Triangle fingers.


It’s been a looooong time since I did a manicure post, but I couldn’t resist sharing this latest one. I’m a little bit obsessed with it! I can’t stop looking at my fingers.

I’m still really into Calgel manicures, but custom designs can get pretty expensive. Lately I’ve been getting solid-color Calgel (expect to pay ~$40 and for it to last about four weeks) and painting my own designs on top with regular nail polish. Last month I added white dots to a black base, and yesterday I took a little more time to paint black triangles on top of the palest, prettiest pink.

I wish I had process photos to share, but I did this at 1AM and I honestly wasn’t expecting it to look so nice! It’s easy to explain how to do it, though. You really just need two things: a bottle of nail polish and regular old Scotch tape! Use the Scotch tape to mask off the area you want to paint, carefully brush on the polish, immediately remove the tape (remove the tape strips in the reverse order of which you applied them so you don’t make a mess), et voilà!

A few things:
1. Painter’s tape doesn’t work well for this. I don’t know why, but it doesn’t. Stick with regular Scotch tape.
2. You can definitely do this on top of a regular nail polish base, but it needs to be really dry first. I’d suggest waiting at least 4–6 hours.
3. If you have a little smudge to clean up, just carefully use a clean orange stick dipped in non-acetone nail polish remover. Yes, even if the smudge is on the actual nail.


  1. ReidunnJul 19, 20149:05 pm

    WOW! So good.
    This I have to try


  2. Lizzie ModernJul 20, 20147:46 pm

    That’s really cool! Will definitely be trying it.


  3. JessicaJul 20, 201411:20 pm

    Whoa that’s a tough look! I can imagine it with a leather jacket and lots of bling ;)


  4. kylieJul 21, 201412:35 pm

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this look – so fierce!


  5. katrinaJul 21, 20147:09 pm

    i’m such a noob. before reading your post, i thought you drew the triangles freehand. tape makes total sense. i can’t stop looking at your nails either, they’re beautiful!


    Anna @ D16 /

    Hahaha, if I freehanded them, they’d look verrrrrry different!!

  6. FerrenJul 22, 20143:17 am

    I tried this once and I wasn’t patient enough to let the first layer fully dry. It looked awful.

    You are patient and yours look LOVELY!



  7. JAYJul 22, 201411:03 am

    I am always so scared to paint over my nails after manicures!


  8. RobertaJul 23, 20141:42 pm

    I loved it and I’m gonna try it out this weekend!


  9. Mabel and ZoraJul 28, 20143:37 pm

    This is flawless! It takes so much patience to complete this I bet…. get it, girl. Such a golden girl in the nail world right now.


  10. TeresaJul 28, 201411:57 pm

    Your hands are so pretty. I really love the pink, which looks so nice with your skin color, and the severity of the black triangles. Very “you.”


    Anna @ D16 /

    Thank you, Teresa!

  11. GladysJul 29, 20141:11 pm

    Dear Anna
    Beautiful nails ! Loooooove your ring though !


    Anna @ D16 /

    Thanks, Gladys. The ring was a lucky $5 find at H&M!

  12. wendyJul 31, 20142:41 pm

    aubrey plaza copied your nails!


    Anna @ D16 /

    Hahahahaa, awesome.

  13. JoGiSep 7, 20144:27 pm

    Beautiful nails, fantastic idea and perfect realization! Bravo!!!


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