossed of the list… Maybe you’d like these labels for your pantry to get you started? :) Convo with me if your interested!


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